Crypterium Presents an Innovative Mobile Digital Bank Project at the Coin Agenda International Conference

Crypterium is coming to the Coin Agenda international conference, which begins in Las Vegas on October 24, with the prototype of an already functional mobile digital banking app. It’s expected that Crypterium’s developers will demonstrate a mechanism for making withdrawals from accounts using QR codes.

Coin Agenda is sometimes called Christmas for the cryptocurrency crowd. The international conference, which attracts the industry’s leading professionals, is the jumping-off point for many startups. Crypterium will present the final model of its innovative cryptobank to the world community. The subject of the presentation will be the working principles of the payment infrastructure and ways of making account withdrawals using QR codes. Austin Kimm, one of the company’s founders and co-author of the Crypterium’s White Paper, talks in more detail about this and other solutions at Coin Agenda:

“The main objective of the Crypterium cryptobank is to solve the problem of using cryptocurrency in everyday payments. Achieving this objective is precisely what QR technology is needed for. Retail outlets that don’t accept virtual currencies will be able to receive an individual code using our app. The customer then transfers the payment amount in cryptocurrency to this code, and the vendor’s account receives it in fiat.”

For Crypterium the Coin Agenda conference not only offers an opportunity to present its product to a wide audience, but is also the last serious test before the launch of its ICO: the event is being held a week before sales starts. Their American agenda includes among other things meetings with potential token holders and representatives of cryptofunds. Crypterium is currently negotiating with funds from Europe, the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

About the Crypterium project:
Founded in 2017, Crypterium plans to combine a mobile bank, cryptopayment solutions for business, an OpenAPI cryptofinance platform for developers, and the opportunity to obtain decentralized cryptoloans. The cryptobank offers solutions in three areas: use of cryptocurrencies by individuals for everyday payments, provision of a revolutionary infrastructure for cryptocurrency acquiring for business (including with the payment of fiat funds to vendors), and simplifying the procedures for obtaining cryptoloans, while at the same time giving outside developers open access to its cryptobanking platform.

About the company:
Crypterium is an Estonian company with its head office in Tallinn. The Crypterium team has been working in finance and technology for more than five years, successfully creating contactless payment solutions. The Crypterium teams includes leading specialists from several industries: Steven Polyak, a highly experienced investment banker with his main focus of interest on the American and Russian capital markets; Austin Kimm, head of a number of financial services companies and strategic consultant to international companies; Gleb Markov, a financial technology, banking, and cryptocurrency professional with over 10 years’ experience; and Vladimir Gorbunov, an entrepreneur with more than 10 successful new IT ventures to his credit.

Project website:

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