Project Districts Emerges as the Perfect Investment Alternative in the Fluctuating Crypto Market

Project Districts, the first ever synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality, is rapidly coming up as a viable investment opportunity in the crypto economy that has experienced massive fluctuations in the recent times. Leveraging the infinite capabilities of a P2P based blockchain ecosystem, it looks to overcome all limitations that have restricted the growth of 3D/virtual and augmented reality so far.

January 24, 2018

Project Districts, a crypto-startup founded by Blockchain Technology LLC, is making quick inroads as a promising investment option for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Built around the cutting-edge blockchain and Virtual Reality technologies, it delivers a system with all necessary tools to convert noble ideas into functional solutions by overcoming the traditional barriers to innovation.

The year 2017 was no less than a roller coaster ride for the global crypto economy, with the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing to astronomical highs. The overall valuation of cryptocurrencies hit a record $800 billion, and ICOs became the order of the day. However, the entire scenario changed drastically by the end of the year. Needless to mention, this sudden shift in market trend has created a certain degree of doubt in the minds of many potential investors.

A number of experts suggest that the long-term success of any blockchain based start-up depends on how efficiently it can identify, strategize and provisioning solutions to the real-world problems. With its base Blockchain framework and competent VR architecture developed with Unreal Engine, Project Districts easily stands apart from all previous implementations of virtual and blockchain technology. This highly ambitious venture is also the first ever synergistic manipulation of blockchain and virtual reality with integrated development options and a limitless ecosystem.

There is no denying in the fact that VR and AR are the two technologies for the future.  In the recent years, several industry heavyweights including Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Qualcomm, and J.P Morgan have made significant investments towards innovation in this sector.  Project Districts is now presenting a viable opportunity for the everyday technology enthusiasts to make an impact.

“At launch, the 3D world users will have at their disposal an immense cache of resources to facilitate innovation of every form and kind. New realities will be shaped, and a faultless self-sufficient ecosystem where the only limitation is imagination, will emerge,” says a senior team member from Project Districts. “It is this thriving miniverse we invite you to be a part of, rest assured that whatever your needs are; be it recreation, business or leisure the Districts 3D world is well suited to accommodate them.”

Project Districts has recently completed their successful first round ICO campaign where they managed to raise funds amounting to almost $8 million. The company is extremely hopeful about their ongoing ICO surpassing its soft cap valued at about100 million 3DCoin (the official transaction medium of the ecosystem).  With adequate resources in hand, the team is now all set to undertake full-time development and implementation of the 3D world.  The beta version of the 3DCoin (official transaction medium of the ecosystem) wallet is now available for download on the web portal of the project. Numerous demo renditions of the Districts 3D world have also been uploaded recently.

This developmental phase is probably the best time for the investors to commit to the Districts project. In addition to numerous early investor perks, they also stand a chance to benefit significantly when 3DCoin goes live on crypto exchanges in the second quarter of 2018. The real world backed value proposition and potentially disruptive nature of Districts clearly indicates substantial demand for the 3Dcoin.

In order to protect the interest of the early investors, the Districts team has recently taken the extra step to curate the 3Dcoin purchasing power of Bitcoin.  This will ensure that the investors will continue to receive 40k 3DCoins for every bitcoin committed to the project, regardless of the volatility of Bitcoin on the market.

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About Project Districts: A brainchild of Blockchain Technology LLC, Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.  This is an efficient system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. Project Districts has been created by combining the core efficiencies of the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

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