Revolut Expands Crypto Offerings with Inclusion of FLOKI Token

Europe’s Leading Fintech Platform Allows 40 Million Users Access to Emerging Cryptocurrency

In a significant expansion of its cryptocurrency portfolio, Revolut, a frontrunner in Europe’s neobank sector, has added the FLOKI token to its platform. This move opens up avenues for over 40 million users across more than 150 countries to engage with the FLOKI cryptocurrency using major fiat currencies like the British Pound, Euro, and US Dollar.

The integration of FLOKI into Revolut’s trading platform is part of the token’s broader strategy to increase its global footprint. This listing is expected to enhance the accessibility of FLOKI, potentially increasing its adoption among Revolut’s substantial user base.

FLOKI has been making headlines recently, not only for its new listing but also for trending on the social media platform X, where it has captured significant attention. The cryptocurrency’s visibility was further boosted earlier this year when it was named the official cryptocurrency partner for the World Table Tennis Championship in South Korea.

In addition to these promotional endeavors, FLOKI has been focused on expanding its usability and integration into everyday commerce. It recently announced integration with Binance Pay, which allows merchants to accept FLOKI as payment, further cementing its utility in real-world transactions.

Moreover, FLOKI secured a partnership last month with Carbon Browser, a burgeoning Web3 browser with over seven million downloads. This collaboration is aimed at leveraging Carbon Browser’s daily active user base of about 62,500 to increase exposure and usage of the FLOKI token.

About FLOKI: Dubbed the “people’s cryptocurrency,” FLOKI is not only a utility token but also a key component of the Floki Ecosystem. With a vision to be the most recognized and most used cryptocurrency worldwide, FLOKI focuses on utility, community engagement, philanthropy, and robust marketing initiatives. Currently, the token boasts over 460,000 holders and has achieved global brand recognition through various strategic partnerships.

Floki & TokenFi Secure Exclusive Partnership with World Table Tennis Championship in South Korea

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its presence in the cryptocurrency market and solidifying its influence in South Korea, Floki, alongside its sister company TokenFi, has forged a significant partnership with the World Table Tennis (WTT) Championships. As the Official Cryptocurrency Partner for the upcoming WTT Champions event in Incheon, South Korea, Floki and TokenFi are set to take center stage in one of the world’s most renowned sporting spectacles.

Scheduled to unfold from March 27th to March 31st at the Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, the WTT Champions event is anticipated to capture the attention of audiences worldwide. Building upon previous collaborations with WTT, including sponsorships for WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023 and the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals in Busan just last month, Floki and TokenFi are poised to capitalize on this opportunity to enhance their global brand visibility and engagement.

The Incheon tournament will witness the participation of the top 32 men and women table tennis players as they vie for the coveted singles titles, promising an electrifying competition that will resonate with sports enthusiasts globally. With over 580 hours of anticipated broadcast coverage and a potential viewership exceeding 450 million people, coupled with a robust social media presence garnering over 46 million views, the event is primed for extensive exposure.

For Floki, the partnership with the WTT Champions Incheon tournament represents a strategic maneuver aligned with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency in South Korea. By leveraging this collaboration, Floki aims to cultivate a robust community centered around the shared passion for sports, thereby strengthening its foothold in the region.

With past events yielding over 5.4 million online interactions, the WTT Champions platform presents an ideal avenue for Floki to engage with fans and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, the global table tennis community boasts an impressive following of over 519 million followers, with a significant demographic skew towards younger audiences, including 33% between the ages of 16 and 19 and 42% between 30 and 49.

Table tennis holds a revered status as one of the top four sports in Asia, with its matches broadcasted in more than 500 million households across the continent. Particularly in China, where the sport enjoys a fervent following of 241 million active fans, table tennis has emerged as a cultural cornerstone, dominating the airwaves during the Olympics and captivating audiences on China’s CCTV-5.

With such a formidable presence in Asia, underscored by an expansive fan base and robust viewership figures, Floki finds itself poised for heightened visibility and resonance within the cryptocurrency landscape. As the WTT Champions event unfolds in Incheon, South Korea, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Floki and TokenFi as they embark on this transformative journey at the intersection of sports and digital currency.

Floki Cryptocurrency Dazzles Times Square with Three-Month Ad Blitz

Floki Cryptocurrency Dazzles Times Square with Three-Month Ad Blitz

March 8, 2024: Floki, the cryptocurrency sensation, is set to commandeer New York City’s bustling Times Square with a monumental advertising campaign. Starting March 15th, a colossal HD LED screen will display Floki’s advertisement non-stop for three months, ensuring the digital coin’s presence is etched into the minds of New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Standing tall on the corner of 1500 Broadway at West 43rd Street, Floki’s advertisement will dominate a massive double-sided LED screen measuring 56 feet in width and 29 feet in height. This digital colossus, towering five stories high and spanning an area of 1,624 square feet, dwarfs the average Manhattan home, according to PropertyShark.

Positioned strategically next to the Nasdaq billboard, the Floki ad will be impossible to miss. Running for 10 seconds per display, it will grace the screen a minimum of four times every hour, for 20 hours each day, from 6 am to 2 am. Over the campaign’s duration, viewers will be treated to a staggering minimum of 7,440 separate displays of the advertisement.

Times Square, famously dubbed ‘The Gateway to New York,’ attracts approximately 330,000 visitors daily and hosts around 50 million pedestrians annually, cementing its status as the most visited destination in the United States.

Floki’s disruptive success story in the cryptocurrency realm stems from its innovative approach to blending solid utility with the viral power of memes, ensuring widespread appeal and adoption. Beyond its financial prowess, Floki has ventured into the realm of PlayToEarn NFT gaming with Valhalla, an NFT and merchandise marketplace, Digital Asset Locker FlokiFi, and a crypto education platform, positioning itself as a multifaceted player in the crypto landscape.

DWF Labs Invests $10 Million in TokenFi Tokens, Aiming for Dominance in Tokenization Industry

DWF Labs Invests $10 Million in TokenFi Tokens, Aiming for Dominance in Tokenization Industry

DWF Labs, a pioneering digital asset market maker and Web3 investor, has revealed its intention to inject $10 million into TokenFi tokens, signaling a robust show of support for TokenFi’s aspirations of emerging as a frontrunner in the swiftly expanding tokenization sector.

Projections suggest that the tokenization industry is poised to burgeon to an estimated worth of $16 trillion by 2030.

DWF Labs’ procurement of tokens from the TokenFi treasury mirrors a calculated two-year blueprint devised to bolster TokenFi’s foothold in an arena marked by escalating competition.

At the crux of their strategy lies the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence into TokenFi’s suite of offerings.

Among the forthcoming ventures are endeavors like the TokenFi Generative AI for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor. These innovative undertakings are anticipated to furnish TokenFi with a competitive edge as the convergence of tokenization and AI technology gains traction, potentially heralding a momentous surge in the cryptocurrency market.

The alliance between TokenFi and DWF Labs was initially forged in 2023 when DWF Labs clinched the pivotal role of being the primary market maker for TokenFi. This recent substantial acquisition of tokens by DWF Labs serves to solidify this partnership, empowering TokenFi to vie for a preeminent position in the dynamic and evolving realm of tokenization.

Floki DAO Initiates $24 Million Token Burn for Enhanced Security

Floki DAO Initiates $24 Million Token Burn for Enhanced Security

In a strategic move to bolster its security measures, Floki, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), has announced the greenlighting of a token burn worth $24 million. The decision, approved by the Floki community through a democratic voting process, will see over 190 billion Floki tokens destroyed, constituting two percent of the total circulating supply.

Scheduled to take place within the next seven days, the token burn aims to achieve two primary objectives:

Enhanced Security

By eliminating a significant portion of its tokens, Floki seeks to reinforce its long-term security posture. This proactive measure also serves to mitigate potential risks associated with security breaches or market volatility resulting from external integrations.

Circulation Control

The burn will ensure that the tokens are permanently removed from circulation, thereby exerting greater control over the supply dynamics.

The Multichain Saga

The tokens earmarked for burning were originally intended for utilization in collaboration with Multichain, a cross-chain bridge service. However, following careful deliberation, Floki opted to withdraw the tokens to a secure, multisignature wallet managed internally.

The subsequent collapse of Multichain validated Floki’s preemptive decision to safeguard its assets. By securely storing the tokens in an internal wallet, the team believes that initiating the burn is the most prudent course of action to prevent any potential misuse in the future.

Floki and TokenFi Unleash Strategic Marketing Blitz in Hong Kong


Aggressive 2-Month Campaign Aims to Cement Dominance in Asia Amidst Crypto Boom

In a strategic move to fortify their positions in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, Floki and its sister project, TokenFi, are set to unleash an assertive 2-month marketing campaign in Hong Kong. Positioned as one of the world’s wealthiest cities and a pivotal financial hub, Hong Kong provides the backdrop for what many anticipate to be a groundbreaking crypto bull run.

Timed strategically to coincide with the festive Christmas and New Year period, as well as the forthcoming Chinese New Year in 2024, the campaign seeks to introduce Floki and TokenFi to millions of Hongkongers. This concerted effort aims not only to solidify their dominance in the Asian market but also to expand their brands to a broader audience.

The comprehensive campaign is anticipated to reach an extensive audience, boasting over 53 million impressions. The iconic Hong Kong Tramcar, a symbol of the city’s bustling energy, will prominently feature the brands as it navigates prime routes, passing through Metropolitan Zones, Central HK financial district, Shoppers paradise, and luxury residences between Quarry Bay and Central. Additionally, the brands will grace 69 high-definition digital City Bus screens strategically located in key commercial districts, enhancing visibility near landmarks like Hong Kong Park, Revenue Tower, HSBC, Mandarin Oriental, China Tower, and COFCO Tower.

Scheduled to run from December 17, 2023, to February 13, 2024, this campaign aligns with the perceived onset of what many believe will be a pivotal crypto bull run.


Floki and TokenFi Align Forces with Legends League Cricket Titans

Strategic Partnership Unveiled: Floki and TokenFi Align Forces with Legends League Cricket Titans the Manipal Tigers and the Bhilwara Kings

In a groundbreaking move set to resonate across the global cricketing landscape, Floki and its counterpart, TokenFi, have announced a strategic alliance with two iconic Legends League Cricket teams: the Manipal Tigers and the Bhilwara Kings.

This strategic marketing partnership represents a concerted effort to unleash the power of the Floki and TokenFi brands on the massive stage of over 700 million cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

As part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, Floki will take center stage as the back-of-shirt sponsor and primary upper-arm sponsor for the Manipal Tigers, while simultaneously, TokenFi will claim a prominent position as the back-of-shirt sponsor and leading upper-arm sponsor for the Bhilwara Kings.

Beyond traditional sponsorship, Floki and TokenFi secure a suite of marketing rights, spanning from assertive social media promotions to exclusive signed merchandise.

The upcoming Legends League Cricket event in India, scheduled between November 18 and December 9, 2023, will serve as the battleground for Floki and TokenFi’s prominence. With Floki featured prominently in the Manipal Tigers’ clash against the Gujarat Giants on November 20, and TokenFi making its debut in the opening match as the Bhilwara Kings face off against the India Capitals, the duo anticipates exposure in a total of 19 matches, captivating a global audience exceeding 700 million.

A novel twist to this collaboration will unfold on November 24th when Floki and TokenFi take the spotlight across opposing teams during the “clash of the tokens” style event, as the Bhilwara Kings challenge the Manipal Tigers.

This strategic marketing move not only propels the Floki and TokenFi brands into the limelight in India and South Asia but also bolsters their global legitimacy.

The Legends League Cricket matches will not only be broadcasted across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh but will also enjoy extensive international coverage on esteemed platforms such as ESPN in the United States, BT Sport in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Kayo in Australia, and Etilsat in the MENA region.

Key Insights into Legends League Cricket:

  • Reaches over 700 million cricket fans worldwide, primarily in India and Asia, aligning with the anticipated crypto growth in the region.
  • Boasts an average TV rating 300% higher than any other international T20 league.
  • Draws 250 million live viewers globally.
  • Captivates over 450 million fans with ancillary Legends League Cricket content globally.
  • Attracts a robust male audience (91%), predominantly aged 18–34, presenting a perfect demographic for crypto messaging.

Additional Exposure for Floki and TokenFi:

  • Inclusion of Floki and TokenFi branding on match uniforms.
  • Floki branding displayed on fixed perimeter boards.
  • Floki branding showcased on giant screens during matches.
  • Strategic social media mentions and integrations across multiple platforms.
  • Exclusive usage rights for player images, team logos, and more.

In Conclusion: This strategic marketing move is a monumental step, introducing Floki and TokenFi to a global audience of over 700 million as the crypto market gears up for a bullish trend. It signifies just one of many strategic initiatives aimed at solidifying Floki and TokenFi as the foremost cryptocurrency brands worldwide.

Floki Ventures into the $16 Trillion Tokenization Industry with “TOKEN”

In a bid to seize the emerging tokenization trend, Floki, the popular cryptocurrency and meme coin, is set to launch TokenFi, aptly tickered as “TOKEN.”

The tokenization industry is making waves, projected to balloon into a staggering $16 trillion sector by 2030. This radical transformation has garnered acclaim even from financial giant BlackRock, which manages a colossal $10 trillion in assets, labeling it “the next evolution in markets.”

With crypto exchanges, institutional investors, and industry leaders predicting tokenization as the catalyst for mainstream crypto adoption, anticipation is soaring, especially as 2024 approaches. Leading exchanges like Binance and KuCoin have already published research reports, recognizing the immense potential.

While the tokenization realm remains relatively untapped by cryptocurrencies, the well-versed Floki team is gearing up to change that. They’ve introduced this groundbreaking venture in their Play-to-earn Gaming metaverse, creating a world-first announcement, reminiscent of their historic $100 million token burn event earlier this year.

The Floki team, known for their meteoric rise in the crypto sphere, managed the popular Floki cryptocurrency, which reached an all-time high market cap of $3.5 billion in 2021, showcasing a remarkable 875x growth.

TokenFi represents Floki’s first endeavor into launching a new cryptocurrency, and given their industry connections and past successes, their latest project is poised for triumph.

The launch date for TokenFi is set for October 27, 2023.

Here’s what sets Floki’s new token apart and why it’s garnering considerable attention:

1. Capitalizing on a $16 Trillion Industry: TokenFi is a crypto and asset tokenization platform geared towards a projected $16 trillion industry by 2030.

2. Real-World Integration: The token aims to bridge real-world assets with blockchain technology.

3. Astonishing Market Cap: At launch, the token boasts a meager circulating market cap of $50,000 and a fully diluted market cap of $500,000.

4. Proven Team: The Floki team’s extensive experience and impressive track record are instrumental to TokenFi’s success.

5. Institutional Backing: DWF Labs, a prominent crypto market maker and institutional investor, is among the notable institutions partnering with Floki, further enhancing the token’s legitimacy.

6. Prominent Exchange Listings: Several leading exchanges have committed to listing TokenFi post-launch.

With over 460,000 holders, Floki boasts one of the most engaged and active crypto communities. These fervent supporters are poised to drive the success of the new token.

This marks the first time the Floki team is launching a cryptocurrency post-Floki’s successful journey, and it’s their way of rewarding existing FLOKI holders.

Unlike most crypto projects, which allocate up to 25% of the token supply to their team with minimal vesting, Floki’s team has allocated a mere 2%, with a four-year vesting schedule. This underscores their confidence in the project’s long-term sustainability.

Floki has also secured a partnership with World Table Tennis, a renowned sports brand, which is set to introduce TokenFi to a vast audience of 120 million people worldwide. This is just one of many planned partnerships for the project.

For a glimpse of Floki’s marketing prowess, consider their past partnerships:

– Collaboration with nine of the world’s largest football clubs, collectively reaching over 3 billion people.
– Partnership with Alfa Romeo Formula 1, boasting an audience of 1.55 billion people.
– Team-up with Indian cricket team India Maharajas, introducing the brand to more than 700 million people.
– Partnership with WTT Table Tennis, reaching 700 million people.
– Extensive advertising campaigns featuring Floki on over 300 London buses and across the London Underground.
– Billboard, airport, TV station, bus, and tram advertisements in over a dozen countries worldwide.

Combined, these partnerships introduced Floki to over 3 billion people, contributing to its status as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally, with an all-time high market cap of $3.5 billion during the previous bull market.

Floki seems poised to repeat this feat with TokenFi, driven by the colossal potential of the tokenization industry.

– Website: (
– Twitter:

With the launch date nearing, the crypto world awaits the potential disruption and innovation TokenFi may bring to the ever-expanding tokenization landscape.

Bitstamp secures license with the Financial Markets Authority in France

Bitstamp registers in France as a crypto exchange

One of the most sophisticated EU regimes has recognized Binance, Bitpanda, and Société Générale.

According to the regulator’s website, Bitstamp has officially registered with the Financial Markets Authority in France.

It joins Binance, Bitpanda, and Société Générale’s Forge unit in registering under the EU’s most sophisticated crypto regime.

bitstamp regulation france

During registration, the company’s management must be competent and reputable, and money laundering regulations must be met.

The Luxembourg-based, London-based, and New York-based Bitstamp has already registered in Spain and Italy. The European crypto sector is currently awaiting the arrival of the EU’s Markets in Crypto Assets regulation, MiCA, which imposes strict reserve and investor information requirements on crypto services, such as wallets and exchanges.

To bridge the transition to MiCA, French lawmakers are proposing to separate client assets and manage conflicts of interest for unregistered companies serving the French market in the wake of the FTX collapse.

Liechtenstein’s leading blockchain company has relaunched its crypto currency exchange

LCX, Liechtenstein’s leading blockchain company, has relaunched its crypto currency exchange – the regulated cryptocurrency trading experience to buy, sell and store a variety of digital assets. Originally launched in 2018, the LCX Exchange Revamp is another milestones in LCX’s growth roadmap establishing the foundational framework including its new backbone infrastructure, scalable account wallets and updated user interface.

With the relaunch of LCX Exchange all users now benefit from a fast, reliable and advanced trading experience. The new version of LCX Exchange is built on a scalable infrastructure with a high-performance trading engine. The login and registration process has been simplified to enable faster on-boarding and user growth. Wallets and account security has been improved and comes with faster and automated withdrawals.

And probably the most visible change is the new design. LCX Exchange now includes a fresh new user interface design with additional menu options for easy navigation, a new crypto market page, education content and crypto tutorials.

LCX was established in 2018 and gained eight regulatory registrations by the Financial Market Authority based on the innovative Blockchain Laws Liechtenstein. LCX’s token sale launchpad has become the leading platform to facilitate initially coin offerings – the legal way. LCX is registered as Token Issuer and handles all tech and legal aspect for the initial coin offering. As such LCX became the new hotbed for new crypto gems as these tokens are exclusively listed at LCX Exchange.

LCX grew in popularity in Europe as a secure, trustworthy and regulated crypto exchange. LCX Token is a utility token is listed at Coinbase, Kraken, etc and works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate various stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem. To sign up at LCX Exchange visit