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Crypto Highlights 21/04/2018

Coinbase bans WikiLeaks Shop

CoinBase has kicked WikiLeaks Shop from utilising its payment processing service without any real explanation citing that they’ve engaged in prohibited use in violation of its Terms of Service. It seems like PayPal all over again.

Flixxo celebrates +10,000 hours of content

Community based video distribution platform Flixxo has confirmed in a blog post that more than 10,000 hours of content in 15 languages for was committed in June. Most of this content has never been published on YouTube or any online platform.

Read more on Flixxo’s Medium Blog here.

Crypto ban review ordered by The Supreme Court of Russia

Back in 2016 the Vyborgsky District Court of St. Petersburg blocked stating the information present on the website undermines Russia’s legal currency. The Supreme Court of Russia has now ordered the court to review the decision, it has already declined to review previously.


Robinhood exchange expands to Colorado

Zero-commission cryptocurrency exchange RobinHood expands services to Colorado.

Read more on CCN.

Crypto Trade Group Pressures SEC to Exempt Ethereum From Security Classification

An alliance of lawyers, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs have recently met with the US SEC to petition for the creation of cryptocurrency “safe harbors” for specific cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Ethereum.

Read more at CryptoSlate.

Taiwan will roll our crypto regulations

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency the Taiwanese Minister of Justice, Chiu Tai-san, has said the country will roll out regulations for cryptocurrencies to prevent them being used for money laundering, these upcoming changes are rumoured to be targeted at exchanges.

Read more at CoinTelegraph.

EU Parliament Votes for Tighter Crypto AML Regulations

Members of the European Parliament decided to vote in favour of tighter crypto AML regulations. These anti-money laundering reforms will include closer regulation for cryptocurrencies. 574 members voted in favour of this, with only 13 votes against and 60 abstentions, according to an EUP press release.

Read more at Russia Today.

Macau Monetary Authority Issues Warning On Crypto Following Criminal Ties To ICO

In a report by the South China Morning Post, the Monetary Authority of Macau has issued a warning to the public regarding fraudulent activities based around the use of cryptocurrencies.

Read more at South China Morning Post.

Amazon Web Services Releases Blockchain Frameworks For Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric

Amazon cloud platform service has recently introduced its Blockchain framework for Ethereum (ETH) and Hyperledger Fabric allowing users to build and manage their own Blockchain-powered decentralized applications (DApps).

Emirates NBD bank goes live with cheque blockchain project

Emirates NBD, Dubai’s biggest bank, has become the first to successfully go live at scale with “Cheque Chain”, a blockchain technology project that aims to cut cheque-related fraud.

Read more at Arabian Business.

Thieves use bear spray to rob BTC ATM

Texas police have released CCTV footage of two males who robbed a Bitcoin ATM using capsaicin bear spray to disable the store clerk.

Watch the robbery on Youtube.

Deloitte proves Iconomi’s solvency

Deloitte has verified Iconomis solvency consisting of $133.6M of liabilities and $210.2M of reserves, distributed across 80 digital assets.

Read Iconomi’s Medium Blog here.

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