Healthureum Is Changing Healthcare Management Systems! Know The Revolution!

Blockchain technology has been one of the hottest new innovations in the traditional technological infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become modern-day buzzwords. However, they are much more than just buzzwords – as the technology is bringing rapid changes into various sectors of the economy. A change is coming to the healthcare industry too – Healthureum.

Healthureum is a blockchain based system for healthcare management. Healthureum is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a revolutionary system which will help improve the transparency of the existing healthcare infrastructure, providing more credibility as well as helping the patients with various functions too.

Healthureum is changing the healthcare management systems for the better! The technology is all set to bring a number of changes. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Healthureum.

The Need for Healthureum:

Over the past few years there has been a rise in the dissatisfaction in existing healthcare infrastructure. Patients are looking for a change – and that change comes in the form of Healthureum. Here are a few features which highlight why Healthureum is a great technology –

It allows for an easier, better system of managing medical records. Healthureum stores all medical data on a blockchain network. This makes the data incorruptible and secure. Healthureum blockchain networks keep your data secure and do not allow any tampering. The data cannot be accessed without the permission of the patient.

In addition to this, the Healthureum network also brings in a better inventory management system. It monitors the levels of inventory and automatically re-orders if the stocks fall below a certain limit. This payment to purchase the inventory is automated and made via the HHEM tokens.

Video consultancies are also provided by this platform. The Healthureum network allows patients to easily consult doctors online and can make automated payments to them based on their time. This is a critical feature especially if the patient needs to consult immediately or is out of the reach of doctors at the moment.

The primary goal however, is to infuse confidence and transparency in the healthcare infrastructure – something which has been on a rapid decline of late. For additional details on the Healthureum network, you can check out this video:

The Healthureum Token HHEM

Healthureum has its own cryptocurrency token which is the primary means of payments on the network. The token can be used by the patients to pay all the healthcare expenses that incurs during treatment. A detailed breakdown of the treatment would be provided to the patient so that they know what they are paying for. This infuses transparency in the system.

Moreover, this HHEM healthureum cryptocurrency token can also be used for other purposes such as inventory payments, as mentioned above.

Another major use of Healthureum is the fact that the Healthureum token allows for faster, easier means to make philanthropic donations. Considering that cryptocurrencies are on a major boom – a lot of users tend to make charitable donations using cryptocurrencies. HHEM can be used for philanthropic donations as well!

For more details on the Healthureum network, you can check out their website at

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