Floki and TokenFi Unleash Strategic Marketing Blitz in Hong Kong


Aggressive 2-Month Campaign Aims to Cement Dominance in Asia Amidst Crypto Boom

In a strategic move to fortify their positions in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, Floki and its sister project, TokenFi, are set to unleash an assertive 2-month marketing campaign in Hong Kong. Positioned as one of the world’s wealthiest cities and a pivotal financial hub, Hong Kong provides the backdrop for what many anticipate to be a groundbreaking crypto bull run.

Timed strategically to coincide with the festive Christmas and New Year period, as well as the forthcoming Chinese New Year in 2024, the campaign seeks to introduce Floki and TokenFi to millions of Hongkongers. This concerted effort aims not only to solidify their dominance in the Asian market but also to expand their brands to a broader audience.

The comprehensive campaign is anticipated to reach an extensive audience, boasting over 53 million impressions. The iconic Hong Kong Tramcar, a symbol of the city’s bustling energy, will prominently feature the brands as it navigates prime routes, passing through Metropolitan Zones, Central HK financial district, Shoppers paradise, and luxury residences between Quarry Bay and Central. Additionally, the brands will grace 69 high-definition digital City Bus screens strategically located in key commercial districts, enhancing visibility near landmarks like Hong Kong Park, Revenue Tower, HSBC, Mandarin Oriental, China Tower, and COFCO Tower.

Scheduled to run from December 17, 2023, to February 13, 2024, this campaign aligns with the perceived onset of what many believe will be a pivotal crypto bull run.