Trilliant ATMs: The Darwinism of the Financial Sector

In a world where financial transactions are becoming increasingly simple and transparent, accessibility is key. This is precisely what leading cryptocurrency business, Trilliant, intends to do – make cryptocurrency accessibility for all.

In what many are viewing as the evolution of the sector, Trilliant are to launch their own next generation ATM terminals across Europe later this year. Beginning in Autumn, 2018, the world’s first two-way cryptocurrency ATM terminals will be installed in selected locations across Europe.

Manufactured by Crypto Capital AG, Trilliant has chosen to focus their blockchain enterprise on creating the infrastructure to support the cryptocurrency sector. With the ever-increasing professional and layman knowledge of cryptocurrency – resulting in fervent belief traditional currencies have grown archaic – this infrastructure will prove pivotal to the forecasted growth of different types of cryptocurrency.

Each of Trilliant’s cryptocurrency ATM terminals will afford users greater usability that ever before. Currently, there are 2,700 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world. As pleasing as this is to investors, these terminals only facilitate one-way transactions, meaning users can only purchase coins. What has become clear is that ATM terminals must have greater fluidity to support investor transactions. This is exactly what Trilliant’s ATMs provide.

Trilliant’s innovative terminals can facilitate two-way asset handling. Investors can deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrency assets at the touch of a button. Supporting the growing popularity of the sector, Trilliant’s ATMs also make it easy for users to exchange traditional currency assets for tokens and allow users direct access to ICOs.

The ATM terminals come equipped with a state-of-the-art touch screen, card reader and PIN pad. It is this function that users can use to make cryptocurrency purchases directly from their credit or debit card.

As further evidence of Trilliant’s commitment to building a sustainable infrastructure to support the evolution of the financial sector, their ATMs have comprehensive in-built security features that include a front-facing camera, known as KYC or know your own customer for optimal recognition and security.

Founder and CEO, Sebastian Korbach has stated, ‘Our aim is to have 500 ATMs operating by 2019. He continues, ‘In the long run, we want our machines visible on every corner, creating greater awareness for cryptocurrencies in general.’

Mr. Korbach is a serial entrepreneur, with more than 15 years’ experience in financial markets and payments. He has worked across the globe in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Columbia. With more than 3 years’ experience in the cryptocurrency sector, Mr. Korbach is confident that cryptocurrency will play a significant part in the global financial landscape in the years to come.

Trilliant has mapped out a long-term strategy to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Through their Fractional Ownership Program, investors can purchase a share of Trilliant’s network of terminals and earn dividends from their investment.

Calculated at 2% of the total transaction fee revenue of Trilliant’s network of ATM terminals, these Fractional Units can be purchased on Trilliant’s website using their unique TRL Token.

A mere modest investment affords investors the opportunity to receive an income from this profit sharing agreement – and allows Trilliant to reward customers who have shown belief in their service.

It’s safe to say that Trilliant ATMs are indicative of fiscal Darwinism. Trilliant is changing the face of cryptocurrency investment and accessibility. Soon it will be more accessible than ever before, allowing greenhorn and novice investors to reap the rewards of aligning their fiscal assets to the direction that the financial sector is surely heading.

Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.

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