Sharpe Capital fills $8million pre-sale ICO registration

London-based Blockchain firm Sharpe Capital has reached their $8 million goal in less than a month of the project’s launch and before their scheduled ICO pre-sale has even started.

With scientists from the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley and capital market experts working on the project the group aims to develop a crowd sourced market sentiment platform on global equities and blockchain enabling users to earn Ethereum in exchange for their opinion.

The firm is hoping to raise a further $8 million in November through the issuance of SHP tokens via the Ethereum blockchain. This will take place during a 7 day discounted pre-sale, beginning 6th November and will be followed by a 28 day crowd sale, resulting in a total cap of $20MM USD.

Sharpe Capital has been widely talked about in recent weeks due to the partnership agreement with TaaS, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets.

Dimitri Chupryna, co-founder and a Managing Partner at TaaS commented:

“Sharpe have developed a unique approach to evaluating market insight in real-time, in a way that drives significant value for both sentiment providers and investors using the data. To have filled their $8 million pre-sale so far ahead of launch is fantastic; we are very pleased to support Sharpe and their vision”.

The technology behind Sharpe Capital focuses on neural networks to look for patterns in financial data that are predictive of future asset prices.

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