Typerium: the app that aims to revolutionise content creation

UK-based blockchain start-up Typerium has revealed an app that it says will change the way content creation is done for everyone.

The app, available on the Apple App Store, is designed to enable users to create fantastic visual content that can be shared instantly on every digital platform.

Typerium will expand its offering in the future, but even v1 of the app offers the opportunity for creators to access sophisticated suites of photo and text editing options, more than 400 premium fonts from some of the best type foundries around and free access to more than half a million stock images.

There are also more than 40,000 professional-quality designed assets already available on the Typerium app, with more added every day.

Simplicity is also key to the Typerium platform: with it, you can share the assets you’ve created to every social media network with just one click.

Crucially, though, all this work is protected by Typerium using blockchain technology.

The app took more than two years of work to reach the point of a successful launch, but Alex Haigh, the founder of Typerium, feels the app could change the game completely for content creators.

“It’s been an extremely challenging 2 years,” he says, “however, I believe we now have a solid foundation to build on to compete with companies like Canva, who have concerned the market for too long.”

Ultimately, Typerium intends to facilitate the work of content creators with a whole blockchain-protected ecosystem where they can work and run their business. This means a social media network and marketplace as well as a distributed platform for content creation.

Alex Haigh again: “What we are ultimately setting out to build has never been done before. In these current times, it’s more important than ever to provide people with an opportunity to become self-sufficient without the need for reliance on huge corporations or marketplaces for their livelihood. This is the first crucial step towards creating a decentralised platform that has the potential to empower content-creators.”

With top-quality designs available, a look and feel that’s smooth and sophisticated, and an easy versatility and simplicity in its operation, the first iteration of the Typerium app looks to be off to a good start.

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