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Cosplay Token partners with blockchain-based digital identity management platform, SelfKey.

With the launch of their Crowdsale over the weekend, Cosplay Token partners with SelfKey, a self-sovereign identity system that is secure and efficient for participants to complete their Know Your Customer (KYC).

Participants to the Crowdsale will only need to set up their SelfKey ID once by providing their personal details and KYC documents such as a Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, Proof of Address or a Selfie.

According to SelfKey, “All data and documents are stored locally in your device – not in a SelfKey server or in the blockchain. No one has access to your information but you and it can never be shared without your consent.”

Cosplay Token will unlock the potential of the $45bn dollar industry as a payment currency and as a reserve for the creation of Player Coins within the community.

Together with SelfKey, Cosplay Token is set to create a safer and more trustworthy environment for everyone involved in the cosplay-sphere.

The Cosplay Token Crowdsale is now live until the 1st of September (23:59 UTC). All participants will be rewarded with a generous bonus of 10% until the 11th of August.

All participants to the Crowdsale will also be eligible for special bonuses after the ICO when they pre-select their desired vesting period, setting aside a portion of Cosplay Token (COT). The total amount of COT including bonuses will be distributed after the Crowdsale. The bonus structure is as follows:3 months: +10% bonus
6 months: +20% bonus
12 months: +30% bonus
24 months: +40% bonus

Therefore, it is far more rewarding to secure COT in a longer vesting period for more rewarding bonuses.

To find out more about Cosplay Token, visit and complete your KYC with SelfKey to join the whitelist. Join the community at and reach out to them at [email protected].

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