AI Trader unveils its OCO Trading MODE to cryptocurrency investors

Artificial intelligence is the future, and if you don’t think so, then we’d suggest that you take a look around you. Everything from automatic playlists designed by music streaming sites, to home heating, is becoming ‘smart.’ Thus, it surely makes sense that cryptocurrency trading platforms would follow this trend, right?

That is indeed the view of Dubai based Kingdom Mining, who has released an independent cryptocurrency trading platform, called AI Trader. It has billed itself as “a next-generation intelligent autonomous trading program” with features above and beyond its competitors.

According to its website, AI Trader “uses Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns from big data processed by the program to recognize trends and autonomously process buy, hold and sell orders based on current market events.”

In other words, it uses information it has learned through algorithms and data to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies once a user lets it have this control.

For some, it may be disconcerting to let an app automatically deal with your investments, but for others, this might be a fun way to work.“We developed the AI ecosystem with a team of expert traders from established financial firms such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank and specialists from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have had an overwhelming response from the community, and we are accepting new subscriptions until 20/07/2018 after which only those with a valid referral link will be on-boarded.”

How does it work?

A user selects a trading strategy; then AI trader begins trading on this user’s behalf using its artificial intelligence and learnings. Thus, it will buy, sell and hold based on its learnings.

Some of the advantages include that the AI Trader makes all its moves without emotion and fatigue. Anyone who has ever made a bad investment while tired will appreciate the significance of this.

AI Trader also gives users a full overview of the trades that have been done on its behalf, so the human investor isn’t left in the dark. It also attempts to recover losses and is available to Binance, and Bitmex registered account holders. The firm intends to add a host of exchanges soon. All subscribers have free access to all new upgrades.

Of course, the disadvantages include that the user has less control when making investments. Thus, AI Trader now sets a new bar in offering users the option to trade with One Cancels Other (OCO). Unlike other exchange platforms where only EITHER a stop loss OR a take profit can be set, AI Trader offers the opportunity to trade on ALL pairs with the ability to place BOTH a stop loss and take profit simultaneously. Users get real-time AI Powered buy signals to make their decisions.

Is it for you?

Of course, cryptocurrencies exist in a volatile marketplace and both AI and human traders can make losses, as well as gains. Whether you would like to work off machine learning, rather than your own, is a decision only you can make.

AI Trader currently offers three different pricing options starting from just $150; customers can pay in major cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Credit Card and Paypal, new subscriptions will be closed on 20/7/2018 until further notice. The price is fair if not a steal considering the platform is currently yielding 82% on average monthly returns while trading cryptocurrencies and 120% while leverage trading across all strategies put in place.

We found an independent review by Bitcoin Trading Challenge, a Cryptocurrency Day-Trader educating other traders within this market.

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