Stratis Debuts Secure ‘Stratis Identity’ App for iOS Devices.

Stratis announces their ‘Stratis Identity’ mobile application is available to download for iOS devices.

Unprecedented enterprise data leaks and hacks in recent years have compromised hundreds of millions of people’s sensitive data. Stratis not only imagines a world where data breaches cease to happen, it’s working hard to deliver a solution.

The free Stratis Identity app allows users to manage their identity and imprint it upon the Stratis blockchain, allowing for secure and verifiable identity sharing experiences without compromising sensitive personal data. Stratis Identity will also open up the potential for enterprises to securely manage customer identities using cloud-based or Internet login services.

“Mass adoption of blockchain will only come through simplicity, and Stratis Identity offers a streamlined way to verify one’s identity through popular social media accounts, using pre-existing Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google account information,” explains Stratis CEO Chris Trew. “Once one’s true identity is established through our app, a Stratis Identity can be shared securely without ever exposing any specific user’s sensitive personal data.”

Stratis Identity creates a permanent, unique record of a person, company or organization’s identity while simultaneously providing layered, permission-only access to the information. Each online social media profile has information linked to it (username, e-mail, job title, etc) stored by the account provider.

Stratis Identity processes basic information returned (email address and name) and makes sure it corresponds to the information provided for a social media account. Stratis calls this verification process “attestation.” After a successful login attempt, non-sensitive metadata retrieved from the social networking site is securely stored and timestamped on the Stratis Platform.

Two things happen on the Stratis blockchain when you create and attest your credentials with Stratis Identity. First, a unique, immutable address belonging to you is created on the Stratis blockchain. Second, any confirmation of your information is encoded as a custom, hashed transaction. Only a string of numbers and letters is placed on the blockchain, no personal information is stored — just metadata linking to your Stratis Identity.

The Stratis Identity app integrates into Microsoft’s Identity and Cloud Management solutions (Azure B2C Active Directory) and the Xamarin framework to provide an additional blockchain layer of trust to any identity certification procedure. This opens the door to unparalleled customer and employee identity management in the cloud, making Stratis Platform the platform of choice when implementing blockchain-based identity solutions for large enterprises.

Key features of the Stratis Identity app include:

  • Creation of a unique Stratis Blockchain ID, registered and secured on the Stratis blockchain
  • Attest your identity by logging into a selection of social media accounts, such as Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn
  • Proof of ownership of online accounts via viewing and sharing of unique public addresses and transaction hashes
  • Validate other Stratis Identities using the built-in verification tool

Future integration with other Stratis applications will permit single sign-on engagements to interact with smart contracts deployed on the Stratis blockchain.

A key strategy to Stratis is releasing proof-of-concept apps that can easily be customized into full-blown products for developers in C# .NET framework. The idea is to prove how simple building blockchain apps is using the Stratis Platform, while also providing useable basic elements to quickly succeed with any Stratis blockchain implementation.

“Stratis Identity’s proof of concept enhances blockchain opportunities for Microsoft partners and customers currently exploring blockchain options for their business. It’s an invaluable tool to show how decentralized blockchain apps work and how they could transport existing business processes light years into the future,” Trew concludes.

The free Stratis Identity mobile app is available for iOS devices using the download link below:

Stratis Identity iOS Release

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