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Momentum – changing how we do Marketing

momentum icoMarketing is one of the most valuable tools available to any business. It interacts with every other element of a company and if done right, it can be the difference between success and failure. It can also bring loyalty to a business that it may not have otherwise.

It’s a tool that has been around forever, but one which may be about to be revolutionized by MobileBridge’s Momentum.

Momentum is a blockchain based marketing automation platform, which will allow companies to use the Momentum Token or launch their own crypto token to accurately engage with potential customers.

Momentum will reward customers in exchange for their brand loyalty, attention and brand advocacy. All the while the customer will still control the most important bit – their personal details.

Here are just a few of the ways that Momentum will change how marketing is done

  • It will target users based on specific data, including their whereabouts and previous actions.
  • Consumers will be rewarded with site and time specific incentives.
  • User journeys will be improved through excellent offers based on data which is provided by the potential customer There will be brand loyalty tokens
  • Analytics will give an insight into the correct amount a company should be investing in marketing

Momentum Tokens will be on sale to the public at the end of March (26th) and this presale will last for four weeks, or when the limit has been reached.

Total Token supply : 1,000,000,000
Tokens for sale during ICO : 500,000,000
Token price : €0.10 (~0.12 USD/CHF)

Purchase BONUSES:
Week 1–5% to 15% bonus dependant on volume and supply
Week 2–3% to 10% bonus dependant on volume and supply
Week 3 — up to 5% bonus dependant on volume and supply
Week 4 — No bonus

Take a look at the Momentum website here:

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