Mayor of Bogotá announces workshop for teachers interested in Blockchain tech

The Mayor of Bogotá has announced a workshop for teachers interested in Blockchain technology in partnership with the High District ICT Counseling who will be hosting the workshop on Thursday 12th April called: ‘Technology blockchain: an experiment for the schools of the District’.

The workshop is aimed at teachers of public institutions who are interested in learning more about the uses and applications of blockchain technology that serves to authenticate and verify data and transactions.

The results of a blockchain prototype and its impact on the application of student representatives of the
Rafael Bernal Jiménez and El Rodeo schools will be announced, as well as reflection on democracy held at Colegio Unión Colombia .

Attendees will also learn about financial, medicine and notary uses of the Blockchain and will be asked to input ideas on how this exciting technology can be applied in the education sector.

Sergio Martínez, High ICT Adviser, said “The Mayor of Bogotá wants to demonstrate to teachers that the application and use of blockchain technology for pedagogical processes is feasible. “We take as an example the elections of the student representatives that took place in the schools, since it is the first step towards exercising the right to vote and a healthy democracy through state-of-the-art technologies,” he said.

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