Blockchain to unlock billions of dollars in the property sector

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the power to redefine financial services for the world’s lower and middle income groups. African fintech startup, and a first-of-its-kind investment product has been established by ProsperiProp to afford people an opportunity to invest in the world’s top property management portfolios.

Property investment has not been affordable, nor accessible to people within this income bracket, as most of the top investment products require a minimum starting capital from tens of thousands of US dollars. Since a minimum amount is required in cash, this wealth creating opportunity effectively excludes up to 200 million citizens globally.

This minimum investment threshold is a direct consequence of the cost and administrative burden that comes with managing these client accounts – these overheads erode profits. It is cheaper and easier to manage fewer large accounts rather than thousands of micro accounts.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer exciting opportunities to create efficient, low-cost financial products that can be deployed on a global scale,” says Llew Morkel, founder and CEO of ProsperiProp.

He continues, “Using blockchain technology, we are able to manage millions of client records at a fraction of the cost and with very little administrative burden. Blockchain technology makes it possible to design financial products for anyone, irrespective of their social standing or their financial means.”

ProsperiProp offers two types of tokens to the global market. One (the PROPX coin) is currently being sold to investors to crowd-fund a debt-free pool of capital. Once enough finance has been raised, property assets will be bought, and the other token (the TREE coin) will be sold to people around the world who desire an investment backed by property assets.

“Our model, a world first, can be applied to any number of financial products around the world, but property investment is an obvious first choice,” says Morkel. “We have a vision to make the wealth creating power of property accessible to every single person. By doing so, we unlock billions of dollars for the property sector.”

On Friday, 15 September 2017, ProsperiProp launched its concept with an ICO (initial coin offering). Interested investors can buy PROPX coins on the website ( A key differentiator with this ICO is that each PROPX coin owns a special share in the ProsperiProp business, and has the ability to generate free coins and dividends. A limited number of PROPX coins have been created, but each of those coins will benefit from the ProsperiProp business with every Blockchain innovation sold.

“We have already received engagements from new clients that want to deploy this concept to unlock new markets for their financial products; the first is a client with a mining license in Asia. Exciting times!” says Morkel.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have an important role to play in wealth creation and have the ability to level the playing field. ProsperiProp is proud to be a market leader and driver of innovation,” concludes Morkel.

ProsperiProp is a proud gold member of the AlphaCode fintech incubator, a Rand Merchant Investments initiative.

To take advantage of the PROPX ICO sale, visit the ProsperiProp website ( or click here to view the whitepaper.

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