Food Standards Agency trials blockchain technology in slaughterhouse

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) responsible for protecting the public health of the nation has completed a pilot programme using blockchain technology to ensure compliance in cattle slaughterhouses.

The agency has long been interested in blockchain technology due to the value it could potentially add to food industries where a high number of inspections take place to ensure compliance and animal welfare.

Sian Thomas, Head of Information Management, said:

‘Our approach has been to develop data standards with industry that will make theory reality and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to show that blockchain does indeed work in this part of the food industry. I think there are great opportunities now for industry and government to work together to expand and develop this approach.’

During the pilot scheme both the slaughterhouse and the FSA had full permission to data on the blockchain, which improved transparency across the food supply chain.

Further trials are planned for July where farmers can access data from their own form with the goal aimed at replicating the scheme in other plants throughout the UK.

The FSA has said that the industry must lead the blockchain effort as currently the only data being collected is from the inspection results and communication with the agency and the farmers/ slaughterhouse.

The supply chain industry has long been seen as one of the ways in which blockchain technology can thrive due need for transparency of where products are sourced and tracked to the consumers plate.

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