MoxyOne: Cryptocurrency Payments at the Swipe of a Card!

Australia based MoxyOne is a startup which is all set to solve the biggest problem of cryptocurrencies – a proper payments infrastructure. While an increasing number of merchants are accepting cryptocurrency payments, the number is still too low. MoxyOne intends to change the way we know cryptocurrency payments to be. MoxyOne plans to build a platform where cryptocurrency payments can easily be made, just like how one would make fiat payments.

`Cryptocurrencies have been around for less than a decade. While they have been seen as a viable investment option, their use as a payments token is yet to realize its full potential. The biggest reason for this is that there’s no proper payments infrastructure. MoxyOne’s technologies will help build that payments infrastructure that will allow users to pay in cryptocurrencies just like how they make fiat payments using Debit Cards.

Payments made on the MoxyOne platform will be powered by the SPEND cryptocurrency tokens, which are native to the platform. MoxyOne also plans on bringing forward a number of other features and services. Let us take a closer look:

Understanding MoxyOne’s Plans:

MoxyOne’s platform offers the following features and services you can look out to:

  • Debit Card: The primary offering from the MoxyOne platform is that of a debit card which can be used at retail stores similar to a regular Debit Card which is used for fiat payments. Basically, upon swiping it at the store, this card makes use of your cryptocurrencies – converts them into fiat and pays them to the seller.
  • SPEND Tokens: For those wondering how the MoxyOne Debit Card pays the merchant in fiat currency while using your cryptocurrency balance – it is powered by SPEND tokens. SPEND tokens are native to the MoxyOne platform. Basically, the cryptocurrencies that you pay are first converted into SPEND tokens – which are then sent to the merchant. These SPEND tokens then get converted into fiat currencies and are paid out to the merchant.
  • Instant Fiat Conversion: Another feature of the MoxyOne Debit Cards is that they can be easily used at ATM machines to withdraw cash!
  • MoxyOne Wallet: The MoxyOne platform also offers the users with a wallet where they store their cryptocurrencies. It is from this wallet that the currencies can be fetched and transacted. It is a multi-token wallet which supports multiple cryptocurrencies to be stored.
  • MoxyAI: The MoxyAI feature is basically an AI system built into the wallet which judges which is the best cryptocurrency to use for a transaction. It compares the prices of all cryptocurrencies stored into your wallet – and then judges which of them has the highest price. This means that you spend the least in cryptocurrencies and get the most in fiat value!

MoxyOne Token Sale and ICO: 

The MoxyOne token sale will allow users to invest into the platform and get SPEND tokens. However, before you invest into the platform, you will need to go through a KYC procedure and provide some private details. MoxyOne has set a goal of a minimum of 4,000 ETH tokens – if they fail to reach that level, the money will be refunded. Users who participate in the ICO would get a referral link which can be used to earn some extra coins if their friends sign up and participate using the link. For more details, visit

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