Floki Cryptocurrency Dazzles Times Square with Three-Month Ad Blitz

Floki Cryptocurrency Dazzles Times Square with Three-Month Ad Blitz

March 8, 2024: Floki, the cryptocurrency sensation, is set to commandeer New York City’s bustling Times Square with a monumental advertising campaign. Starting March 15th, a colossal HD LED screen will display Floki’s advertisement non-stop for three months, ensuring the digital coin’s presence is etched into the minds of New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Standing tall on the corner of 1500 Broadway at West 43rd Street, Floki’s advertisement will dominate a massive double-sided LED screen measuring 56 feet in width and 29 feet in height. This digital colossus, towering five stories high and spanning an area of 1,624 square feet, dwarfs the average Manhattan home, according to PropertyShark.

Positioned strategically next to the Nasdaq billboard, the Floki ad will be impossible to miss. Running for 10 seconds per display, it will grace the screen a minimum of four times every hour, for 20 hours each day, from 6 am to 2 am. Over the campaign’s duration, viewers will be treated to a staggering minimum of 7,440 separate displays of the advertisement.

Times Square, famously dubbed ‘The Gateway to New York,’ attracts approximately 330,000 visitors daily and hosts around 50 million pedestrians annually, cementing its status as the most visited destination in the United States.

Floki’s disruptive success story in the cryptocurrency realm stems from its innovative approach to blending solid utility with the viral power of memes, ensuring widespread appeal and adoption. Beyond its financial prowess, Floki has ventured into the realm of PlayToEarn NFT gaming with Valhalla, an NFT and merchandise marketplace, Digital Asset Locker FlokiFi, and a crypto education platform, positioning itself as a multifaceted player in the crypto landscape.

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