Renewable Mining Australia Helps KPR Medical Solutions in Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrencies are getting mainstream with every passing day. What was once limited to a group of techies and finance experts has now blown off the roof and is now available for everyone to invest in. Cryptocurrency investments have now reached the everyday investor – and massive volumes of money is being pumped into cryptocurrencies with every passing day.

There are two types of people in cryptocurrencies – the first, who generate their own cryptocurrencies (Cryptocurrency Miners) and the second, who buy and sell cryptocurrencies (Cryptocurrency Traders). With cryptocurrency prices rising, cryptocurrency mining has been becoming increasingly popular.

Mining, in the most simple words, is the consumption of electricity to solve a complex mathematical algorithm. Groups of computer work together to mine for cryptocurrencies and use their collective computing and electric powers to solve these algorithms. When all the computers reach a consensus, the mining activity is completed and new cryptocurrencies are generated and distributed among the miners. There have been a number of developments in the way the world of technology has been adapting to cryptocurrencies and mining too is evolving with time.

The biggest allegation against cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency miners has been that of the fact that mining is causing a rise in the global electricity consumption levels. This allegation is quite true, to some extent. There has been a sharp spike in electricity consumption in global levels. All cryptocurrency mining operations combined tend to consume electricity as much as some small countries do!

Renewable Mining Australia, in a time like this, is coming up with a unique solution. It is offering an eco-friendly mining mining solution. Renewable Mining Australia (RMA) was acquired by KPR Medical Solutions (KPRMS) and the two companies merged on the 2nd of October last year. RMA claims to be the first ever eco-friendly mining company in Australia.

KPR Medical Solutions intends to become a leader in Australia’s medical marijuana supply. Together, RMA and KPRMS have now launched an Initial Coin Offering  which will help KPRMS get investors for their KPR Coin. The company aims at raising a total of $30 Million in Ethereum investments from interested investors. Details of this Initial Coin Offering can be seen in detail here:

With the $30 Million that the companies raise, they intend to acquire the land needed to start off with the medical marijuana growth. Moreover, the company also intends to set up a mining Bitcoin operation with the help of RMA, which will be setting up a number of Antminer S9 ASIC machines in the mining farms. These Bitcoin generated here will be given away as a reward to some VIP investors, and will also be used to make this farming operation self-sustainable.

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