10 years have passed since the birth of Bitcoin and the first use of Blockchain, a technology that has not stopped evolving, and it is no wonder. Blockchain has opened a huge world of opportunities for both large companies and individual users, not only for the development of new applications or improvements to computer systems but for the possibility of obtaining rewards through cryptocurrency mining, thus creating a market which is more competitive every day. In this sense, we see that individual users have gradually been left out of the “traditional” cryptocurrency mining market, and that is why today we want to introduce you to the Kuailian ecosystem.

What is Kuailian?

Kuailian is a decentralized ecosystem that offers us tools to access the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple way (buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies at its crypto bank).

Registered in Estonia, one of the most advanced countries in the world as far as the blockchain is concerned, Kuailian brings market resources based on blockchain technology to all its users, taking over the management of all systems, thus allowing access to the different services without having to have great knowledge and large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Main attributes of Kuailian

Certainly, it is very difficult to choose a single characteristic that can define an ecosystem like that of Kuailian, however, the honesty and transparency with which the company operates must be highlighted and indeed in an exceeding way, since thanks to blockchain technology itself, it allows us to consult the operations and movements of the company in real-time. By dedicating as much time as necessary, you can track all movements and operations and make sure that cryptocurrencies are working and generating results (remember that blockchain records are public and immutable).

Additionally, you can consult the legal records of the company in Estonia and the two licenses issued by the financial regulator of that country.

Operation of its Smart Pool and Proof of Stake technology

With the appearance of Bitcoin, Proof of Work or proof of work mining began, where it is necessary to have powerful computer equipment that becomes obsolete in a short time and, also, entail enormous energy expenditure by having them work tirelessly day after day. But not all cryptocurrencies use this validation system, in other cases the mining called Proof of Stake or proof of participation is used, where to validate operations you have to be in possession of a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency that works with this system. Under this premise, Kuailian helps us by creating large cryptocurrency exchanges that allow validating operations and generating rewards for it.

But technological evolution does not stop (and neither does Kuailian’s evolution). The most modern and powerful networks use new consensus protocols. Many people already know that Kuailian works with Master Nodes, which in summary are validators of high-performance operations and one of the main products they work with, but today in Kuailian different consensus technologies are supported such as: PROOF OF STAKE, DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE, THRESHOLDED PROOF OF STAKE, MASTERNODES, PROFIT SHARE, PROOF OF AGREEMENT, PROOF OF HISTORY, PROOF OF AUTHORITY, TENDERMIT, HIGHWAY, BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE (BFT), NON-BFT, SHOW, MULTI-BFT BFT, ASYNCHRONOUS BFT – FUTURE CASPER AND OUROBOROS.

This is where Kuailian’s ability emerges to make accessible to ordinary people something that would otherwise be… impossible. Both for the amount of cryptocurrencies necessary and for the knowledge required to deploy it. Thus, Kuailian uses a 1000-day long-term staking strategy and simple way staking (Stake / Unstake), which will be incorporated shortly.

Automations in Kuailian

Kuailian has grouped and divided the Master Nodes, so that they are accessible to all, thus allowing access to part of the rewards generated by their Smart Pool.

Next, we explain how the -simple- entry process to Kuailian is.

  1. Create a Kuailian account.
  2. Complete the KYC (since we are talking about a company legally registered in the European Union) and pay the registration fee ($ 50.95 paid in Ether).
  3. Buy the Kuais we want, at the price of $ 100 each (paid in Ether). A Kuai is not a token and it is not a cryptocurrency, it is the unit of measurement of the staking capacity of a license to operate the software, for 1,000 days. The more licenses, the higher returns.
  4. Indicate the Ethereum wallet where we want to collect the daily distribution of benefits.

The usability of the Kuais should be noted. On the one hand, it is accessible to everyone due to its low cost, and, on the other hand, it manages to channel users’ cryptocurrencies to the Smart Pool, that is, the system that Kuailian has developed for automated management of user cryptocurrencies and Master Nodes. Thus, it is achieved that each week new Master Nodes can be deployed through the new licenses acquired by both new and existing users.

All contributions are managed by a Machine Learning system, whose function is not only to assemble Master Nodes automatically but also analyzes the cryptocurrency market to determine that Master Nodes are the most profitable and with sufficient liquidity to be able to extract without problems the rewards generated and at the same time that the Master Nodes themselves can be liquidated, thus passing both the rewards and the Master Nodes to Bitcoin or Ethereum

Last but not least, it should be noted that the benefits generated by user contributions are distributed daily and automatically directly to the user’s wallet. A great advantage since we usually have to deal with interfaces that require a minimum amount of withdrawal, delays when making payments manually or even depend on authorization to, in the end, have your own money. Kuailian in its clear commitment to transparency, offers an automated dispersion system developed on the Ethereum network or commonly called the Dispersion Smart Contract, whose function is to distribute daily and without the possibility of cheating or errors, the benefits among users and most importantly, everything visible through the Ethereum blockchain.

Extra: Both the Smart Pool and Kuailian Bank and the rest of the services have an affiliation system, by which each referral who becomes a user of Kuailian, will generate profits for the one who was its host.

Kuailian Bank and the next innovations

In its quest to create a complete ecosystem, Kuailian can provide financial services given its licenses and its collaboration with different partners in the sector. It currently has a cryptocurrency exchange service with “FIAT” currencies, but they are planning to add their own wallet, debit card, digital payment terminals, among other financial services.

Additionally, the Smart Pool does not stop evolving and new options are being developed, such as high-frequency trading (HFT) or arbitration systems; all managed by the same Machine Learning system that governs the ecosystem.

A growing ecosystem

Kuailian is not just a financial ecosystem, it goes much further, just like blockchain technology does. Kuailian’s main objective is to bring existing market resources based on blockchain technology closer together, to make them more efficient, more transparent and with a user experience never seen before, thanks to the blockchain technology. Very soon it will be incorporated into the Kuailian Travel system, a service outside the “financial” sector but that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the travel market, making Kuailian a benchmark in the blockchain world.


If you are looking for a company that makes your entry into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible and close … Kuailian is your best ally.

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How some virtual coins are looking to take over the iGaming market

iGaming refers to those games that are played on the web and have something to do with community and money spending or earning. The array is vast, as you’d expect, with games ranging from RPG, FPS, Racing, Adventure, Casino and Sportsbooks, anything that happens on the web, it’s an iGaming product. The industry is vast, and is linked to the overall gaming industry which is $135 billion worth. These are no Monopoly money but real money people are spending on games, most of them on the web. Some of the money people are using to buy these games are starting to turn into crypto coins or tokens.

What are the most popular iGaming virtual coins

Crypto coins have become so popular these days, there’s not just the Bitcoin or Ethereum that are used in the industry. Some blockchain designers have introduced their own private virtual coins alongside some incredible provably fair and blockchain-based games. Thanks to a few online resources, we’ve come up with a list of 3 virtual assets or coins you might’ve never heard about but that can literally take over the iGaming market in no time.


The people behind Enjin have one scope in mind: to propel the iGaming industry into a new frontier of never ending possibilities. They’ve used the standard token ERC-1155, an Ethereum-based token in order to create the Enjin Coin. This gaming coin can be purchased or sold by developers, used to buy in-game items by gamers and traded outside the actual games for other coins or fiat currency. You can buy or sell these gaming coins as you’d do with any other big cryptocurrency out there, which is quite impressive.


Leaving the similarities with a certain movie genre to the side, the TRON is a nativ token of one of the biggest and most advanced blockchain-based operating systems in existence. The goal of the environment is to provide a decentralised and free of censorship place for everybody. TRON is one of the fastest blockchains ever made, capable of up to 2000 transactions per second at incredibly low prices. This is what makes the TRON coin a very popular one in games or outside of them. Regardless if you’re a gamer or a trader, you’ll love TRON for sure. TRON is vastly used in the apps developing ecosystem known as dApps.


Short from Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX is one native coin that’s to be followed. WAX as a platform incites the globalisation of buying and selling products online via the blockchain. One of the many tools offered by the creators of WAX is a platform where developers can find tools that will help them find new solutions to everyday problems that can be dealt with on the blockchain. Non-fungible tokens can also be created on the WAX and purchased with the token at hand or any other token or currency by that matter. Thanks to the popularity of the trading industry and the general idea of free commerce on the web, WAX is on the rise and can eventually become one of the most important iGaming coins everywhere.

The three advantages of virtual coins

We’ll stick to three but there are tons of advantages using cryptocurrencies over fiat assets in the iGaming or even other aspects of daily life.

Security overload

Trading on a decentralized, fully public and verifiable blockchain is much more secure than on any other virtual platform. You can rest assured that the transaction will reach its place in time and won’t be tempered with. If it so happens that there’s a treat, the platform will simply not allow for it to happen without consent.


Bank accounts get frozen or unavailable on a daily basis. There’s laws to be followed, banks to be fed with fees and many more aspects like these. With cryptocurrencies, you have no limits on how you can access or use your money. The virtual coins are accessible to you at any given moment and you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do with them.

Lower fees

Because there are no overlooking bodies that have to “do their jobs” and monitor anything, the fees when it comes to transactioning with crypto assets are much lower than when dealing with fiat currencies and banks. Some virtual coins come with no fees at all, while most of them have extremely small fees in comparison with those usually put up by banks.

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Opinion: For Cryptocurrency to Strive It Must Be Regulated

Initially, the lack of regulation was one of the advertised benefits of cryptocurrency. However, pitfalls of this came to light really fast as the lack of regulation means that you are lacking protection as well. And while money launders or terrorist groups definitely don’t care about it and focus on how this type of system benefits them, regular law-abiding people might lose their money because of the absence of security. Owners of $534 million lost in the Coincheck hack can attest to that. However, cryptocurre4ncy still isn’t regulated and changes to this particular aspect of it will, most likely determine if it has a future.

What’s the State of Cryptocurrency Regulation Today?

At the moment cryptocurrency is not regulated by any major regulatory authority in any country. In fact, the relationship between crypto and those relevant regulatory bodies is a matter of concern.

Take the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Like all other bodies of its kind, it does not regulate cryptocurrency in any way, but operations with it are not banned. For you as a user this means that you can use crypto in any way possible. However, you are devoid of any protections, which you would have had if crypto was treated the same way FCA regulates money transfer services. Those protections mean that if you get defrauded or your money is stolen, you’ll be able to file a report, get the authorities involved, and get your money back. At the least, you can hope to get some compensation through court.

With unregulated crypto, you get none of that. Therefore, if your accounts are hacked and your money is stolen, it’s lost forever. No one bears the responsibility of compensating you because no one was responsible for protecting that money. The FCA states this explicitly on its page dedicated to cryptoassets. That page is a warning about using cryptocurrencies, even if it’s presented as a source of general information instead of alert.

The situation is similar with all major financial regulatory authorities in the world. Various American regulatory bodies posted multiple articles that warn consumers off cryptocurrency and reiterate the risks caused by the lack of regulation.

Admittedly, those are the risks that one must be wary of. The aforementioned Coincheck hack is considered the biggest theft in history, and it’s not the only time when crypto was hacked and stolen without a trace. There was also the Mt. Gox hack, which lost about $450 million, and quite a few others.

All things considered, it’s impossible to deny that cryptocurrency transactions do need regulation, if only for the protections it brings. And authoritative regulatory bodies are quick to state that they aren’t offering any security to crypto users.

At least, this is the situation in the vast majority of countries. Some, like China and Morocco, simply banned cryptocurrency exchanges altogether. Therefore, their residents can’t really use crypto in any meaningful way.

But there are some other countries, which one might call more progressive in this matter. For example Japan, which, in a way, suffered the most from crypto hacks. Probably, it’s because of those incidents that Japan is now one of the few countries where cryptocurrency markets are managed by self-regulating bodies. In Japan that is the Japanese Virtual Currency Exchange Association, which works closely with the Financial Services Agency trying to enforce compliance with its rules.

For that matter, various financial regulatory bodies, like FCA and SEC, are also trying to enforce this kind of compliance into the businesses that use crypto. However, those same businesses use the absence of a legal framework for cryptoasset regulation to evade responsibilities that compliance will require.

What Does the Lack of Crypto Regulation Mean?

The lack of regulation for crypto, combined with explicit warnings from regulatory bodies and highly publicized news about crypto hacks, means that people don’t trust it. Of course, there are some enthusiasts who advocate it, but they are few.

And if people don’t trust it, they aren’t using it as well. Therefore, they aren’t putting the pressure onto governments and regulatory authorities that would make those come up with a solution.

Surprisingly, it seems to be exactly the thing that the governments want. After all, not a single government in the world today is welcoming of crypto. Even those that don’t ban or restrict it directly don’t seem inclined to recognize it as a full-fledged currency.

If one looks at it this way, the warnings about the risks of crypto issued by various authorities seem to be staged. No doubt, the risks are true. But is the situation itself truly so bad? Is it impossible to make cryptocurrency safer?

It’s definitely possible, and doing this will even resolve one of the major issues that governments seem to have with crypto. Making it regulated is the step that needs to be taken in order to increase the security of crypto transactions. Doing this will also provide the governments some semblance of control. However, due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology, this will only be an illusion of control. Perhaps, this is the reason why no one has moved to attempt regulating it yet.

The good news, however, is that some governments seemingly admit the inevitability of digital currency. They aren’t willing to accept existing coins, but some are starting to consider issuing their own. Local cryptocurrencies of this type don’t have any major success yet. However, the fact they exist already shows that the world is moving in the right direction.

Does Crypto Have a Future?

Cryptocurrency definitely has a future because it offers too many benefits to be forgotten. However, at the moment, it doesn’t have the legal support necessary to reach its full potential. The absence of currency regulation is a major problem because it makes crypto too risky an investment. Also, it’s part of the reason why it can’t be equal to fiat currencies.

Getting reputed regulatory bodies to acknowledge and manage crypto, at least to some extent, is an essential step. Without it there can be no future for crypto as it won’t be able to develop.

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How to Choose a Good Website for Cryptocurrency Betting

Over the last few years more and more online casinos and sportsbooks have started to support cryptocurrencies. The rise of crypto betting is mainly due to the benefits that it brings to the table – both to gambling websites as well as their customers.

If you want to choose a good website so that you can place bets and gamble using cryptocurrency, finding a good betting guide may help. In general however, there are several key areas you should look at.

Hybrid vs. Cryptocurrency-Only

The main choice that you need to make is whether you prefer a hybrid or pure-cryptocurrency website.

A hybrid website is typically a traditional bookmaker or online casino that has opted to support cryptocurrency transactions. In general their quality of service is higher, and they are more reputable – but you won’t be anonymous.

On the other hand a cryptocurrency-only website will leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology. It will keep you anonymous, provide fast transactions, and use provably fair systems. However these platforms may not be as reputable, their service is often lower, and some can be scams.

To put it simply, reputable hybrid websites are safer – but they may not have the full benefits that cryptocurrencies can provide.

Licensing and Security

If you want to safely gamble online, you need to make sure that the website you choose is licensed and secure. If the cryptocurrency betting site is regulated, the risk of fraud is significantly less.

Most reputable hybrid websites are fully licensed and have a proven track record. However the majority of cryptocurrency-only platforms are not. As a rule you should avoid unlicensed sites and steer clear of them, since it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Other Factors

Make no mistake there are many other factors that should play a part in your decision, such as:

  • Types of cryptocurrency supported

Different sites may support different types of cryptocurrency. The most commonly-supported is Bitcoin, but others may support Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. It is up to you to choose a site that supports the type you prefer.

  • Types of games and bets

The types of games and bets offered by cryptocurrency gambling sites can vary quite a bit. Hybrid sites that are established online casinos or sportsbooks generally offer the best range, whereas cryptocurrency-only platforms may have a limited selection.

At the end of the day your goal is to ensure that the types of games and bets that you want to place are available on the website.

  • Platform quality

The quality of the platform can be judged based on its design, the time that it takes to load, and the overall convenience of using it. Generally your goal should be to check that the quality is acceptable, so that your experience on the site is good.

  • Deposit and withdrawal conditions

Almost all sites will have certain conditions for deposits and withdrawals – and you need to look closely at them. In particular you should consider the deposit and withdrawal options that are available.

Aside from that you need to scrutinize the conditions to find out if there are any red flags. Be sure to check specific limits or minimums that are required for withdrawals, and any processing fees, or pending periods.

  • Mobile-friendly

Being able to conveniently access and place bets from your mobile phone can be very useful. Nowadays the majority of betting websites are responsive and compatible with tablets as well as mobile phones – but you should check and make sure, just in case.

  • Customer support

Good customer support is essential in any online casino or sportsbook. Although you may not need it initially, knowing that you’re able to quickly get a response from customer support is important.

It is best if the website has multiple channels through which you can contact customer support, and at least one that lets you talk to them in real time – such as a live chat.

See how each of these factors may affect your decision? It would be best if you go over each one of them individually so that you can find a site that really lives up to your expectations.

Final Words

Although looking up all this information may take you a while, it is worth investing the time. The last thing that you want is to rush your decision, and end up regretting it later.

Keep in mind that with every passing day the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, and more and more established casinos and sportsbooks are starting to support it. On top of that new cryptocurrency-only websites are being launched too.

If you really want to find the best deals, you should watch these developments carefully – and try to take advantage of any new opportunities, bonuses or special offers that are out there.

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Can Bitcoin Replace Gold As A Universal Safe-Haven Asset?

In the formative years of Bitcoin, crypto enthusiasts had the vision of a digital monetary system that would replace fiat money. Just over a decade, the world’s pioneer cryptocurrency has posted mixed results. Even though Bitcoin is now a household name globally, it will likely not replace regular money just yet. Instead, Bitcoin has taken a new dimension as a speculative investment asset rather than just facilitating digital payments.

Bitcoin transactions are only going to get slower, and mining more difficult. These factors mean that the latter option, as an investment asset, is more tenable. Gold is the most prominent store-of-value (SOV) asset. With intrinsic value and insulation from stock market shocks, many investors keep a certain amount of Gold for diversification.

Despite the devastating bear market of 2018, Bitcoin has shown incredible resilience over the years. It is now fair to analyze various Gold Vs. Bitcoin opinions to learn how they mirror each other.

Bitcoin as a Store of Value

In the few years after Bitcoin launch, many crypto projects came along with diverse applications. Some were in Artificial intelligence, Finance, and even data management. Blockchain technology seems to have taken a life of its own, but none of these altcoins could replicate Bitcoin’s success as a store of value.

Whether it is because of the pioneer status, investor confidence or consistency, Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency. Gold has a similar status among precious metals. With a reputation going as far back as the earliest human civilizations, Gold enjoys a universal value. Central banks have Gold reserves to hedge against slides in their native currencies.

Bitcoin is similar to Gold in the following ways:

  • Scarcity– Bitcoin has a restricted supply with a maximum of 21 million bitcoin. Similarly, Gold is mined deep underground, which guarantees a perpetual scarcity. The World Gold Council estimates that the entire supply of Gold, mined and unmined, at about 240 thousand tons. This figure puts into perspective the scarcity of Bitcoin. Most Central Banks use fractional reserve banking, which can flood the economy with cheap money.
  • Decentralization– No single party controls the supply of either Gold or Bitcoin. Therefore, holding it as an asset is purely dependent on investor confidence. Accordingly, a Bitcoin holder is not worried about systemic risk from a centralized entity.

Both qualities mean that Bitcoin makes for a decent store of value. With fiat currencies, central banks can freely print money. If this process is unchecked, the result is hyperinflation. Venezuela and Zimbabwe are prime examples of such a scenario.

Both Bitcoin and Gold cannot replace national currencies. The problem of scalability is a flaw in Bitcoin’s original design. Ordinary people need a currency that is highly divisible to sustain commerce. Instead, Bitcoin has an element of scarcity and indivisibility.

In that regard Bitcoin can serve the role of an SOV to those who want to hedge against their native currencies. Crypto is indestructible as it can hold value for an extended time if its prices hold. Portability is one area where Bitcoin has an edge over Gold. Gold is a physical asset, quite heavy in large quantities. On the other hand, Bitcoin is a digital asset that can facilitate payments where possible.

Volatility as a Shortcoming

Bitcoin is historically volatile. Even though the price of Gold is not static, it is nowhere near the volatility of Bitcoin. Bitcoin can fluctuate by thousands of dollars within a week of trading.

Even in Gold rallies and bear markets, such wild swings are not typical. Gold is a safe-haven asset because its price is more or less the same for long periods. This extreme volatility means that Bitcoin cannot yet claim to be a stable asset. In this regard, Gold is still a superior SOV asset. The only scenario of Bitcoin’s volatility being positive is in a rallying Bitcoin market.

The Big Picture

Gold plays a unique role in the financial sector. The precious metal has certain characteristics that resemble how Bitcoin works. However, in their unique ways, they will continue to play specific roles for investors.

Investors who hedge on Gold are interested in stability to diversify their portfolios. Gold has a track record for this particular trait. Bitcoin will most likely not achieve this status soon. Bitcoin holders are by and large speculators who hold the asset hoping for it to appreciate eventually. This amount of speculation is what drives the volatility in Bitcoin.

Indeed, you can see an overlap in the qualities of these assets. However, provided the reasons for holding them vary, they cannot be equated fairly. Gold has the natural advantage of thousands of years’ worth of reputation and networking. In the long-term, Bitcoin has the potential to achieve this status, and play such function in the economy. Until then, Gold remains a preferable SOV asset.

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Are you still investing in S Block? It’s time to change to AI Gain

S Block Wallet brought a new wave of arbitrage in recent years. However, is this platform irreplaceable and flawless? Can the new kid in town, AI Gain surpass the mighty S Block? Below are the comparisons between these platforms, perhaps they might provide you with more investment inspiration.

  1. Similar but Different

Both AI Gain and S Block Wallet are one stop platforms for arbitrage, thus their fundamental models are similar. Despite not having a major platform and without grand advertisements, AI Gain offers diverse plans designed for investors who emphasise long-term investments and continuous profits.

  1. Identity Verification Procedure

Users only need a copy of their ID card front page to complete verification procedure for S Block Wallet. On the other hand, investors are strictly required by AI Gain to upload a copy of their ID card front and back pages with a picture of them holding their ID card front page. Such Dual Authentication provide investors another layer of security with the objective to avoid hack. Besides, successful verification will directly unlock all functions in AI Gain.

  1. Welcome Bonus

Practical execution is what matters in life, which is why AI Gain is offering a welcome bonus of $300 for new investors to testify its trading functions in real trading environment. In other words, we allow you to test the water before investing any capital in AI Gain. Having said that, such free experience cannot be found in S Block Wallet.

  1. Hourly Profit

Trading experts emphasise that investment with compound interests is the steppingstone to a greater wealth. In light of this reason, AI Gain’s Hourly Profits that are timely, accurate and detailed allow investors to gain more compound profits as compared to S Block Wallet’s Daily Total Profit. It is vital to be quick and efficient when it comes to winning the battle in the era of digital assets market.

  1. Referral Reward

AI Gain offers investors with successful invitees a reward of $30 each, a benefit which is unparalleled as compared to S Block Wallet.

  1. Long Term Investment

AI Gain introduces many long-term investment plans; The longer the investment, the higher the return. Investors may gain extra profits based on continuous investment duration. For instance, investment which is longer than 31 days will receive 1% extra bonus while those which exceed 221 days gain up to 5% extra bonus. Besides, AI Gain Booster Programme offers investors to accumulate boosters through investment capital and profit. See addition information at advantage No. 8. Such plan has not been launched in S Block Wallet.

  1. Direct Referral Profit Reward

AI Gain Referral Programme only offers rewards for investors with successful invitees. Such “One layer” mechanism is simpler than the upline-downline mechanism in S Block Wallet.

S Block Wallet’s referral profit is based on the number of team members, obtaining static income from the 1st to 15th generations. 1st generation downline offers 100% profit, while 2nd to 10th generations 10%, and 11th to 15th generations 5%. Such downline development and multi-layer profit features are controversial and considered as illegal Pyramid Scheme.

8. Level Advancement

S Block Wallet has 5 levels; it offers peer profit and community reward to investors based on their numbers and levels of direct invitees as well as the team’s performance. Such multi-layer chain profit and calculation are too complicated. That being said, AI Gain’s 6 levels are only based on investors’ capitals. As long as the capital reaches next level’s requirement, investors may accumulate more boosters to boost investment duration and achieve higher extra profit.

  1. Application Management

S Block Wallet users can only access their personal account through mobile application. Nonetheless, AI Gain not only has a mobile application, but also has information and mobile websites for investors to perform trades and view account information. Besides, our websites have synchronised exchange rate and latest news, offering investors with convenience and real-time tracking.

  1. Supported Languages

Both AI Gain and S Block Wallet support registration from countries across the globe. While the former offers 7 languages, the latter only offers 6 languages. What’s more, AI Gain also supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, providing global Chinese investors the utmost convenience.

It is worth mentioning that starting from a value of 1USD each, AIG coins managed to surpass the value of 3USD each in only TWO months. As the leader of this industry and sector, AI Gain will build a firm and reciprocal environment through the aim of achieving compound interests. If your investment goal is the same as ours, feel free to explore better experience via AI Gain. (link:

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Fair Prices for BTC Buys from Online Exchange Provider Switchere

The crypto market is oversaturated with propositions to buy crypto online, right here and right now. However, very few service providers can guarantee fair conditions and timely order delivery. But that is not the case with Switchere, a licensed and certified fiat-to-crypto exchange service provider.

Switchere offers all platform user simple and transparent user workflow and it is worth mentioning that first crypto buys can be done with no signup or verification on the website. The whole procedure of buying crypto is automated to the maximum and the buyer receives the exact amount paid for. There are no unfair pricing or extra charges, the spending limits for crypto buys are high and once fully verified, the platform user can buy crypto with no purchasing limits whatsoever.

The fastest and most efficient way to buy BTC or other crypto is with a bank card. Implemented 3D Secure authentication helps prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. In summary, the online exchange can satisfy the needs of any demanding customer and it works hard on upgrading and adding new features and service extension on a regular basis.

For all interested in making extra profit from implementing marketing tools online, Switchere grants free access to its Referral Program and promotional materials (Referral Links and diverse banners for further embedding on websites, blogs, forums, etc.). It is a 2-Level program, where Referrers can increase their passive income received from attracting Referrals exponentially. All Referral Rewards are lifetime and accrued in BTC, which is very practical, and there are no restrictions as to the number of newly attracted Referrals. The greater the media appearance, the larger Referral network and net revenue will be.


Switchere is an up-and-coming fiat-to-crypto exchange service provider headquartered in Estonia. Irrespective of it novice status on the crypto market, it is firmly establishing itself as a reliable service provider that maintains all regulatory requirements. Its core advantages are accreditation and licensing, fast onboarding, fair pricing and high spending limits for verified platform users, intuitive user interface and frontline customer care services available 24/7.

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PaperTale blends technology with sustainability through the blockchain

Since the environment we buy our products from has become ever more global, it has become more and more difficult to keep track of where and these products are made, and if they’ve been manufactured in a way that adheres to our principles. Now, however, a new Swedish blockchain company looks set to change all that.

PaperTale is a new venture in which you’re able to trace a product from its inception using the blockchain, and it brings with it lots of new possibilities.

Let’s say you’re looking at a table, but you’re curious as to the worker’s living standards where it was made, and wish to see if they were paid a fair wage. You can scan the product with your smartphone, and check to see if the employee’s who made the table receive salaries fit for the acceptable living standards in their country.

Or perhaps you want to get verified information about the table’s supply chain and its environmental impact? Again, just scan the product with your phone and the information will be relayed to you on the screen. Using PaperTale, consumers can be much more ethical with their purchases, choosing products that benefit the workers or the environment most.

This traceability is made a reality through PaperTale by way of special protocols built on the blockchain. These enable you to see detailed facets regarding the methods and ethics used to produce the item. On top of that, through PaperTale and your smartphone, it’s possible to send tips directly to the worker who made your products, and have it verified so you can be assured your money has gone to the right people.

PaperTale has been two years in the making, and is finally ready to make its mark on the world. They already have a proof of concept, through the way of a textile company in Pakistan, where all of their new clothes are manufactured using this technology in mind. The tech isn’t limited to textiles though, with PaperTale the possibilities are almost endless.


If you’re one of the many people concerned about workers’ rights and the environment and want to ensure that what you buy is ethical and complements your principles, PaperTale is the technology that will get you where you want to be. To show your support, their crowdfunding campaign is about to go underway on Kickstarter on 13th November, where you’ll have the chance to be the first to use the new technology.

Support worker’s rights by showing your support for PaperTale.

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A Trading Revolution by Incredible Technology is Changing the Way We Think About Trading.

The world’s first and only cryptocurrency exchange with the Any2Any technology has successfully completed beta testing of the third version of the quantum trading core with a built-in liquidity flow that will completely change the notion of exchange trading.

Surprisingly, all modern exchanges, like hundreds of years ago, still use fixed trading pairs, which are in no way connected at the level of the trading core and the order matching system. Each orderbook only contains orders placed in a specific pair. Although hundreds of cryptocurrencies have emerged, you won’t be able to directly exchange one for another on an exchange, where prices are set by the users themselves – you will need to change it first into one of two or three “base currencies” supported by the exchange, and then transfer it to another, or use the services of exchangers, arbitrageurs, thus having to pay increased fees.

The result of three years of development by the team was an innovative trading core based on cloud technology and quantum principles for combining orders: although the concepts of a trading pair are preserved at the user level and the interface is completely identical to a regular exchange, all orders inside the core exist in a single space and do not have a firm connection between a seller and a buyer, combining the maximum number of orders in all trading assets simultaneously.

According to the developers themselves, it is impossible to confidently predict the progress of execution after another order has been added, since any new order adds liquidity to a part of the system, thereby changing its state and topology. The same effect is observed in quantum physics, where the presence of an observer changes the results of an experiment. Users only benefit from this, as the system often finds more profitable options while executing another order.

The benefits of using the new Any2Any technology are immediately visible: one order in a trading pair immediately creates the same liquidity in all trading pairs containing this token. That is, one user can place an order to buy DASH for Bitcoins, while all others get the opportunity to sell DASH for any of the currencies listed on the exchange.

The old separated “markets” technology incessantly bumped into traditional problems that were noticeable even on national stock exchanges, i.e. a lack of liquidity in most instruments and its concentration in “blue chips”, which led to a decrease in trading opportunities. Cross-rate trading with more often observable strong movements on which one can quickly earn money, was reserved for advanced arbitrageurs boasting their own trading robots. There were also infrastructural restrictions, making it economically impossible to support a large number of orderbooks.

The exchange offers a completely different approach to trading, where hundreds and thousands of cross-rates are available to every user right in the terminal. Thanks to the Any2Any liquidity overflow technology, you can choose any pair from the assets available on the exchange and trade in it. Whereas, orders placed, for example, in the DASH/QTUM orderbook, will automatically appear in all other DASH/* */DASH and QTUM/* */ QTUM orderbooks. And this will lead to the fact that even the most exotic orderbook will collect the entire liquidity for the coins of this trading pair.

How does it benefit trading?

The first and obvious benefit is the possibility of direct trading between coins, without paying double commissions. If you want to switch from DASH to QTUM, you simply place an order in an orderbook of DASH/QTUM. This is much faster than selling DASH first and then buying QTUM. And most importantly, you only make 1 order, and, therefore, pay the trading commission only once.

The second advantage is the ability to view orderbooks/charts in exotic pairs and, accordingly, a huge number of new trading tools, whose rates often go in wider channels than the main instruments. That means they have a greater profit potential.

The third advantage is a multiple increase in liquidity for each coin. Since the entire liquidity of the exchange is summed up across the coins, no matter what pair the orders are in, the liquidity will be available in other pairs as well. This makes manipulating rates much more difficult.

How is this possible?

The fact is that the exchange has developed a trading core of a unique architecture that operates with entire transaction graphs, rather than with single orders. This allows you to reduce hundreds and thousands of cross-orders in different currencies within one transaction and create cross-orders.

Why is there no such thing on other exchanges?

The architecture of the Any2Any core is fundamentally different from standard trading cores and required numerous innovative solutions during its creation. Regular exchanges cannot switch to Any to Any technology without completely changing the very basis – the trading core.

Other major exchanges have also attempted to create Any2Any technology, but only one development team has managed to create a truly working product today.

You can try trading with the new technology at now – no KYC required.

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Greta Thunberg, the new ECO strategy and AQUIX coin, what is in common?

Everyone has heard about the greenhouse effect. Some of them know that it is generally caused by the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) which the human activity leads to. And few people have noticed a news report made the NASA research laboratory, according to which the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth atmosphere has exceeded the mark of 400 PPM (PPM – a unit of concentration, a millionth share).  But only the scientists have been worried by this news. It is great that a simple Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg was able to speak at the UN, drawing the world attention to CO2 emission by industry.

While most people wonder why winters are warm, and there are droughts and catastrophic fires in summer, destroying the hectares of Siberian forests, day by day AQUIX uses all its resources to reduce the amount of the emitted carbon dioxide and prolong life on our planet. The main idea of the company is to ensure the reproduction of physically and mentally healthy people from generation to generation, which will not be indifferent to the environmental problems, such people like Greta, taking the responsibility for the future generations, ready to help in saving and developing biocenoses in that regions where the reorganization of live infrastructure and people economic activities is needed.


In order to achieve the target of the company, AQUIX has created a great team working in the research center. Working since 2004, AQUIX scientists have worked out a revolutionary technology “IZON-flow”. It has taken more than $ 3,000,000 and 15 years of work to study and make calculation of this effect. This patented technology is used in all the company projects, bringing it forward among the other eco-projects. The company is based on the principle of transparency, so that the intellectual property documentation is available for the public and anyone can get acquainted with it. More than that, the results of the tests conducted by the company are also open for review.

Besides the production of household devices, at the moment AQUIX is working on the two projects: one of the inertial vacuum air filter and the second – the industrial waste recycling installation. The inertial vacuum air filters have a unique feature. The proposed technology assumes the absence of smoke emissions in any kind of production. Besides, the proposed technology allows to convert the waste gases produced by industry into a market product, providing an additional economic effect of the gas purification process. The industrial waste recycling installations use solid and liquid waste of human life as raw material. Thus, the equipment works on the cheap materials and allows to obtain synthetic hydrocarbons – base synthetic oil, diesel fuel – which are in high demand now, as well as they will be in the future.

AQUIX will invest its profit not only in further research, but also in paying dividends to people who believe in the success of the company. The system of income division in the company is absolutely different from those of the similar projects:

  1. The investor receives the official contract with LLC “AQUIX”.
  2. The investor automatically gets into the company owners list.
  3. The investor has shares of the company intellectual property.
  4. The company work is built on the blockchain system.

The use of the blockchain system will make the payment system open to anyone. At the moment, the blockchain system is being prepared. It will allow to replace the company shares with its own cryptocurrency, but the difference from the other cryptocurrencies is that AQUIX provides security for its token, ensuring payments by the established production, research center and intellectual property patents. Every year the price of such currency will grow and this growth will be based on the company finance. It should be mentioned that the company can receive a significant part of its income by granting the patent rights to other organizations, allowing them to receive money regardless of any market development scenario. The compliance with the AQUIX patent rights is monitored by the company legal department, which protects the interests of the company co-owners and prevents the illegal use of the company patents.

Due to the transparency of the project, as well as the real payments to the investors, AQUIX significantly stands out among the traditionally dishonest participants of this sphere. Such companies should be set as an example to all the Russian charity organizations with their usual scandals because of the embezzlement of funds or money laundering with casinos. Let’s follow the development of this promising eco-platform.

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