OSA DC Partners With Dalong Pay to Accept Fiat Payments

OSA DC has penned a partnership with DalongPay, a payment platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional currencies.

Founded in December 2016 with the goal of delivering convenient payment instruments to the emerging crypto community, DalongPay is a crypto-to-fiat payment system. It acts as an easily accessible bridge between fiat currencies and crypto currencies. The system allows its users to buy crypto online with bank cards, as it allows them to sell and swap crypto and fiat freely using the bank card and transfer between the two types of currencies using DalongPay’s system. DalongPay currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash.

Approximately 15%-20% of ICOs use fiat for contributions, while more than half of 2017s most successful ICOs accepted fiat during their token sales. The team believes that the service will be greatly beneficial to the OSA DC community, it’ll make purchasing OSA tokens easier and more convenient than ever before. It’s the first step OSA token sale participants can take towards become smart consumer’s on the OSA DC platform, as they’ll have easy access to liquidity and a sure-fire way to participate in the ecosystem even if they have no prior experience with cryptocurrencies.

“At OSA DC, we cater to the smart consumer, so it’s only natural that we’d want to provide every avenue possible for them to participate in the token sale,” Alex Isaiev, co-founder of OSA DC stated regarding the developments. “Now it’ll be easier for our community members to get involved with the project, opening up avenues for even more smart consumers to join us in our pursuit of a perfected retail experience.”

Building on its predecessor the OSA Hybrid Platform, OSA DC combines blockchain technology and cutting edger artificial intelligence to help retailers and manufacturers better manage their inventories. With OSA DC’s blockchain, producers and sellers can track their products with pinpoint accuracy, while its AI digital assistant will allow them to devise more precise business strategies and help retailers to manage stock-outs and inventory issues in real-time. Consumers will benefit from the platform, as well, utilizing its AI assistant to tailor shopping choices and to commit data to the network in exchange for OSA tokens.

At the moment, DalongPay applications for iOS and Android are already available for users. For companies wishing to conduct an ICO using DalongPay, the organization has developed an API for acquiring and instantly converting fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies.

You can learn more about OSA DC here and more about DalongPay here.

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