OBCIA Appoints FANTOM as Vice-Chairman of the Board

Open Blockchain Industry Association (OBCIA) has appointed FANTOM as Vice-Chairman of the board which include conglomerates like SK Telecom, Kakao, LG U+, Shinhan Bank and KEB Hana Bank.

OBCIA aims to find new engines of growth for the blockchain industry in Korea by promoting the application and utilization of blockchain technology. 

Other notable members of the OBCIA board include The Loop, MediBloc, Microsoft, IBM, Block O, Glosfer, and ETRI amongst many others.

In addition, OBCIA seeks to increase the utilization of blockchain technology and raise industrial competitiveness by establishing an open platform and forum to share information on blockchain research and development.

With goals to revitalise the blockchain industry, OBCIA will be an intermediary between companies and the government, proposing solutions and valuable opinions from the industry.

To add, OBCIA will serve as a business incubator, providing blockchain training events and the necessary support for organisations to thrive within the blockchain-sphere.

To date, OBCIA has received a high level of interest and participation from many companies, developers, researchers, students, and especially the government – interested in redesigning existing businesses and discovering new business opportunities through application and utilization of blockchain technology.

On the 12th of September 2018, OBCIA will be hosting the 2018 OBCIA Open Blockchain Seminar which will see more than 350 attendees from all sectors.

Amongst a panel of renowned speakers, CEO of FANTOM, Dr. Ahn will be speaking at the seminar which will run from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

To learn more about how FANTOM is making it easier and faster as well as lowering costs for businesses and consumers to make everyday transactions, visit: https://fantom.foundation/

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