ProtonMail ICO rumours “unsubstantiated”

ProtonCoin rumours are “unsubstantiated” says firm

Over the last few days rumours have been circulating across social media and various crypto publications suggesting ProtonMail are exploring the idea of Initial Coin Offerings to raise funds for their project ProtonCoin.

These rumours were based on the firm registering the domain name back in 2017 and more recently the launch of the website last month.

The website says it wants to fulfill several goals, some of which include enabling the public to participate in the growth of ProtonMail, increase privacy and security and decentralise the organisation.

ProtonMail surprisingly quashed the rumours via a Reddit post on the official Subreddit saying they were “unsubstantiated” and “have made no announcements on this topic”. They also went on to also confirm that the domain was owned by them.

The post further explains that ProtonMail has registered multiple domains to protect their trademark and it should not be taken literally or suggest that they are signalling an immediate ICO launch.

Despite this clarification the Reddit post still leaves many questions unanswered. On one hand you have a ProtonMail owned website that is explaining the benefits of implementing blockchain technology whilst on the other an official statement that downplays this message.

It gets even more confusing reading the questions and responses on the Reddit post, as it has been uncovered that ProtonMail recently posted that they have sought advice from the Swiss government on tokenising the company stock, specifically on the blockchain (also known as equity crowdfunding) not a traditional ICO.


Despite dabbling in the benefits of blockchain technology and funding avenues it seems nothing is certain at the moment and ProtonMail are not ready to go public with their blockchain related endeavours, if any.


Stratis Debuts Secure ‘Stratis Identity’ App for iOS Devices.

Stratis announces their ‘Stratis Identity’ mobile application is available to download for iOS devices.

Unprecedented enterprise data leaks and hacks in recent years have compromised hundreds of millions of people’s sensitive data. Stratis not only imagines a world where data breaches cease to happen, it’s working hard to deliver a solution.

The free Stratis Identity app allows users to manage their identity and imprint it upon the Stratis blockchain, allowing for secure and verifiable identity sharing experiences without compromising sensitive personal data. Stratis Identity will also open up the potential for enterprises to securely manage customer identities using cloud-based or Internet login services.

“Mass adoption of blockchain will only come through simplicity, and Stratis Identity offers a streamlined way to verify one’s identity through popular social media accounts, using pre-existing Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google account information,” explains Stratis CEO Chris Trew. “Once one’s true identity is established through our app, a Stratis Identity can be shared securely without ever exposing any specific user’s sensitive personal data.”

Stratis Identity creates a permanent, unique record of a person, company or organization’s identity while simultaneously providing layered, permission-only access to the information. Each online social media profile has information linked to it (username, e-mail, job title, etc) stored by the account provider.

Stratis Identity processes basic information returned (email address and name) and makes sure it corresponds to the information provided for a social media account. Stratis calls this verification process “attestation.” After a successful login attempt, non-sensitive metadata retrieved from the social networking site is securely stored and timestamped on the Stratis Platform.

Two things happen on the Stratis blockchain when you create and attest your credentials with Stratis Identity. First, a unique, immutable address belonging to you is created on the Stratis blockchain. Second, any confirmation of your information is encoded as a custom, hashed transaction. Only a string of numbers and letters is placed on the blockchain, no personal information is stored — just metadata linking to your Stratis Identity.

The Stratis Identity app integrates into Microsoft’s Identity and Cloud Management solutions (Azure B2C Active Directory) and the Xamarin framework to provide an additional blockchain layer of trust to any identity certification procedure. This opens the door to unparalleled customer and employee identity management in the cloud, making Stratis Platform the platform of choice when implementing blockchain-based identity solutions for large enterprises.

Key features of the Stratis Identity app include:

  • Creation of a unique Stratis Blockchain ID, registered and secured on the Stratis blockchain
  • Attest your identity by logging into a selection of social media accounts, such as Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn
  • Proof of ownership of online accounts via viewing and sharing of unique public addresses and transaction hashes
  • Validate other Stratis Identities using the built-in verification tool

Future integration with other Stratis applications will permit single sign-on engagements to interact with smart contracts deployed on the Stratis blockchain.

A key strategy to Stratis is releasing proof-of-concept apps that can easily be customized into full-blown products for developers in C# .NET framework. The idea is to prove how simple building blockchain apps is using the Stratis Platform, while also providing useable basic elements to quickly succeed with any Stratis blockchain implementation.

“Stratis Identity’s proof of concept enhances blockchain opportunities for Microsoft partners and customers currently exploring blockchain options for their business. It’s an invaluable tool to show how decentralized blockchain apps work and how they could transport existing business processes light years into the future,” Trew concludes.

The free Stratis Identity mobile app is available for iOS devices using the download link below:

Stratis Identity iOS Release

BitMex Beginner’s Guide and Review 2018

Operating from Hong Kong, BitMex was founded in 2014 by web application expert Samuel Reed, ex banker Arthur Hayes and Ben Delo whose background spans across building high frequency trading systems. This dynamic trio brought over 40 years worth of financial experience to the project to provide investors and traders with access to the global market using only Bitcoin. BitMex incorporated in Seychelles and is unregulated in any jurisdiction at present.

bitmex homepage

BitMEX, short for Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, takes inspiration from the CME group which is also known as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

At the time of writing BitMEX has surpassed all competitor exchanges with its daily trading volume exceeding $1.2 billion dollars (~200,000 BTC).

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges accept a wide range of digital assets for making deposits into the hot wallet however BitMEX currently only allows Bitcoin. However this has little impact on its user base as it is targeted more at professional traders with financial experience. The products BitMEX offers are based around derivative trading, more specifically Bitcoin futures, perpetual contracts and BitMEX UP and BitMEX down contracts.

In short derivative trading is an agreement between two separate parties that requires one party to purchase the underlying asset (Bitcoin) and the other to sell that asset on a date in the future. This doesn’t have to be tied to a physical products but for the example below it is to make understanding the concept easier.

The best way to explain Bitcoin futures is using common day to day grocery shopping. If I gave you $20 dollars for 100 eggs ( Yup! I love eggs 🙂 ) the transaction is immediately settled, but with a futures contract the settlement is agreed at a specific time in the future for a set amount meaning two elements are the price and date of delivery.

For example a humble egg farmer may be worried that the egg consumption could drop or rise in the future for any reason and thus could take advantage of this by locking the price with the buyer which means a more financially stable company. The other party would agree to this price as they may think the egg price could change in their favour determined on the type of bet. Fast forward to the future, let’s say the consumer demand for eggs rocketed due to a health trend, this might mean the price of eggs drops as sellers try to shift as many eggs as possible, the farmer is not affected by this as he locked in the price with a futures contract.

The above example of a futures contract works exactly the same but for Bitcoin, it could be based on rumour, hearsay, demand, news, regulation or anything that affects the price of Bitcoin. It essentially opens an arena for various parties to bet on the outcome based on speculation.

How to Sign Up to BitMEX

To setup an account with BitMEX, users need to register on the website by providing an email address, password, country of residence and full name. Once you have activated the account through email you can proceed with trading as no KYC or AML checks are required to deposit or withdraw funds.

BitMEX currently does not allow traders from the United States to register as it does not function within the legal framework. This is not necessarily a bad thing but could be down to a number of factors such as over zealous regulations by the SEC. It has been noted on social media that people in the US are bypassing the IP checks with a VPN.

How to Use BitMEX

Users can trade a wide variety of digital assets including Bitcoin, Cardano, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies such as Chinese Yuan, US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

bitmex trading view

Unfortunately if you are new to financial trading then BitMEX will feel overwhelming but for those who have dabbled with financial instruments before it is easy to get to grips with. We do not recommend using BitMEX as a beginner unless you are very well versed in leverage trading.

All trading instruments can be found by clicking the trade tab once logged in.

To open an orderbook click as specific asset such as Bitcoin from the top pane, this will display the most recent trades in the right hand side tab followed by the trading chart and orderbook to the left. The charts can be used to analyse historical trading data.

You will also notice in the top right a customise button which allows the user to choose their viewing preferences with full control of the orderbook widget, depth chart, price chart, recent trades and positions & open orders. The trading chart data is fed directly from TradingView which is a recognised and trusted 3rd party data platform.

When a user places a trade on the BitMex platform it can be viewed in the trading interface with the option to view active and filled orders including the stops which are in place. All active orders can be canceled by the user at any point with the analysis of whether it is in red or black

Futures and Swaps

As previously explained a Bitcoin futures contract will enable a user to sell or buy Bitcoin in the future at a predetermined price. Users can leverage up to 100x on these contracts.

Perpetual swaps are not dissimilar to bitcoin futures other than that they have no settlement or expiry date but they trade along with the underlying reference Index Price whereas futures diverge from the Index price.

Prediction based Binary contracts can be also traded but they settle at 0 or 100 and designed for making a bet on any given event. Binary contracts are traded with zero leverage, a 0.25% taker fee, a, 0% maker fee and 0.25% settlement fee.


BitMEX also enables traders to margin trade where positions can be leveraged by placing orders larger than the users current balance which could lead to a higher profit.

However margin trading can be extremely dangerous for inexperienced traders as all profits can be quickly liquidated, meaning the amount of money in their wallet will be taken.

The maximum leverage a user can take out is 1:100 which is much greater than other exchanges who sit at 1:20

BitMEX Fees

For Perpetual contrats BitMex has a 00x leverage, -0.00250% maker fee, 0.0750% taker fee, 0.0100% long funding, short funding fee of -0.0100% with a funding interval of every 8 hours.

The traditional futures fees for all tradable assets have a similar maker fee from -0.0250% – -0.0500%, although the leverage varies from 20x for example with Tron right up to 100x with Ethereum.

Deposits and Withdrawals

At present BitMex does not charge fees on withdrawals or deposits. When a user withdraws Bitcoin, the minimum network fee is set automatically based on the blockchain load which is currently low.

Users can withdraw and deposit Bitcoin at their leisure with no limits although the minimal deposit is 0.001 BTC.

To withdraw or deposit, a QR coded address is displayed when clicking the “account” tab along the top pane.

Although a user can withdraw Bitcoin at anytime, BitMEX has implemented a cut off time set at 13:00 UTC which means if you process a withdrawal after that it will be completed the next working day. This has been designed to stop automated deposits and withdrawals by bots or hackers on the hot wallet and provides the staff with sufficient time to cancel any fraudulent withdrawals.

Is BitMEX Safe?

BitMEX states on its website that it does not compromise security for convenience with their ethos based on rigorous and well tested security measures to make the platform bullet proof.

The deposit and withdrawal system is multisignature which means each time this processes is initiated its then checked by the majority of BitMex partners to ensures its legitimacy. By using multisignature it prevents users funds from being accessed by a hacker if they manage to compromise the hosting server or database.

The BitMEX trading engines uses kdb+ which is a database and toolset used by major banks and other high speed financial trading platforms.

PGP encryption is used for all communication across the board

BitMEX Customer Support

BitMEX runs a mixture of support and contact methods including IRC, Reddit, Twitter, support tickets and email contact for dealing with customer enquiries 24/7 which has often been praised as responsive on reddit.

Customers can also access an extensive frequently asked questions section for basic enquiries they may have.


BitMEX has an established following among traditional Wall Street traders who are familiar with margin trading. The platform is not designed or marketed towards beginners who simply want to purchase Bitcoin. In fact this is not even possible at the moment as you must own/ deposit Bitcoin before using the platform. So if you are looking to trade with futures and take advantage of the 100x margin, BitMEX is for you!

We advise everyone to start with a small trade due to the high potential losses which can occur with the type of trading on offer.

Users with no prior trading experience whom are simply looking to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies we recommend stepping away from BitMEX, you may want to read our review on the Binance exchange which is more user friendly for beginners.


  • Great for experienced traders
  • Can leverage 100x
  • Fast trading engine


  • Hard to use for new traders
  • Can loose funds quite easily if not familiar with leverage trading
  • Controls a large portion of the market

Thanks for reading our BitMEX review, if you would like to visit the website for more information please visit: or check out the Reddit for any community support queries here:

Binance exchange complete review & guide 2018

Considering Binance? Read thew review below for our expert opinion

With so many cryptocurrency exchanges recently launching finding the right one for you can be challenging. Some trading platforms don’t have the trading volume to buy or sell, others have limited features and slow trading engines that often timeout when executing orders, some have very slow verification processes etc.

Malta-based company Binance is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange not just with China but it’s also used heavily international due to its high user volume, competitions and extensive number of features.

Whilst the company is still young, Binance does still have an extremely good track record in crypto exchange services and is on its way to a $1 billion dollar profit in 2018 alone. This is largely in part due to the impressive number of Initial Coin Offering listings the exchange adds to its platform, easy to use submission process and low trading fees.

Binance homepage

In this review we will try and outline everything you need to know about the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, including things like how it works, what coin/ token pairs can be exchanged, trading fees/ limits, how to secure your exchange and customer support information.

Visit Binance here:

How the exchange works

When first visiting Binance you will notice how the platform offers two modes of digital currency trading – basic and advanced. To decide which works best for your needs a basic understanding of what cryptocurrencies are, how trading platforms work in general and what tools/ data you need access too when making buys and sells.

The main difference between the basic and advanced modes is the increased level of technical analysis and graph options available in advanced mode. These are not available in basic mode as they can over complicate/ overwhelm a new user who simply wants to submit simple buy or sell orders.

The basic view looks like this:

binance trading layout

The basic view has three easy to follow columns and the design is simple to navigate. Buy (green) and sell (pink) prices can be found in the left column. Graphs and order boxes in the center and trade history along with trading pairs to the right.

The advanced view looks like this:

Binance advanced trading view

By default the advanced view uses a dark mode and the trading charts are more prominent. The layout also differs in that the prices are are shown to the right with the buy/ sell boxes below them. You will notice in the graphs there are more graph options and trading engine views/ algorithms.

Regardless of which view you prefer buying and selling is quick and easy with Binance where others are more complicated.

Binance Signup and Login

Before using the exchange an account needs to be created. This is a simple process where up on registration you gain immediate access with Level 1 verification. This offers a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC per day. Users can submit additional information such as photo ID to increase the verification status and lift restrictions. For example with Level 2 the daily withdrawal limit is increased to 100 BTC.

Approval time can vary depending how busy the platform is. It is very important that you verify for the appropriate level asap to ensure you can quickly moves funds around when the time comes. It is also recommended you verify before depositing large funds.

binance deposit funds page

This might also be a good time to increase your account security and set up 2FA. SImply follow the on screen instructions to set this up.

With the account set up you are ready to go ahead and fund your binance account. To start with it is recommended that you stick with more popular currencies such as BTC and ETH.

To fund your account click the Funds > Deposits at the top of the page. Then select the coin you wish to transfer INTO your Binance account.

Once selected, a box will be displayed with a deposit address. Simply send your funds to this address to begin trading from your personal off-exchange wallet. Depending on the currency being transferred in the time and and require conformations can vary. For example currencies like Ethereum are faster than Bitcoin which can take a while. Binance notifies you via email once the deposit is in your account.

How to Trade on Binance

Binance makes it very easy to get started with trading, especially with the Basic Mode. Once your funds are deposited in the account simply click Exchange > Basic in the top menu.

At the top of the right column you will see options for trading pairs in BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT. These indicate what coin you wish to purchase your new currency with. In our example we deposited BTC in to our account and will use the BTC pair to buy a new currency. Click it.

We then choose the new currency we would like to buy. In this case we will use ADA (Cardano) as an example so click ADA/BTC.

Once you have clicked the currency in the right column the middle column will be updated to reflect this.

Now to place a buy order, use the middle column below the graphs to buy/ sell ADA. In this case we wish to purchase currency so will use the buy box to do so.

You can manually enter a price you wish to purchase at, but a more efficient way is to purchase using the presets (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). For example if you click 100% it will use all your BTC balance to purchase the new currency. If you click 25% it will only use 25% of your BTC balance etc. Then click the buy button.

buy ada binance

Once the order has been placed it will show below in the Open Orders section. It will remain here until it has been filled (completed). Once filled you can then confirm that you have purchased the currency by clicking Funds > Balances in the top menu.

The selling process would be exactly the same only you would use the sell box instead of the buy one.

If you would like to withdraw your currency from Binance and move it to a different wallet you would click Funds > Withdrawals in the top menu. Select the coin you wish to withdraw, add the wallet address you wish to send to and the amount to transfer. The click submit. It is advisable to try a small test to ensure the address is correct and all is working as expected.

Supported Crypto Currencies

Binance is a very popular option amongst users for its wide support for currencies. Many traders use the platform for multiple digital currencies, including, but not limited to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, LiteCoin, NEO, GAS, Zcash, Dash, Ripple and more. Binance also supports a very large number of tokens, as part of ICO listings.

The platform is regularly praised for its efficiency in supporting new coins and tokens. As previously mentioned they currently offer trading pairs in BTC, BNB, ETH and USDT and very soon Euro and possibly GBP sterling.

Binance ICO & BNB Coin

As well as operating the exchange Binance also launched its own ICO and token – Binance Coin. This can be used to pay your transaction fees on the platform and thus reducing fees. The token will also play a large role in their Decentralised Exchange where it will form one of the key base currencies.

Purchasing the Binance coin will likely be a good investment for the future as the exchange plans to use their profits to buy back a portion of the coins every quarter and destroy them. This will result in a decreasing supply, making them more valuable for holders.

Binance Fees & Limits

At the time of writing Binance charges an average fee of 0.1% on each trade made through the platform. However those who wish to pay these fees in Binance Coin (BNB) receive a 50% discount on the trading fee.

With regard to withdrawal fees these change from currency to currency and can easily be checked by going to the withdrawals section and choosing the coin to withdraw. The current fee is then displayed.

Binance has 3 levels of verification. As previously mentioned account withdrawals are restricted based on the level of verification however deposits are not. You can deposit any number of coins into the platform without limitations.

At the time of writing the withdrawal limits are as follows:

  • Level 1 (new default user) – 2 BTC
  • Level 2 – 100 BTC
  • Level 3 – Contact

The verification process requires users to provide Binance with their full name, country, gender, a photo of passport/government-issued ID card, and a selfie with the passport.

Binance Competitors

Although there are a number of great exchanges one unique feature to Binance is the regular competitions and prize draws. Many of which include coin giveaways. In the past these have included Waves and Tron.

The waves competition gave away 20,000 Waves to traders based on how many trades they have made of this currency.

They also gave Tron (TRX) participants the chance to win a Maserati, Mercedes Benz, a Macbook Pro or a iPhone X. Again, the winners were the people with the highest trading volume of this currency.

Some of Binance’s competitors you may want to consider include Bittrex, Kraken, Cryptopia, IDEX, and Bitfinex.

Is Binance Safe?

Although Binance is one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges it is still considered one of the best. It has quickly managed to move up the ranks and gain high levels of user trust and community approval. However, the exchange does not provide users with enough information on how funds are being secured. Two-factor authentication is also available to secure individual accounts. It is however known that the platform offers a multi-tier and multi-tier system architecture, possibly multi-signature where many parties must sign the transaction to withdraw or move large funds.

Although we think Binance is a fairly secure exchange, nothing is un-hackable so we recommend if you are not actively trading and holding your cryptocurrency for a long time to store them in a hardware wallet, you can see our Trezor Vs Ledger Nano review for choosing one of the two wallets we consider the best you can buy right now.

Update: In March 2018 Binance suffered a hacking attempt.

In March 2018 a 3rd party tried to pull off a hack, however it was caught and thwarted by automated systems in place at the exchange. For months the hackers had been accumulating people’s login credentials via a phishing website and secretly installing API access on the affected accounts. They then struck, converting all the victims altcoins to BTC and purchasing Viacoin, pumping the coin to a huge price and then selling their own supply of Viacoin at the highest point, before then withdrawing the BTC to their own wallets. Thankfully no one lost funds as the hack was caught and the only people to lose out were the hackers, whose funds will be donated to charity.

As this hack was only made possible by users falsely entering their credentials on a fake phishing website, this was not directly the fault of Binance. You should always make sure you are on the correct Binance url before logging in. We recommend you bookmark the site and only use that to access it, never click links from emails, Twitter, Telegram etc.

The way in which this issue was handled by Binance has done a lot to instill confidence in the platform. Not only did their automated processes catch the attempted hack before anyone lost any funds, but the team have also since offered a $250,000 bounty to anyone who can help catch the hackers. Throughout this event, Binance acted exemplary and have been praised for their swift action in mitigating and resolving this hacking attempt.

Binance Customer Support

For any exchange to be successful it needs to have great communication and support in place for customers. Once that can answer questions, fix problems and given crypto trading advice in a timely manner. While the support can always be better the team is responsive and capable of offering professional aid to users. Support tickets are submitted via an online form featured on the website, and responses are provided via email. There is currently no live chat support, nor a phone number where customers can get in touch with the support team.

There is also an FAQ’s page which offers information on some of the more common questions users may have.

Binance Moving to Malta?

In March 2018, Japanese Newspaper Nikkei reported that Binance was trading in Japan and not following their official regulations. This caused some turbulence in the markets until Binance made an official announcement that they were moving operations to the crypto-friendly island of Malta in Europe, most recently a whole new bunch of laws have been voted into the country securing the exchanges future.

This is good news for the company and the community and they even received a warm welcome from the Prime Minister of Malta on Twitter. Binance also announced that they were in talks with Maltese banks with the goal of providing Fiat pairs. This would mean they can offer access to fiat to crypto transactions in future along with fiat trading pairs on the exchange.

More good news for Binance, it seems as their profile and reputation within the industry continues to from strength to strength.

Another key area Binance will most likely improve on is with the banking situation, its suggested that the exchange will provide deposits and withdrawals from a Maltese bank in Euros and Sterling meaning lighting fast transactions if the bank is in the SEPA network.

Launching a Decentralized Exchange?

Binance also recently announced that they would be loaching launching their own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and BNB holders will benefit from this greatly.

The BNB digital asset, now an ERC-20 token, will migrate as the native token of that network and be used for paying the trading fees on the new exchange.

Binance Conclusion

Binance is currently one of the most used exchanges with a growing portfolio of supported currencies making it a big contender for anyone trying to break the market. The exchanges matching engine is capable of processing approximately 1.4 million orders each second, making it one of the fastest exchanges available on the market. Additionally, the exchange works on a wide range of devices devices, including web, Android, WeChat, and HTML5. Non-English speakers will be happy to know that Binance also offers multiple-language support in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.


  1. Trading engine is extremely fast
  2. High volume for selling & buying
  3. High number of assets/ cryptocurrencies supported
  4. Good customer support


  1. Exchange is not decentralised
  2. Binance Coin is expensive to buy
  3. Large share of the trading volume, if hacked could tumble the crypto market significantly
  4. Security and support may be a problem when

Thanks for reading our review of Binance, if you would like to download the iOS app please see here: for further support on Reddit see here: to login please visit only to avoid phishing attempts.

WatermelonBlock partners with IBM Watson using its supercomputer to let crypto investors know what the market is thinking

WatermelonBlock teams up with IBM to introduce the power of AI to investors through IBM Watson, the computing platform that scans and analyzes big data sets in seconds, providing real-time market insights to cryptotraders

Singapore – July 2018WatermelonBlock, the company that combines big data and AI to create a market sentiment ranking of the top cryptocurrencies and ICOs, is announcing its partnership with IBM. IBM’s Watson AI is a cloud computing platform that scans, categorizes, weights and analyses big data sets in seconds.

For investors, it can be incredibly difficult to dedicate the time and resources to reading large volumes of information to better determine market trends. WatermelonBlock uses its proprietary algorithms to compute a percentage and index score for each network, known as the MelonScore. WatermelonBlock scores cryptocurrencies and ICO investment data using IBM Watson’s AI-platform, providing tangible benefits to users through a simple, user-friendly interface. WatermelonBlock recognizes the influence of opinions in the cryptomarket and uses AI to help investors stay on top of investment information in real-time. In partnering with IBM Watson, WatermelonBlock is able to read and categorize big data sets from the web according to their social influence and reach, thus empowering crypto investment decisions.

“IBM is extremely excited to partner with WatermelonBlock”, explains Boris Manitius, IBM Cloud Leader (Watson, Bluemix). “Through this partnership, WatermelonBlock’s dedicated team of data scientists, will work with IBM industry experts and IBM state of the art equipment to develop, test and monitor a system that will augment WatermelonBlock’s current environment”.    

“I’m pleased to be able to work with one of the most advanced AI engines on the planet, IBM Watson. By combining the power of machine learning with our own computer algorithms, WatermelonBlock transforms the way crypto traders arrive to investment decisions”, says Elliot Rothfield, Co-Founder of WatermelonBlock. “Through this partnership, WatermelonBlock and IBM can provide investors with real-time actionable insights and detailed contextual analysis at the press of a button, making the user experience easy from start to finish.”

About WatermelonBlock:
WatermelonBlock harnesses the power of AI and big data to produce cutting edge sentiment analysis in an intuitive, simple user experience. WatermelonBlock places the importance of information sharing and usability first, making crypto investment simple enough to fit any lifestyle, providing an indication of how the market thinks and feels 24/7.

Food Standards Agency trials blockchain technology in slaughterhouse

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) responsible for protecting the public health of the nation has completed a pilot programme using blockchain technology to ensure compliance in cattle slaughterhouses.

The agency has long been interested in blockchain technology due to the value it could potentially add to food industries where a high number of inspections take place to ensure compliance and animal welfare.

Sian Thomas, Head of Information Management, said:

‘Our approach has been to develop data standards with industry that will make theory reality and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to show that blockchain does indeed work in this part of the food industry. I think there are great opportunities now for industry and government to work together to expand and develop this approach.’

During the pilot scheme both the slaughterhouse and the FSA had full permission to data on the blockchain, which improved transparency across the food supply chain.

Further trials are planned for July where farmers can access data from their own form with the goal aimed at replicating the scheme in other plants throughout the UK.

The FSA has said that the industry must lead the blockchain effort as currently the only data being collected is from the inspection results and communication with the agency and the farmers/ slaughterhouse.

The supply chain industry has long been seen as one of the ways in which blockchain technology can thrive due need for transparency of where products are sourced and tracked to the consumers plate.

Bermuda’s Land Registry to move forward with Blockchain implementation via Bitfury Group partnership

Launching on the 2nd of July, the Bermuda Land Registry is expected to utilise blockchain technology for storing and accessing national real estate deeds.

The governments move into blockchain will be implemented by Bitfury Group who recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bermuda Government based around improving the islands land registry system for its citizens.

The project will be a first for implementing ledger technology within the government and will act as a pilot educational scheme for possible advancements in other governmental areas

Bitfury Group will also work in partnership with land administration company Trimble and will implement Exonum, their open-source framework to build an additional blockchain layer on top of Trimble’s current land registry system increasing data security.

“The Government of Bermuda has taken huge strides to foster and provide an innovative environment for blockchain technology and create blockchain solutions for their citizens,”

“We are honored to work with Bermuda to build a more secure and transparent country-wide land registry, and we couldn’t be prouder to help advance their mission to improve services for citizens using blockchain.” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury.

AI Trader unveils its OCO Trading MODE to cryptocurrency investors

Artificial intelligence is the future, and if you don’t think so, then we’d suggest that you take a look around you. Everything from automatic playlists designed by music streaming sites, to home heating, is becoming ‘smart.’ Thus, it surely makes sense that cryptocurrency trading platforms would follow this trend, right?

That is indeed the view of Dubai based Kingdom Mining, who has released an independent cryptocurrency trading platform, called AI Trader. It has billed itself as “a next-generation intelligent autonomous trading program” with features above and beyond its competitors.

According to its website, AI Trader “uses Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns from big data processed by the program to recognize trends and autonomously process buy, hold and sell orders based on current market events.”

In other words, it uses information it has learned through algorithms and data to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies once a user lets it have this control.

For some, it may be disconcerting to let an app automatically deal with your investments, but for others, this might be a fun way to work.“We developed the AI ecosystem with a team of expert traders from established financial firms such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank and specialists from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have had an overwhelming response from the community, and we are accepting new subscriptions until 20/07/2018 after which only those with a valid referral link will be on-boarded.”

How does it work?

A user selects a trading strategy; then AI trader begins trading on this user’s behalf using its artificial intelligence and learnings. Thus, it will buy, sell and hold based on its learnings.

Some of the advantages include that the AI Trader makes all its moves without emotion and fatigue. Anyone who has ever made a bad investment while tired will appreciate the significance of this.

AI Trader also gives users a full overview of the trades that have been done on its behalf, so the human investor isn’t left in the dark. It also attempts to recover losses and is available to Binance, and Bitmex registered account holders. The firm intends to add a host of exchanges soon. All subscribers have free access to all new upgrades.

Of course, the disadvantages include that the user has less control when making investments. Thus, AI Trader now sets a new bar in offering users the option to trade with One Cancels Other (OCO). Unlike other exchange platforms where only EITHER a stop loss OR a take profit can be set, AI Trader offers the opportunity to trade on ALL pairs with the ability to place BOTH a stop loss and take profit simultaneously. Users get real-time AI Powered buy signals to make their decisions.

Is it for you?

Of course, cryptocurrencies exist in a volatile marketplace and both AI and human traders can make losses, as well as gains. Whether you would like to work off machine learning, rather than your own, is a decision only you can make.

AI Trader currently offers three different pricing options starting from just $150; customers can pay in major cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Credit Card and Paypal, new subscriptions will be closed on 20/7/2018 until further notice. The price is fair if not a steal considering the platform is currently yielding 82% on average monthly returns while trading cryptocurrencies and 120% while leverage trading across all strategies put in place.

We found an independent review by Bitcoin Trading Challenge, a Cryptocurrency Day-Trader educating other traders within this market.

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Has blockchain become a big fish in the tuna industry?

If you were fishing for a story about tuna and blockchain technology, then we’ve got some good news for you: this one is a real catch.

The world’s largest sustainable tuna fishery has launched a blockchain initiative which will cover all of its caught tuna.

To an outsider, this may seem like small fish, but it is actually massive news as PNA’s market development company Pacifical is the first large scale pioneer of blockchain within the $42 billion industry.

Pacifical is the global marketing company jointly set up by the 8 Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) to promote the PNA region and actively trade their MSC certified sustainably caught tuna.

Eight Pacific Island nations and the Tokelau territory sees around a quarter of the world’s tuna caught in their waters each year, so this move towards traceability and committed-sustainability is a massive deal within the industry.

The initiative is being launched with the cooperation of Atato, a Thailand-based blockchain service providers. It will be powered by Ethereum’s smart contracts and will use IPFS decentralised storage.

The new system will cover the entire supply chain, which is no small deed – in fact it is estimated to be about 35 million tuna yearly. It is approximated that we will soon be able to trace 200 million consumer units of Pacifical tuna in over 20 countries through Ethereum blockchain.

The new initiative is expected to cover over 100 fishing vessels and the idea behind it is to put in a level of sustainability and tracability in place, which leads to unprecedented levels of trust within the industry.

In terms of the tuna industry, there aren’t many more bigger fish left to fry for blockchain.

Stellar Lumens given green light for trading in New York

In a boost for the cryptocurrency market in New York, Stellar Lumens has been approved for trade by the New York Financial Regulators.

This is the first time Lumens has been given the go-ahead in New York, which many may find slightly surprising, especially since Fortune describe it as “now the seventh or eighth most valuable cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $4.3 billion.”

itBit has added it to their exchange. Chad Cascarilla, the co-founder and CEO of itBit’s parent company Paxos, told Fortune that the move away from the virtual currency being viewed as a security was a key reason for it being added to their platform.

He said: “That’s why we’ve added them to the exchange… If they were a security, you’d have to go through a different process.”

It will be interesting to see if this now leads to other exchanges, including CoinBase, taking on the cryptocurrency.

It is widely viewed as the leading exchange in the US and currently offers trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, although there are plans to also add Ethereum Classic to the mix.
Stellar, the company that created Lumens, was founded by Jed McCaleb in 2014. He also founded rival cryptocurrency Ripple.

This news had a significant impact on Stellar Lumens price, with Fortune reporting that it “rose more than 5% ahead of itBit’s news.”

While speaking to Fortune, Cascarilla added that he is not worried about the fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies currently.

He is quoted as saying; “The interest and the adoption from institutions and large firms that have a lot of credibility is very real.

“That might not be reflected in the price today, but from what I see, will certainly be changing the landscape over the next six to 12 months.”