atb coin

Less than 48 hours left to a big day — seize the last opportunities to invest in ATB Coin

While the 2nd stage of ATB Coin ICO is in process, potential investors have an opportunity to support the cryptocurrency on favorable terms. Joining the project until September 1 st will bring a 10% bonus on the account of each investor. Only 2 days left to the official blockchain network launch – hurry up to make a choice.

At the moment over 7100 persons have supported ATB Coin by investing over $16 400 000. Such an interest to the cryptocurrency results from its innovativeness and high perspective. The project aims to make micropayments a part of everyday life and let its users enjoy fast and secure service with near-zero commissions.   Advanced technologic decisions implemented in the cryptocurrency, in particular, Lightning Network, SegWit and Smart Contracts, make analysts see high potential and call ATB Coin the cryptocurrency of the future.

Investors continue joining the project, participating in ATB Coin Wallet testing and Bounty hunting. The company is preparing for the blockchain network launch and works on expanding its network of partners by entering negotiations with companies met at IV International Blockchain Summit-2017. 2 days left for you to make a decision that can bring great changes into your life and your future!

ATB Coin
40 Wall Street, 28th floor
New York , NY 10005
+1 (886) 337-3940