REcoin ICO Takes The Real Estate Market By Storm

REcoin ICO is already proving to be a massive success, even just days after launch. The launch began on August 7 and days later the currency was selling out. Powered by blockchain tech, the REcoin is a cryptocurrency. It offers a more stable and superior way of paying for everything such as goods or services. It can be used for a wide range of different financial transactions and is hedged by real estate investments. As such, it’s a useful tool anywhere where there is a stable economy such as the UK, the USA, Canada and Japan.

It’s important to understand that REcoin ICO is actually the first ever crypto currency to be hedged by real estate. Thus far, over $1.5 million has been raised in direct REcoin token purchases. Meanwhile, projected earnings taken from real estate deals are projected to make up another $2.3 million. This is due to real estate deals that have come to fruition thanks to the success of REcoin ICO.

There’s more evidence of the success of this movement as well and the massive hit it has now proved to be. After the token pre-sale began, the Recoin group received multiple requests for REcoin sidechains to be created.

Sidechains have long been advertised with many advantages put forward for using them in the finance of real estate investments. It seems that people have been paying attention. REcoin contracts code is protected and as such can not be used for the unauthorized use of sidechains. As well as this, the Recoin group constantly selects established and trusted business projects to bring new sidechains to life. According to Recoin, sidechains won’t just benefit the owner but the entire community that is using REcoin.

Why has REcoin ICO proved to be such a massive success? It seems that real estate industries across the globe have gravitated towards the idea. For the first time, it is clear that they are being offered the opportunity to form a blockchain based ecosystem. This system has been created and conceived specifically with these individuals in mind. Their needs, their desires are both being met through this new system. As such, the REcoin group seems to have selected the target market and hit it straight on the bullseye. Everyone in the real estate industry seems to be on board with the idea. Real estate professionals renters, tenants, and developers should all be excited by the new opportunities now on the market.

Licensed real estate professionals, in particular, can look forward to certain benefits. During the first stages of ICO EC were being offered a 15 percent discounts and the discounts will continue at different rates for a set period.

It seems clear then that the support REcoin ICO put forward for the real estate industry has paid of. With plenty of eager buyers already investing in the cryptocurrency, it will be interesting to see how this affects the real estate market as a whole. It is certainly providing a new and exciting way for tenants, buyers and owners to handle their financial transactions.