Casinos are embracing cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are the disruptors of the financial world order, making daily strides in moving towards the goal of changing the world. When Bitcoin just showed up, few believed in its concept, but as the time passed, people started to notice all the good that it brings to the table. One of the first industries to truly embrace the cryptocurrencies were the online casinos. In the beginning, there were stand-alone Bitcoin Casinos, providing no other payment options but the cryptocurrency. Later Standard Gambling Websites started to incorporate Bitcoin and others into their payment systems as an alternative to FIAT currencies. There are several major reasons behind the fast-paced adoption of cryptocurrencies into the world of gambling.

Bitcoin Casinos enjoy blistering speeds of transactions.

Thanks to blockchain technology, BTC Casinos enjoy the benefits of extremely fast transactions and transfers. If we look at the casinos that don’t have cryptocurrency as the payment option, their processes lack the speed that Bitcoin Casinos benefit from. What standard online casinos do in days, Crypto Casinos can do in a matter of minutes. The reason behind that is the fact that former use 3rd party financial institutions like Banks, to provide the transaction options to their players. Bitcoin Casinos on the other hand deal directly with the gamblers, using the blockchain technology. Both Deposits and Withdrawals are lightning fast, completing any operation in a matter of minutes.

Bitcoin Casinos are Significantly More Secure and Anonymous

Another reason behind the fact that Casinos all around the globe are embracing cryptocurrencies is the factor of security and personal safety. Bitcoin Casinos have long been using blockchain technology to their advantage. The gift of this system is the ability to stay completely secure and hidden from any unwanted attention. Since the system is decentralized, gamblers are supremely safer from any form of fraud with cryptocurrencies. Another major factor is the ability to stay absolutely anonymous. Cryptocurrency transactions don’t require personal information, making the gamblers hidden from any possible online threats that plague the world of FIAT Currencies.

Provable Fairness

Another one of the significant advantages that lead Casinos to switch to crypto is the Provably Fair systems. This technology is synonymous to Bitcoin Casinos and is used to provide factual evidence of the fairness of the games. Based on the SHA-2 hash algorithm technology, Provably Fair games show the detailed process within the game, using Hash numbers that can be viewed, before and after the gameplay to ensure fairness. This is a tool unlike any other in the gambling industry, because it serves as a bridge of trust between the players and the Casinos.

The best of the best of the crypto gambling world are easy to find through the popular review websites, like for example; BitcoinGamblers, which provides a comprehensive list of the Bitcoin Casinos that fully support the provably fair concept.

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