• The Blockchain Development Company (BCDC) is targeting regular investors with first token sale
  • 64 million tokens sold at presale & 125 million tokens sold at main sale, equating to £78m of BCDC Tokens
  • BCDC offers investors access to three projects via the BCDC Token: EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax
  • Tokens generate access to projects as well as their increased value

The Blockchain Development Company (BCDC – a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) has today announced that the countdown is on until the launch of its very first token sale. The company, via Blockchain, is offering investors the chance to purchase tokens which as well as increasing in value themselves, allows them access to three humanitarian projects: EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax.

The firm recognises that token sales are, at present, a challenging environment. However, with global law firm Clyde & Co as its counsel – who act for BCDC only – the firm wants to use this token sale to highlight the potential of this type of investment to a wider audience.

The process, as it is now, excludes traditional investors who may wish to take part in a token sale either because they “don’t know how to” due to a lack of technical skills in setting up a “wallet” or simply don’t want the hassle of setting something up.

Rather than exclude the 90% of traditional investors who do not want to have to go to this hassle, BCDC is building a Token Vault. The BCDC Token Vault will make it easy for those unfamiliar with blockchain technology to purchase BCDC Tokens in its token sale. The Vault will automatically store purchased BCDC Tokens and is accessible by a traditional and familiar online login screen/portal format. Each individual can then choose what to do with their tokens. BCDC’s token allow investors access to the BCDC investment projects whilst also accruing value themselves. The projects themselves produce ROI directly back to the investor, or alternatively, said investors can transfer them out when “wallets” become a little more consumer friendly.

BCDC is committed to showing the benefits of blockchain technology to traditional investors, whilst also sourcing investable projects that have a positive impact on the world. The business is the first of its kind to offer cryptocurrency investment products that facilitate community projects. These projects are EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax.

  • EcoChain – this is a blockchain based investment hub and central project comparison tool, which directly connects investors to renewable energy projects around the world, allowing them to gain long-term ROI.
  • RecycleToCoin – this project, currently under development, will see BCDC tokens actively reward recycling. The firm is in talks with national charitable organisations in the UK and will launch before the end of the year to allow consumer to trade in plastic and cans for BCDC tokens & eGift Cards.
  • FoodTrax – BCDC is passionate about enabling transparent supply chain management in the food industry. BCDC will offer an online and fraud-free tracking system from farm to store.

BCDC Tokens are access/utility tokens but BCDC believes investors will make strong, separate, returns on their investments via accessing EcoChain projects with them and thanks to the blockchain technology, are able to monitor their capital throughout.

They can also trust in BCDC’s commitment to transparency as a business. The partnership with Clyde and Co allows BCDC to be one of the leading blockchain companies when it comes to self-regulation. By bringing on a recognised team of legal experts in this field, as well as having the most stringent self-imposed KYC procedures available it will allow them to approach traditional investors who have been cautious to date.

Presale tokens are currently on sale to investors on the BCDC website, here, allowing investors the opportunity to receive a discount based on their purchase amount. At main sale, due to launch on November 21st and ending one week later, investors will be able to purchase 400 BCDC Tokens per ETH.

Gordon Cowan, CEO, BCDC, said: “Token sales have been a challenging environment for traditional investors. We recognise that we’re launching into a market with a troublesome reputation, but want to tackle it head on with the first genuine token sale with immediate investible initiatives. Too long, the benefits of a cryptocurrency investment has been the focus of specialist crypto investors – we believe general investors will be interested in our offer; and have simplified entry via our Token Vault where no digital wallet setup is necessary. We’re passionate about only investing in initiatives that use the money for good. We have developed the three projects, EcoChain, RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax, for that very reason. All three will make a positive difference to environmental and humanitarian issues and underline exactly what we want to do with this investment.”

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The first blockchain gambling machine with unlimited bonuses announced platform announced the launch of production of SmartBox gambling machines working on Ethereum smart-contracts with the implementation of new game mechanics, interesting for traditional players.

One of the main advantages of a new device is the possibility to receive unlimited bonuses not only from your own bets, but also from all subsequent bets made by other players. Transparency and honesty of this process are guaranteed by a smart-contract, which cannot be changed even by its owner, since the blockchain guarantees the permanence of data and the game code.

This is a completely new solution in the gambling industry, which has no analogues in the market, in which smart-contracts algorithms will be used to implement the traditional slot machines game process.

For the development of SmartBox software mechanics of already working game product SmartRoulette are used. This is European roulette, successfully launched by the platform at the beginning of the year, during ICO of which in just 3 days about $ 1,000,000 have been collected at the current exchange rate.
To date, SmartRoulette is a provably fair game in which the game process and random number generation are completely transparent and managed by smart-contracts, thereby achieving such competitive advantages as complete immutability of game mechanics and provably random result generation.

As an additional privilege, SmartRoulette users are given the right to become the platform co-owners and receive regular dividends from the project’s profit. RLT tokens are credited for each bet on the player’s account, and when tokens are accumulated, the player automatically begins to receive an interest on all active users’ bets. is one of the few blockchain projects, that in just six months of its existence fulfilled the submitted roadmap by 80%. 12 of the 15 tasks set at the very beginning of the platform launch, have been already done by the moment. The active platform development was slowed by the ETH rate growth, which led to the Ethereum network commission for processing one bet raise in price from several cents to several dollars.

Thus, with an average profitability of roulette on smart-contracts from a single bet (transaction) of 2.7%, the network commission before the growth of ETH rate ranged from 0.5 to 0.8%, which made it possible to accumulate profits and charge each player with project tokens, guaranteeing profit from all bets. The ETH rate growth led to the fact that the Ethereum network commission grew to several dollars and amounted to more than 3% of the minimum bet. This made the game process unprofitable, because in order to maintain its profitability, it was necessary to raise the minimum bet to several hundred dollars, so that the network commission from the bet amount fell below 2%, which is completely beside the purpose, since players ready to make minimum bets of hundreds of dollars almost do not exist.

The project team has always emphasized that they develop a solution not for advertising and pump, as it is now widely accepted in the market. But as a normal business, which must have an understandable, verifiable scheme for generating profits and an engineering model that guarantees the operational profitability of the project. After the last update of “Byzantium” on the Ethereum network, the transaction processing fee of the gambling smart-contract has dropped to a few cents and now is less than 0.5% of the minimum bet. In connection with this event renews the project active promotion and its access to the global market.

Unfortunately, now it is customary to earn on expectations in the market of smart-contacts developers. It’s like a demonstration of a machine that can move, and it’s presented as revolution and magic. However, the very fact that every mile of the car’s movement demands one liter of very expensive fuel, making the process of using such a machine economically unprofitable, the authors of the projects modestly omit.
Now consists of two online roulettes demonstrating daily activity and volumes. To date, RLT token holders have been already paid about $140,000 of dividends, the total number of bets has exceeded one and a half million, and the total turnover of only blockchain roulette reached 7088 ETH.

What are the prospects for such novelties in the global gambling market? According to the financial analysts’ forecasts, the annual industry volume will increase up to $59.79 billion by 2020. It means that the number of online casino players will grow along with the need for high-quality entertainment service that meets the standards of the gambling industry.

For any player, the question of fair game process, which excludes the possibility of fraud on the part of the casino, is in the first place, because only in this way you can expect the receiving of a prize that depends solely on the skill and luck of the user. Thanks to the new blockchain technology and smart-contracts, the deception of the player is completely excluded, which means that the development of this direction will be accompanied by a massive transfer of online players to casinos built on the basis of blockchain technology.

Considering that most players who want to give their choice to an honest casino is not familiar with the market, after the release of a new roulette version that does not require the system registration and the installation of third-party extensions, the founders decided to develop the real blockchain machines.

It is expected that the production of new gambling machines will not only positively affect the popularization of the project, but will also become a real breakthrough in the gambling market. already plans to launch a mass production of blockchain machines for the real gambling sector and conclude a number of agreements with major casinos around the world. The introduction of such a novelty in traditional gambling establishments will attract a lot of new visitors, who will have a chance to receive unlimited bonuses from all subsequent bets of other users by making a few bets, controlling the process remotely and having the opportunity to convert bonuses into real money.

In a gambling business, such a decision can significantly optimize transaction costs, which means that the process itself will become more accessible and attractive for a large number of people. This is explained by the competitively low transaction fees, which have decreased by tens of times after the recent Ethereum hard fork, which made the game cost-effective for both the operator and the player. After renewal the commission fell to 1-4 cents, so that all potential income of the casino and the investor becomes stable, and the game process – profitable.

All these advantages will be used in the SmartBox blockchain machines. An additional advantage will be the possibility of making deposits both with cash and a bank card. In the future, developers plan to connect the NFC contactless payment system.
A demonstration model of the gambling machine will be presented in the exhibition area of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which will be held from November 15 to 16, 2017 in Moscow. Already now pre-order of new blockchain terminals with the starting price of $4000 is available on the site

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Start-up from the heart of Berlin has pioneered decentralized mobile mining by combining blockchain with regenerative energy

envion logo blockchainStart-up from the heart of Berlin has pioneered decentralized mobile mining by combining blockchain with regenerative energy

Envion AG has created a technology for the first truly mobile data-center that uses low-priced local energy to mine a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). By harvesting locally available clean energy right at the source, envion can operate at lower costs than competitors and at the same time reduces the CO2 footprint of the blockchain industry. Envion aims at decentralizing the highly-concentrated mining market (China holds 80% in Bitcoin mining) and at bringing control of the market back to the users. That’s why envion gives 100% of its mining profits back to its community.

Current challenges in the energy and blockchain industries

The blockchain industry is suffering from an ever-increasing energy demand. This can mainly be explained by the fact that transactions take up high amounts of mostly fossil energy. At the same time, Envion sees an ever-increasing production of clean regenerative energy, which frequently gets lost due to maxed out energy grids. This results in locally available excess energy, as solar power plants produce overcapacities. These overcapacities can now efficiently be used by envion’s innovative mobile mining units.

Envion’s solutions

Envion has developed fully automated (“industry 4.0”), mobile mining units (MMU) inside standardized intermodal shipping containers that can be shipped to virtually any location in the world within days or weeks, decentralizing the blockchain infrastructure. Envion mobile mining units are designed and built to operate at remote locations near energy sources such as solar plants, wind turbines or hydropower plants. This allows envion to make use of energy overcapacities in a profitable setting. The mobility of the MMU furthermore allows for targeted placement of the units at sites requiring thermal energy and can be used for heating. This way, envion recycles energy consumed in the MMU for external heating purposes in buildings or greenhouses and achieves revolutionarily low electricity prices.

Envion’s MMUs can be integrated into a smart grid and flexibly move energy demand closer to energy supply and hence, take the burden off the grid.

Investment opportunities

Envion’s ambitious goal is to have the lowest cost structure in the blockchain mining industry. By combining GPU-based mining with ASIC mining, investors in EVN tokens receive a 161% ROI after administrative deductions, according to envion’s whitepaper. Its unique position as the only truly mobile mining operation combined with a tested, optimized and streamlined technology puts them among the top players, even in this highly competitive market – but with considerably lower risks involved. The key aspect here is that, following a community-approach, 100% of mining profits will directly go to the EVN token holder community. 75% of this will be distributed to token holders on a weekly basis, the remaining 25% will be re-invested in MMUs to keep on growing the profits for the community. The pioneering company does not stop here, however, they construct and operate mobile mining units for third party operations as well. This means that third party investors acquire envion hardware, while 35% of these profits go directly to EVN token holders.

Altogether this looks like the best way to invest into the high dividend blockchain industry and at the same time minimize risks as envion is not dependent on a single market player.

The investment period (ICO) starts Dec. 1st, 2017. Visit for more information.

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Krypton Capital Invests in Gladius — Will Help with Product Development and Market Expansion

We’re are very excited to announce that Krypton Capital, a blockchain specialized investment fund, has decided to invest heavily and partner up with Gladius. Additionally they have made a large purchase of tokens. Their large investment will help us develop our technology in a much quicker time frame.

Krypton Capital has become a part of the Gladius team and long-term strategic growth partner. Additionally they will be providing Gladius with a number of key resources to help with company growth including:

  • Cybersecurity experts well versed in the DDoS and CDN industries
  • Development team experienced with blockchain solutions
  • Global data centers with extremely high traffic and throughput
  • Connections to large enterprises and national governments for future partnerships

Founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya says that “This is one of our best investments, we believe in the team and the product. Gladius utilizes the Blockchain as solution for serious online problem.”

This deal marks a key milestone in the Gladius journey and the future is looking brighter than ever before. With all of the resources Krypton is bringing to the table, our project is gaining a significant edge in the industry.

And as a reminder, the Gladius token sale is currently in presale phase, with the public presale beginning November 24th and a hardcap of 12.5M. Be sure to register now for the whitelist!

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The First Gas Station to Accept Crypto

Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company PEMEX, will accept Ethereum at participating gas stations starting December 1st, 2017. Franchisee owners will launch the pilot using Beluga Pay’s mobile point of sale system that is currently in private beta.

PEMEX is one of the world’s largest non-publicly traded companies, has over 100,000 employees and enjoys a virtual monopoly over exploration and gas pumps across Mexico.

“We are proud to integrate cryptocurrency payments within such an established business as PEMEX and by 2018, Beluga tokenholders will be able to share the fees on our platform ” says Beluga Pay CEO, Alejandro Avila.

Beluga Pays Goals During the Pilot

Our goal with the pilot is to have sufficient data and customer feedback to present to key decision makers at PEMEX for a full-scale implementation.

Additional pilot details:

  • The PEMEX Pilot starts on December 1, 2017 with one gas station using Beluga Pay. The gas station is open 24 hours a day and can be found here.
  • Beluga Pay plans to have 5 gas station using Beluga Pay by the end of January 2018.
  • Beluga Pay is targeting to onboard over 100 gas stations using Beluga Pay.

Overview on PEMEX

PEMEX was founded in 1938 and is the state-owned petroleum company that has a virtual monopoly on petroleum exploration and gas stations in Mexico.
In 2006, Financial Times reported PEMEX having assets of $415B USD (source: PEMEX employs over 100,000 people in Mexico.

Deal Mechanics with PEMEX Gas Stations

Beluga Pay CEO, Alejandro Avila, at the first PEMEX station to accept ETH in Mexico.

Beluga Pay is working directly with franchisee owners. Below are additional details on pilot specifics:

A risk of working directly with franchisee owners in a bottom-up approach is that we will need more sales people to educate stakeholders. On the positive side, we can acquire direct customer feedback from franchisee owners and implement product updates faster versus a top-down approach.

Most PEMEX gas stations already use a third party processor and this pilot would only be able to help users transact with cryptocurrency.

Beluga Pay will be doing all the settlement instantly directly with the franchisee owners. At first, Beluga Pay will have a cash reserve with the merchant, in this case the merchant carries little to no risk.

Since this is the first pilot of its kind we are acting as the guarantor of the transaction and providing instant fiat payments to the franchisee owners (merchants).

As the merchants see the system working and trust the process we can offer various forms of payments and direct settlements.

Why PEMEX Needs the Blockchain

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”. -Kurt Cobain
PEMEX is state-owned and accounts for a large part of Mexico’s income, we believe these funds flowing in a transparent manner will benefit Mexican citizens.

We believe that if we are able to make inroads with franchisee owners and PEMEX we could be in a position to provide transparency on all funds (FIAT, Cash and Crypto) being processed by PEMEX.

Source: VICE News

PEMEX loses between $5B–10B in petroleum theft annually. VICE has a good documentary monitoring the situation. Blockchain could help to control and monitor the supply and ensure that reporting discrepancies do not happen.

Next stop: Global

We are humbled to see over 50 countries and 1,800 registered buyers already participating in our tokensale and the amount of interest generated to take our product global from United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Panama, Brazil, Egypt and more.

We are already in partnership discussions with several banking partners and merchants who would like to use Beluga Pay products as their point of sale system in several different parts of the world.

Beluga Pay believes that financial inclusion starts with merchants accepting multiple payment options- including FIAT, Crypto and Credit — all in one mobile point of sale system.

The Beluga Pay pre-sale is live with a 20% bonus

Meet the Beluga Pay Family


Please follow and like us: Announces Strategic Technical Alliance with Financial Technology Giant Modulus in Support of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives logo11 November 2017, Zug Switzerland highly anticipated ICO, announced it has licensed advanced technology from Modulus, a leading provider of financial technology products for over 20 years. Modulus has provided its services to The Nasdaq Stock Market, Microsoft, and Google, amongst many other top names, in addition to millions of individual investors and traders around the world.

The arrangement provides the ability to tap into Modulus’ expertise and innovative technology as it completes the build out of its platform & exchange. From a Modulus standpoint, it allows them to support’s team which includes expertise in blockchain & artificial intelligence.

Richard Gardner, Founder & CEO of Modulus on the partnership, “The general trend in the financial industry is undoubtedly moving towards blockchain technology. We were impressed with’s experience and approach in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing, all of which align with the core competencies of Modulus.”

Charles Voltron, Chief Technology Officer at commented, “In working with Modulus previously on a few projects, I can vouch for the fact they are best of breed in terms of financial
technology and innovation, and our entire development team is excited to be working with their company going forward” Voltron concluded, “While blockchain development in finance has grown by leaps and bounds, we’re still in its infancy stage, and is becoming more and more one of the preeminent firms in this space.”’s pre-ICO has begun and will run until November 25th, with the ICO starting November 28th until December 15th. Visit to sign up for more information.

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The Blockchain Era of Swiss Private Wealth Management

SwissBorg – Wealth management solution of tomorrow owned by Community

In the near future, the Asset Management industry will go through disruptive changes and transformation, once bankers unlock the full potential of the Blockchain.

Today, SwissBorg reinventing the way the Wealth Management ecosystem works, by leveraging the Ethereum Network to build a democratic Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. The project will provide cyber-secure financial services operating in Switzerland, Canada and Japan through a digital branchless platform.

“Blockchain technology will be a massively disruptive force in the Financial Sector in the coming years. It will increase competition, improve services, access to information and reduce national barriers and transaction costs. Our mission is to create a Wealth management solution that offers democratic financial services (it is possible to invest from 1 CHF) accessible to anyone from anywhere at any time in the world”- Cyrus Fazel, Founder, CEO.

Main highlights:

1. SwissBorg: the DAO that will issue the CHSB Token, which will give token holder voting and economic rights over the Swiss Cooperative. Token holders are entitled to receive revenues generated by the DAO;
2. Cryptallion: the 1st products is Multi-strategy Token Hedge fund giving participants exposure to advanced investment strategies in cryptocurrencies with a competitive fee structure. The Cryptallion (CSB) Token will be 100% distributed to the network;

3. The Smart Mandate: an Investment Mandate encoded in a Smart Contract. Each client has its own customizable, transparent Smart Mandate that allows collaborating with several Financial Advisors hands-down. The Client can configure their wealth management requirements and investment strategies;

4. Cyborg Advisor: sophisticated investment strategies with the best technological tools based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, helping holistically manage your assets with ease.

The main goal to innovate the Wealth management solution by implementing highly secure, transparent and customizable investment solutions.

SwissBorg is currently in a fundraising phase and is preparing for its ICO starting November 21st.

SwissBorg is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

For more information on the project or to stay up to date, go to

Please check our WhitePaper:

You can also find us on our official Telegram Channel here:
Contact Email Address:

Please follow and like us: – The Future of Funding is AI-driven, Decentralized, and Incentivized

“Everyone wants to fund promising companies. DropDeck wants to remove the barriers that keep average funders away from the greatest opportunities,” said the CEO Alon Vo, “There are a lot of existing platforms for you to do that, but we want to build your favorite one. DropDeck is the one-stop shop that changes the way people fund companies worldwide.”

More and more companies are running ICOs, mostly operating overseas. Doing due diligence and verifying sources can be challenging. Some platforms rate and rank ICOs, but how the ratings are made, what they are based on, and by whom are often a blackbox. DropDeck seeks to fix this problem..

DropDeck prioritizes inclusion and decentralizes the funding process to the extreme. Anyone can participate in funding, searching for promising companies, evaluating people, performing due diligence, and enforcing repayment. A.I. algorithms are utilized to rate and rank all participants. The consensus mechanism makes sure only the best performing ones are eligible for participation and reward. Token rewards and smart contracts incentivize all participants to do their best to fund companies and reward funders. In the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition, DropDeck earned recognition and support from world-class AI experts, and made findings in complementing AI applications with blockchain features.

The market for funding ICOs, startups, and SMEs is over $300 billion. As capital flows into the DropDeck economy, the token value will increase exponentially. Up to half of the revenue in tokens will be burned, increasing the token value by depleting the total supply. Also the team and advisors have been working with 15 exchanges to guarantee token liquidity.

After substantial interest, DropDeck quickly sold out the private sales with no marketing, raising 3,300 ETH.

To participate in the Whitelist Presale and Crowdsale, supporters are required to register by November 20th (13:00 UTC) at

Please stay tuned on Bitcointalk ANN Thread, Bounty Campaign, Medium, Telegram, Twitter or Facebook, and register for our newsletter on

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White Papers
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—-(End of Press Release)

NAME: Alon Vo
Telegram: alonmust

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Bitcoin surges to record high after developers halt SegWit2x proposal

  • Bitcoin was scheduled to upgrade mid November following SegWit2x proposal
  • Major bitcoin developers dropped their support for the upgrade
  • Developers behind SegWit2x announced today they are calling off plans

The Bitcoin block size increase has been suspended after the organisers behind the scaling proposal called off the attempt earlier today.

The news surged Bitcoin to a record high of $7737 with altcoins also seeing a rise in price.

segwit2x bitcoin

Mike Belshe, the CEO of BitGo who was one of the leaders of the SegWit2x proposal announced today that the proceeding could divide the Bitcoin community and set back its growth.

“Unfortunately, it is clear that we have not built sufficient consensus for a clean blocksize upgrade at this time. Continuing on the current path could divide the community and be a setback to Bitcoin’s growth. This was never the goal of Segwit2x.”

You can read the full email here.

Segwit2x gained early support from startups and mining pools who seeked to increase the block size this month.

The email was also signed by other notable figures pushing for Swgwit2x – Mike Belshe, Wences Casares, Jihan Wu, Jeff Garzik, Peter Smith and Erik

Although the increase has been halted for now, the group aims to increase the block size at a later date with more support.

Did you miss the news as it broke? Monitor the Bitcoin news as it happens using our real-time app.

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How many Bitcoins for a Pizza? Papa John’s now accepting Bitcoin

Pizza delivery restaurant chain Papa John’s now offers customers the option to pay using Bitcoin at their Manchester City Centre store.

The American based company operates as a franchise so it’s not yet clear if other franchisees are rolling out the new payment method but this is definitely a promising start.

This isn’t the first time Papa John’s and pizza made the headlines, back in 2010 a developer named Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two Pizzas in exchange for 10,000 Bitcoins which was worth just $25 at the time but at todays exchange rate $70 million dollars!

The price of one Bitcoin is now around $7,000 or £5411.

If you fancy paying for your next Margarita in Bitcoin then head down to Papa John’s on Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN.

papa johns bitcoin manchester
Credit Source: Twocanpocket
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