Crypto broker LH-Crypto has collected $2,500,000 during the pre-ICO


Today has started the ICO of the project LH-Crypto, the first Forex broker that will work fully on the cryptocurrency. During the Pre-ICO was collected $ 2 555 426 and was determined the price of the token LHC and it is $0.128.

According to the mechanism of the sale of the tokens, every week the tokens LHC will become more expensive – so on the ICO  the price of the token was $0.1352 (5% higher than  pre-sale price). During the second week of the sale the price of the token will increase in comparison with the pre-ICO by 10%, during the third by 15%, and finally in the last week of sale by 21%. Thus, the company motivates investors to invest at an earlier stage. However, in the case of the crypto-broker it is really beneficial as early investors participate in the program Early Bird. Here, as elsewhere, those who buy tokens at the beginning pay less and those who buy in the end – pay more, that’s just the smart contract is set up so that with higher prices in the next step the difference is divided between the early participants.

All the project investors receive a guarantee of return of the token at +20% annually: if the tokens’ value will not be equal to “nominal + 20%”, the company will pay the missing funds into personal account of investors. This amount can be used for trade or immediately withdrawn.

And the main thing of the project is the monthly income which receive holders from operating activities. Regular crediting of funds to client’s personal account with a debit card on the brokerage account carries a high commission, but the transfer of cryptocurrencies doesn’t have such a cost. That’s why the company has decided to save 5% monthly from all incoming payments and at the end of the month to transfer them to the holders of the tokens.

LH-Crypto is  the project of the company Larson & Holz  which is broker with a 13 years of history. Why has a successful international broker decided to enter the cryptocurrency market? First of all, it will allow to solve the problem of mutual settlements with other countries, primarily with China, India, Arab countries, where the currency legislation considerably differs from the European one. Second, the “hype” around cryptocurrency is attracting to the market new and new people. Individuals who are interested in increasing their capital and in speculating. It expands the client base. Thirdly, the use of cryptocurrencies allows to avoid the territorial and legal constraints, including lengthy and complex process for obtaining licenses, and the limits of financial regulators will not have such a large value. And finally, the use of cryptocurrency helps to reduce transaction costs in 6 times up to 1%, which will attract more people.

To participate in the ICO LH-Crypto:


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The world’s first blockchain investment option in the oil and gas sector

With the development of the blockchain technology and possibility of creating your own tokens and cryptocurrencies, there are many fields that want to improve their work by connecting to the blockchain. This technology is not only limited to computer programs, apps and platforms. ODMCoin project want to benefit from blockchain, while operating in an industrial area.

Oil drilling mud

ODMCoin want to explore the oil and gas sector. The company will set up facilities for oil drilling mud, which is a mixture of both oil products and soil and ground particles. Over $1,000,000 was invested in research and development of technologies for processing these muds and extracting raw materials that can be used for building, electricity and fuel. Another distinctive feature is the development of unique process that lets recycle the mud right on the working side, without any need for special storage and transportation to recycling factories. Not only the project aims to just obtain these products, but it’s all done with the idea of clean and safe for environment improvements in industrial field. Usually, such companies care only about profits, while ODMC wants to introduce innovative production technology with ecological environment in mind.

It’s also worth noting, that this project’s whitepapers are very detailed, and explain from the technical but also easily understandable the whole process of drilling the mud and the technologies used for it. This for sure acts as a huge advantage and shows to the potential investors that ODMCoin know exactly what they are doing.

Clean Country

While we are at the environmental aspects of the project, ODMCoin want to be a part of the Clean Country project, which is a high priority Russia project, officially accepted and implemented by the government. But taking into consideration the problems with oil mud storage that other countries struggle with too, the project may become a solution of environmental issues in the whole world.

Blockchain Industrial Club

One of the main features and benefit for a token holder, will be a membership in a Blockchain Industrial Club, possibly the first of its kind, that will connect companies focused on revolutionizing the industrial business with the help of the blockchain technology. They will develop their own tokens, which will give a right to receive company’s profits. BIC is a platform to regulate the interaction among participants of the ODMCoin project and token holders and it mutual work on the development and prosperity of the project. As an advantage acts the fact that it is developed to make secure transactions with the help of smart contracts and escrow agents.

Product for investors

To strengthen the promise that the holder of the token, by supporting the project financially on the very early stages of the development, becomes also in a way a co-owner of the company. ODMC is taking it rather seriously and are ready to share the drilled products directly with the investor. Each investor has a possibility to receive the finished products like oil, gas or construction materials. This may encourage even big corporation, which are related to the trade of such products to invest in ODMC, leading to a very successful ICO phase.

ODMC Token

ODMCoin will be Ethereum based, meaning you can store it with your other ICO coins in most of Ethereum wallets. It will be directly related to the drilling project and profits of the company, but also it’s worth noting that this token can be used to possibly bigger project, which is Blockchain Industrial Club, as BIC token also gives a right to receive 20% club profits and 80% from industrial company profits, which holder has a token for.
Also to maintain the prosperity of the token’s price, ODMCoin will buyback a particular amount every month.


The pre-ICO phase has already ended and turned out to be rather successful. ODMCoin have raised and met the goals they had set. These funds will be mainly used for the preparation of the final ICO phase, the whole marketing and PR campaigns and any other expenses of the early preparation stage. The main ICO phase stars on the 1st December, 2017 and will last a month, ending on the last day of 2017. With these funds, the team will be able to start fully developing the projects just from the very beginning of 2018.

The team

ODMC team is Russian based. It especially focuses on specialists to deal with the management and technical side of the whole drill mining process. Also there are experienced international advisers, like Ludmila Golubkova (Managing partner of Starta Capital and Starta Capital Accessor Fund), supporting the team.

Final Thoughts

The project has an advantage of focusing on real assets and direct work. ODMCoin team seem to know a lot about the whole technical process of drilling and have the environment’s safety in mind at the same time.

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29 November 2017, Zug Switzerland is delighted to announce that it is funding two post-doctoral seats at the University of Nicosia to focus on advanced research in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  Specifically, will be supporting post-doctoral research at the University of Nicosia in the areas of 1) Distributed Ledger Technology, with a specific focus on side-chains and cross-chain interoperability, and 2) smart token corporate governance best practices and implementation.
With this important initiative, demonstrates its commitment to improving the state-of-the-art in the DLT field by supporting high caliber academic staff to pursue topics that will improve the functionality, interoperability, and  governance of blockchain technologies. CEO, Jim Preissler said of the agreement, “Without a doubt, this is a major development for us, in that it provides with access to some of the brightest and most innovative minds in blockchain and digital currency.  The University of Nicosia has embraced blockchain technology since 2013, being the first to accept bitcoin for tuition and to publish academic certificates on the blockchain”. Preissler continued: “They were also the first university in the world to offer coursework and an accredited academic degree program in this field (MSc in Digital Currency) and are considered a global leader in academia in this area.

Antonis Polemitis, CEO of University of Nicosia, remarked on the collaboration, “We very much welcome and commend’s willingness to fund and support technical research in some of the most interesting (and difficult) topics in Distributed Ledger Technology.  We are deeply interested in further research and development in these areas that will benefit the whole community and field at large.  Given the rapid growth of value being transacted globally on blockchains, it is critical that firms in this field contribute, both financially and technically, to basic academic research in the technologies that underpin this new field.”
The call for post-doctoral researchers under this program will be open on December 4th at: is building a blockchain-based trading platform for cryptocurrency and traditional financial assets.   More information about can be found at:

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is one of the leading comprehensive universities in southern Europe with over 12,000 students.  More information about the University of Nicosia can be found at:

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The Abyss Digital Distribution Platform To Collaborate With Game Developers And Players

The Abyss is a digital distribution platform which aims to revitalize the growing video game industry by providing gamers and developers with earnings incentives and a platform that will boost community growth.

Developers have become focused too much on sales. Tons of marketing expenditures are necessary to get a product out there. And this process has started to impact the actual game development cycle. Developers are starting to increasingly compete with each other over marketing reach rather than the actual product.

The platform provides developers with a load of analytical tools that can be used to study their target audience, maximize sales, and decrease marketing expenses. User statistics tools and info about ARPU, MAU, ROI, LTV, and others will be readily available.

Developers can also utilize the platform’s internal CPA Network for traffic driving purposes. The network will provide game developers with the option to purchase and sell quality traffic for different games as well as to promote projects using platform advertisements, banner ads, and user newsletters.

The Abyss also uses a motivational referral and reward system for players and developers.

The referral system is split into five levels. A third of The Abyss platform income will be allocated to the referral program: the first level will receive 40%, the third and second – 20%, fourth and fifth – 10% from the allocated sum

Game Developer Platform Benefits

Game developers will be provided with a plethora of tools that they can utilize to earn greater profits while marketing their projects, and keeping costs low. Additionally, the platform supports bi-currencies. Meaning that developers can earn ABYSS tokens and fiat currencies for their work too.

The platform also allows developers to carry out crowdfunding campaigns in order to bring their projects to their final state. Beta and Alpha versions of games can also be launched, with analytical and support services available all day. Free promos are also available, such as homepage ads and banners.

Platform Gamer Benefits

Players will be able to earn rewards for the referrals and their activities on the platform. In-game auction will also be available, through which gamers can boost their ROI. Players can also join syndicates (Masternodes) and earn even more profits by playing together.

The platforms UI and client are also flexible and loaded with features, like screenshotting, video recording, frequent performance updates, LAN support, and a wide scope of client settings for convenience purposes.

Growth And Demand Of ABYSS Tokens

ABYSS tokens will be needed for in-game transactions and transfers as well as to take advantage of the platforms functional tools. Such as the internal CPA Network for marketing purposes, motivational reward and referral system. The Abyss also supports bi-currencies, meaning that transactions can be made in fiats and ABYSS tokens. ABYSS tokens are needed to support most of the platform’s functionality. Thus, demand will be on a constant rise in proportion to the platform’s growth.

The Abyss Token Sale

The Abyss Pre-Sale is set to start on the 29th of November, 2017, and continue until the 1st of December, 2017. The minimum buy-in price during the Pre-Sale is 5 ETH, early birds will also receive a 25% bonus. Tokens will be available at 2500 ABYSS = 1 ETH. BTC is also accepted.

The main Token Sale will start on the 12th of December and go on until the 24th of January, 2018.The minimum entry price for the main Token Sale will be 0,1 ETH. With bonuses provided as follows:

1st Sale day +15% (tokens)

2-4 Sale Days +10% (tokens)

5-20 Sale Days +5% (tokens)

Additionally, players who participate in both Pre-Sale or main Token Sale will enjoy a lifetime increased income from payments made by their referrals.


Every payment from:

5 ETH will provide +50% for the 1st referral level (“my friends”)

25 ETH will provide +50% for all other referral levels (“friends of my friends” etc.)


Every payment from:

20 ETH will provide +50% for the 1st referral level

100 ETH will provide +50% for all other referral levels

A code will need to be provided to and used by players to activate and claim this bonus during the registration process. Be careful though, as the code can only be used once, and then it becomes tied to the designated e-mail address for good.

To find out more about the project, visit The Abyss official website:

Read their Whitepaper:

Or e-mail The Abyss team:


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indaHash is to Revolutionize the Influencer Marketing Industry

The award-winning online platform indaHash is taking a step forward for the influencer marketing industry and setting a new trend in the sphere of digital marketing.

indaHash, an automated online platform connecting more than 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with globally popular brands, is ready to revolutionize the digital marketing world with the introduction of its own indaHash Coins (IDH).

indaHash Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment method which can be used by social media influencers, their audiences and brands. All payments within the platform are made in the form of IDH tokens, as opposed to cash or fiat currencies.

The main goal of the award-winning app is to tokenize the influencer industry as a solution to major issues and challenges between brands, influencers and their audiences. The upcoming ICO is to change the form of communication between the mentioned parties by making it easier, faster and more effective.

Brands will be able to start or develop their cooperation with influencers much easier than it was before, influencers will have an opportunity to work with brands and further develop their audience reach, and audiences, in their turn, will be engaged into closer relations with brands and influencers they follow.

indaHash has stated on the official web-site:

“indaHash Coin will become the world-standard currency for settling all influencer activities reflecting the value of the growing market. With the introduction of the indaHash Coin we want to tokenize the influencer marketing world and solve a wide range of issues and challenges between influencers, brands and fan bases.”

Apart from simply connecting influencers to popular brands, indaHash Coin has some other breakthrough features, which have been unheard of until now. This new crypto-payment system will enable influencers to create their own cryptocurrencies and use personalized tokens to reward their audiences, who can then exchange them for unique interactions and physical goods from influencers. This will significantly improve the relationship between digital celebrities and their fans, and provide influencers with higher level of audience engagement and greater popularity.

Another revolutionizing feature offered by indaHash is called “Pay-With-Fame” which will enable smaller companies to compete with giant players on the market. With “Pay-With-Fame” option, brands can offer discounted products and services to the most desired influencers in order to get reviews and have more posts made from them. It will have double-win effect – companies will be able to sell more products and services spending less money on advertisement, and influencers will have an opportunity to get various offers from brands, including exclusive and limited edition products, events and workshops.

The pre-ICO officially begins in a few days, on November 8, 2017. The participants will have a chance to enjoy a bonus for early adoption. During the pre-sale period 80% (320 million IDH) of all coins (400 million IDH) will be available. A cap of 400 000 000 indaHash Coins will be created and, depending on the time of registration, the price it will vary from 4480IDH to 3200IDH for 1 ETH with a hardcap, depending on bonuses and ETH value, from $22,100,000 – $31,000,000.

The start of the main ICO is set on November 29. The company has stated that it is envisioned to have the possibility of trading with tokens after finishing the process of the ICO on various trading platforms.

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Neuromation’s token presale far exceeds all expectations, earns 1,5 mln USD.

San Francisco, USA November 28, 2017: Distributed synthetic data platform for AI applications Neuromation, announces extension of the white list presale until January 1st, 2018.

Public token sale will start January 7th and finish on 15th of February.

Neuromation’s first goal of 2,000 ETH has been surpassed with over 4 mln Neurotokens (NTK) distributed to whitelisted participants.

Neuromation finalised its partnership deal with GigaWatt, reaching its intermediate goal of 40,000 GPU’s dedicated for knowledged mining.

Neuromation will also accept other altcoins; such as Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Neo and Zcash during the public sale process, allowing all potential investors to buy in.

Neuromation expects to release the first version of its platform earlier than anticipated, and will update the terms of SAFT participants with new dates.

Previously, Neuromation reported partnerships with on blockchain security and OSA HP contracted Neuromation for the production and labelling of synthetic images for the retail industry valued at 7 mln USD.

Neuromation’s CEO, Maxim Prasolov, says: “Our platform development is exceeding expectations of the original schedule. We will release the first iteration of the Neuromation platform at the end of our token sale in February 2018”.

Neuromation is a technology platform that creates synthetic learning environments for deep learning of neural networks. These simulations are then used for training better algorithms.

We are building a platform of distributed computing for creating artificial worlds where AI algorithms are trained on simulated sensory input. These synthetic worlds also have a virtually infinite supply of perfectly labeled training data. AI plays, as with video games, in order to learn specific real-world tasks.

Our technology is crucial to making Deep Learning-based systems useful as they are taken up by industry in the real world. With Neuromation, the future has arrived, in which computers teach computers to perceive.
Neuromation is the first client of it’s own distributed computing network. We have developed “Neuromation Labs” that create synthetic data and train deep learning models on live applications.

○ Retail Lab
In our retail lab we have partnered with OSA HP ( and ECR ( to supply 170,000 item synthetic retail data set for Eastern Europe. The contract potential is over 7 mln USD over 18 months time frame. Here is an example of the model deployment on a mobile device:

○ Medical Devices Lab
In our medical devices lab we have partnered with MonBaby (, a leading infant tracking technology provider, to create a smart camera to augment their existing offering. The camera will be tracking motion of the child and giving their caretakers valuable analytics.

Neuromation will be receiving a revenue share from each sold device. Revenue potential is 2M+ euros over the next few years.

The Neurotoken presale was launched on October, 25th,, just after the announcement of the partnership with Hacken, aimed at auditing and improving the security of the code and cloud infrastructure.In addition to this, TaaS fund also partnered with Neuromation. Tokens issued during the pre-ICO phase will be offered with a 25 percent bonus in Neurotokens for investors who register through the whitelist.

The Token sale will be held on November 28, 2017 – January 1, 2018. The total amount of placement is 60,000,000 Neurotokens, with a capital target of around $17M. No additional tokens will be issued afterwards, and all unsold tokens will be burned.

Previous publications:
– 250,000 USD granted to start-ups in d10e Investor’s Conference
– ICO Rating ranked Neuromation as “Positive” and recommended its tokens for purchase at the ICO stage.
-Hacked: ICO Analysis by Hacked
– CoinSpeaker: Neuromation Won a Prize on d10e in Gibraltar
TaaS Fund Backs Up Neuromation, The Universal Marketplace Of Neural – Network Development
Partnership between Neuromation & Hacken seeks to stomp out blockchain cybercrime
Neuromation names David Orban as advisor

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trade.io27 November 2017, Zug, Switzerland, has announced the launch of its partnership with HitBTC Exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, exceeding upwards of half a billion in daily volume, and operating since 2014.

Having just finished a PRE-ICO period which resulted in well over $10M in funding, is proud to provide its loyal contributors with this added value partnership, demonstrating the company’s continued intent to cooperate with the highest calibre participants in the blockchain field. will announce shortly when the Trade Token (or TIO, which is how it will be listed on the HitBTC exchange), will start trading. TIO will trade against the counters, Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH)

On the listing, CEO, Jim Preissler commented, “ pledged at a very early stage to Trade Token holders to be listed on a major exchange within 30 days following the ICO. To have the ability to announce a listing on such a respected exchange like HitBTC even before the start of ICO, is very gratifying. We owe all of our success thus far to our amazing community and am happy to be able to provide this news to them.”

HitBTC CPO Paul Clarkson commented, “It’s no secret that HitBTC is extremely selective in the tokens & coins we list, we have strict criteria and require an extensive amount of due diligence prior to extending an offer. has proven to be a trusted partner and we are pleased to list TIO, and start a long-term relationship.”

According to, is currently the 5th most successful ICO in terms of Ethereum contributions. With PRE-ICO now over, the ICO is due to begin on December 5th.
Find out more by visiting

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SOLA ICO: Next generation decentralized social platform

Sola is a decentralized social network that spreads users content imitating the viral distribution model and pays them for it. It works on user-hosted distributed nodes, IPFS and Ethereum blockchain.


The first phase of the project was launched in 2014 under the name “Plague” to research new methods of spreading information. The second phase, called “Sola” (social layer), implements business model and decentralization.

Sola is a mobile-first product with more than 650,000 users (for a comparison, Steemit have 430,000 users) with iOS and Android apps and a desktop web client.


– Sola doesn’t use the concept of following. It imitates the viral distribution model and spread user’s content among the entire user base depending on neutral AI logic combined with users reactions;
– Solid and stable revenue streams based on advertising, user payments and transaction commissions;
– Sola splits its revenue with users, providing strong financial incentive to use service and create quality content
– Decentralized architecture makes Sola immune to blocking, censorship and keeps costs low.
– Open for 3rd-party developers to improve core service and build external services using Sola architecture, audience, and payment layer powered by SOL, a utility token with a monetary function



The token sale will be held from November 27 till December 22.

Why this deal is a rare opportunity:

– The product is live and already used by more than 650 000 users;
– The token sale kick-start a monetization model that will accelerate the growth of user base;
– A very reasonable valuation. We have raised a couple of investment rounds from traditional VCs, and we are perfectly aware of pitfalls of the high valuation that leave no space for growth and future funding rounds.
– Because of this, our hard cap is just $5M; as with traditional venture funding, we are ready to grow together with the service and raise later funds demonstrating our progress, contrary to typical “raise as much as you can” model.
– The team consist of 10 people (7 are high-skilled engineers with a background in high-load systems, AI, and decentralized services), most of the team had worked together since 2011 when the company was established to create innovative social technology services, the product was launched late 2014. Our headquarters are in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are audited annually by KPMG.
– We have high-profile venture investors on Board (Igor Matsanuyk, the founding partner of IMI.VC and Gregory Finger, the founding partner of Digital Sky Technologies, both are early investors) and actively involved high-profile advisors on Advisory Board (Mike Brusov, Founder at Cindicator, who have successfully raised $15M with one of the most transparent token sales on the market and Ronny Boesing, the founder of Open Ledger, the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate).

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The Solution to IoT Payments Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry has been growing at a rapid pace as more IoT-enabled devices get released onto the market. IoT has been touted as the next great evolution of technology, often only found in futuristic science fiction films until recently. Imagine all your electronically devices being seamlessly connected and interacting with each other. We’re in the early stages of this technology, and it’s now just starting to become a reality.

However there are a couple critical issues that developers must solve in order to take IoT to the next level: An effective platform for IoT payments combined with IoT security.

HDAC (Hyundai digital asset curency) offers a solution to both these problems. A payment platform for IoT-enabled devices that can operate effectively at scale without human interaction is a necessity for the IoT industry. However, security of the IoT ecosystem is equally as important. If a hacker gains access to your IoT platform, they would then be able to control all of your IoT connected devices: cell phones, computers, appliances, thermostats, vehicles, and finances.

HDAC’s IoT Payment Network

In order for an IoT payment platform to be effective, it’s essential that it be able conduct a high volume of transactions quickly, cheaply, and securely without human intervention. They need to be able to handle machine-to-machine microtransactions as the number of IoT-enabled devices increases and the number of machine-to-machine transactions overshadows the number of human-to-human transactions.

HDAC has a solution specifically designed to meet all these problems through a public-private hybrid blockchain solution which combines the payment guarantees associated with public blockchains with the superior scalability and privacy associated with a private blockchain.

HDAC’s IoT Security Solution

The current solutions to security such a 2FA and biometrics recognition are far from perfect. While the majority of the time biometric recognition does work, it fails far too often for it to be considered a secure solution. Even a small failure rate has massive consequences when such failures occur. A single failure could result in the loss of all of your finances, or a hacker could cause your self-driving car to accelerate uncontrollably causing a crash and even death. HDAC is solving the IoT security problem by creating a permissioned private network. You can read more about it in their white paper.

Rather than building on top of Ethereum or Bitcoin as most companies have been doing, HDAC has come up with their own blockchain that is better suited to meet the needs of the IoT ecosystem. Some of the most notable differentiators of the HDAC platform include a new mining algorithm called ePOW which is a much more cost effective and energy efficient algorithm than POW (Proof-of-work), but which doesn’t resort to POS (Proof-of-stake).

Hyundai BS&C, who is backing and managing HDAC, has already begun building an apartment complex known as the ‘Herriott’ that will fully integrate the HDAC platform. HDAC has a token sale running from November 27th until December 22nd. If you’re interested in getting involved or have questions you can reach them on their telegram channel .

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BM Radar is launching the wallet for BMT tokens

The Business Molodost company announced the release of the beta version of the vault for the BMCHAIN ​​project. The functionality of the solution will be built on the basis of the mobile application BM Radar, an online messenger that is used by more than 25,000 entrepreneurs around the world.

The developers have already presented the preliminary interface of the first version of the “Wallet” section, which will be available for iOS and Android operating systems.

The functionality of the wallet allows you not only to start working with tokens, but also to perform a full cycle of operations, including deposits and transfer between users and their accounts.

Now BM Radar messenger is used by tens of thousands of people around the world. For another 33,000 people who receive BMT on the BM platform the application will be available by the end of November.

The solution itself combines the advantages of a messenger and online banking, the elements of which are planned to be implemented in the future as a system of settlements between companies and buyers. In addition, the user will also be able to view the history of transactions and exchange messages, as well as a database of information and support services.

In the future, the application will include a showcase of special offers in the form of cards with the goods and services which can be bought for BMT tokens.

According to preliminary forecasts of the developers launching their own wallet may optimize the process of popularization of the token among users of the future platform and increase the circulation of the currency itself, since there is currently no single centralized solution that would cover the needs of the token holders.

Experimental testing of the mechanics of the first version of the BMCHAIN ​​platform, which will be released at the end of this year, is now being developed on the BM platform, where users receive tokens for writing posts and voting. The tokens are charged to both content authors and those who vote for the most interesting materials. In total, more than 33,000 active users are involved in the experiment.

The release of the test version of the BMCHAIN ​​platform was decided to be postponed to an earlier time than originally planned, due to the optimization of the development process and the demand of the target audience, as well as the need to popularize the token after entering the exchange.

Implementation of such a large-scale scope of work in a short time and updating to the level of mass consumption became possible due to involvement of the Business Molodost community of many thousands of users with real demand for the creation of a powerful self-developing infrastructure. The purpose of the experiment on the BM site was to find out the viability of the project as a whole, proving the possibility and value of using blockchain by tens of thousands of advanced Internet users. A sufficiently high involvement in the project of people previously unfamiliar with the phenomenon of cryptocurrency, showed that the launch of the platform can be implemented to a wider audience of users, and then to the global market.

Initially, the platform for social interaction BMCHAIN ​​will be built on the basis of the Steem core and later transferred to its own blockchain for the introduction of enhanced functionality of the reputation system.
In the first version of BMCHAIN ​​will be involved two units – a reputation score and BMT token. The user’s reputation will be built on the votes of other participants who vote for the content and is a multiplier of charging tokens and monetizing the utility. In the future, when forming the rating, it is also planned to take into account the activity scale in order to stimulate a constant flow of users and increase the project’s capitalization.

The following versions will be based on a more advanced reputation system, which will create an effective model of interaction between customers and performers. Users will be able to quickly and virtually free to find proven contractors, and consumers – to apply for services to a particular company.

Thanks to the advantages that the environment provides, it will be possible not only to monetize the time shown in the Internet space, but also to make the qualitative construction of business and human relations profitable primarily from the economic point of view.

Users will be able to sell the received tokens on the exchange or use them for purchasing goods or services of BMCHAIN partners, and store and transfer to other users with the help of a new wallet.

It is expected that the BMCHAIN ​​network will involve thousands of partners – restaurants, cafes, shops and companies that provide various services. These companies will accept BMT tokens for full or partial payment for their goods and services. Agree, it’s great to write a couple of good posts about the development of your business, get a few hundred tokens for them and have lunch or take a taxi for free?

Another option on the basis of BM Radar will be an option that allows you to thank other users via connection of phones.

“Our goal is to provide the first sales to the partner network of coffee houses and restaurants using our application completely in the legal field together with the BMCHAIN project. Thus, creating an example of a new loyalty system and an ecosystem of tokens with their use on an everyday basis. Anticipating possible remarks that there are places that accept Bitcoin already, I note that in our case such implementation will have a positive economy for the payer, ” says Alexander Sagoun, the executive director of Business Molodost, a partner company of the BMCHAIN project.

Now the BMCHAIN team is actively preparing to launch the first version of the project, in the public testing of which thousands of people can take part. The source code for the platform will be posted on GitHub in a few weeks.

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