Yodse: Your Open Direct Sales Ecosystem

Ecosystem that brings digital transformation in industrial sector of economy with blockchain technology.

What is Yodse?

  • the first marketplace, connecting manufacturers and consumers of industrial segment of the market.
  • opportunity for manufacturers of industrial product family to enter the global market.
  • direct payments inside the network without intermediaries.
  • symbiosis of long-term experience and creative solutions based on the blockchain  technology.

Yodse project is created with the aim to:

Bring together interests, erasing borders and distances for customers and manufacturers in real economy, increasing efficiency, reducing financial and time costs.

Yodse is a project of the nearest future 2-5 years!

Yodse will help manufacturers to solve marketing issues associated with the need in the big staff of employees and to reduce costs on the own IT infrastructure maintenance and marketing and sale specialists. Yodse differs from other platforms in that it does not retain any fees for manufacturers registration, only in the case of real transaction conducting there is 1% fee as a  reward for the ecosystem’s services. Yodse helps each manufacturer to be represented on the platform due to the set of online instruments. Yodse provides training for people involved in information placement about produced goods, performing sales, control and analytics of sales.

Ecosystem Yodse is open for large business customers as well as private individual and it will also focus its attention on retail buyers of industrial products. Yodse reduces time and efforts in the process of search for essential price and quality.

Ecosystem gives total transparency, excluding intermediaries and as a result reduces risks associated with the fail of delivery or incomplete delivery. Customers will have warranties for the goods from manufacturers and have a clear vision about terms of delivery, will be able to choose optimal terms of delivery and cargo insurance. Thus, Yodse will reduce time expenses for both sides of transaction while carrying out routine procedures connected with concluding contracts and following transaction support. Yodse minimizes paper work and bureaucracy and helps to avoid chain of intermediaries.

Token holders get an opportunity to:

  • pay for platform services;
  • take part in referral program and earn rewards;
  • pay for services and products with manufacturers and vendor services;
  • give token loans and get income in tokens;
  • improve the work of the ecosystem and expand its functionality;
  • to keep assets in secured accounts for sale at a more favorable rate, which will
  • grow by increasing the number of participants in the ecosystem;
  • encourage scaling of the project and real economy sector development;
  • promote project development, which combines economical efficiency and social partnership.
  • Social partnership will consist in cooperation not only manufacturers with customers, but also in attracting to the ecosystem other people who seem to be far from production, business, but whose talents and entrepreneurial activity can help both the project and its participants. For example, copywriters, community managers, marketers and students from South-East Asian may be of benefit to a small, unknown African or Latin American producer to enter their local markets by providing assistance within the framework of the skills and competencies in which they are strong. Both parties will have guarantees on fulfillment of obligations.  Ecosystem includes rating system for reliable customers, manufacturers and participants of social partnership projects.

Finally, we have a decentralized and transparent ecosystem that will raise industrial market segment to a new level due to socially useful marketing that will be provided by a direct communication between customer and manufacturer, excluding imposition of illusive values on the end-product and as a result we receive product improvement based on real consumer demands. This is an evolutionary transformation on the path to the perfect capitalism.

Pre-ICO is carried out from 23 April 2018 and to 06 May 2018 with 30% bonus available within the entire period of the Pre-sale.

ICO from 20 May 2018 to 30 July 2018
20% bonus from 20 May 2018 to 31 May 2018
15% bonus from 01 June 2018 to 15 June 2018
10% bonus from 16 June 2018 to 30 June 2018
5% bonus from 1July 2018 to 15 July 2018
3% bonus from 16 July 2018 to 30 July 2018

To get more information about the project and join 30% bonus token pre-sale please visit: https://yodse.io/

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