Beta Version of Goes Live, Allowing Crypto Trading through Multiple Platforms within a Single Interface

BitsGap has just announced the formal release of the beta version of its intuitive crypto trading platform. The platform offers extraordinary features to support trading via many different crypto trading platforms, utilizing just one interface and will be useful to both newbies as well as experienced traders.

BitsGap is pleased to announce that the beta version of their intelligently designed trading platform is now up and running. Unlike most other similar platforms, BitsGap will allow users to trade through many different crypto-trading platforms with just one single interface. Currently, BitsGap is inviting both experienced traders, as well as those, who are just getting into crypto trading, to try out the beta version of this new and unique platform.

The explosive rise of cryptocurrency in recent times has resulted in a significant growth of online currency exchanges and trading platforms, where anyone can profit from market speculations. However, these platforms lack some of the key features that traders look for.

The platform is ideally suited for the beginners in the field of crypto trading, because it comes with a demo mode feature, where users can hone their trading skills without any risk. Interestingly, BitsGap is the very first project in the crypto world where you can practice trading free of charge and without investing any of your own funds.

To make trading more profitable for the seasoned crypto traders, in its fully functional stage, BitsGap will offer a variety of attractive key features, including trading indicators, signals and a portfolio feature, as well as social trading, and much more. At the moment, among the different trading platforms that BitsGap will connect and unify there are:,,,,,,,,,, and, as well as many others yet to come. 

BitsGap was created by a team of industry experts with a decade of experience in trading, asset management, and blockchain technology. Having successfully completed the beta launch of the project, the BitsGap team is confident about delivering a highly efficient online destination, that will take care of diverse requirements of the constantly expanding pool of crypto traders around the world.

“Our vision is to create a trading platform that will address all the needs of both beginners as well as experts. We have already managed to build the only trading platform where you can practice without actually investing anything” said a senior developer from the BitsGap team. “We now invite all crypto enthusiasts to register and participate in our beta testing phase to help refine the platform. We will only have limited slots for this beta version, so hurry up and register as soon as possible, if you want to take part in a unique new project in crypto history.”

The beta version of BitsGap will only be made available to the first five thousand registered users and they will be able to use the service for free until the development stage is fully complete. Upon the completion of the project, the traders will be able to use this platform only on paid subscription basis. However, for those participating in the beta test, BitsGap will provide a free 3 month subscription, as well as a more extended view of arbitrage trading, with a 150 USD limit, in oppose to the standard 40 USD. The demo trading feature will remain free of charge for all users, even after the project release is fully complete. To find out more about BitsGap and register for the beta version, please visit

About BitsGap: BitsGap is an intuitive crypto trading platform that allows trading via many different crypto trading platforms utilizing just one interface. The most extraordinary feature of this platform is that its demo mode provides an opportunity for the traders to practice trading without making any investment at all. Currently in its beta stage, upon completion, BitsGap will support crypto trading via,,,,,,,,,, and among others.


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