Blockchain Technology Breathes More Life unto a Stagnating Filmmaking Industry

Blockchain technology is proving its mettle as a robust tool for disruption across various industries. This is evident in the establishment of potential value creation platforms for all levels of participants in the various industries that they belong.

Centralized film distribution systems can be blamed for the slow pace of innovations in the filmmaking industry. Considering the available resources and existing technology, it is evident that this industry retains much more potential than what is put out for the public to consume.

Blockchain as a tool for revival

In other to change the status quo, StreamSpace is leveraging upon blockchain technology to deliver a decentralized platform that will offer all levels of filmmakers and viewers alike unlimited benefits.

With the goal of becoming the world’s leading destination for innovative film content, StreamSpace is launching an innovative platform and community that will link creative, independent filmmakers with audiences that seek out quality, edgier film experiences. This is made possible by the implementation of blockchain technology so as to achieve a secure storage method of the video content, based in part on Protocol Labs’ IPFS and Storj. This ensures that contents that are transferred between film owners and viewers do not run the risk of being tampered or pirated.

Portable viewership

The decentralized ledger which blockchain offers will enable enhanced transparency, accountability and security and the front-end decoder and embedded HTML5 player will enhance optimization for video streaming, initially on PCs, followed by the most popular consumer video consumption clients: Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, and SVOD portals

connected to HDTVs (including Google Chromecast, Roku, Microsoft Xbox,

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.). Portable viewership is currently the easiest and most effect way to reach a wider audience, thereby increasing revenue opportunities in terms of market size.

Extended inter-industry benefits

Apart from accessibility and market size, several other innovations embedded in the StreamSpace platform takes it beyond just filmmaking and entertainment. Features such as content recommendation engine, tokenized system of transaction, social community and crowdfunding opportunities makes the platform much bigger that a film distribution network. It indeed creates a total ecosystem that merges entertainment with social relationships and revenue generation.

Apparently, the total revolution that is championed by blockchain technology continues to unfold as we continue to experience its revamping effects, breathing life to dying industries and energizing already vibrant ones.

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DomRaider Group Unveils the First Version of their Blockchain Based Auction Solution under the New Brand Name Auctionity

DomRaider Group is pleased to present the initial version of their blockchain powered auctions solution under the new brand name of Auctionity. A French tech startup, DomRaider has been working relentlessly to develop an open-source solution that will allow real-time management of auctions, leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of the blockchain technology.

The auctions platform Auctionity promises to be an innovative solution for all worldwide auctioning players, including the live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services and online auctions providers. This will be the world’s first decentralized network for real-time management of any auction in the world, both online as well as in the auctioning room.

Some of the key attributes of Auctionity’s blockchain solution will be

  • Publicly verifiable auctions that are tamper-proof
  • Worldwide auctions accessible through generic interfaces
  • Consensus on bids in less than one second
  • Very low transaction cost

The release of the first version of Auctionity is a giant leap forward by DomRaider Group towards the success of their ambitious plan of revolutionizing auctions through blockchain technology.

“This MVP was designed to be very easy to set up and to use. It is meant to be a mainstream and user-friendly tool so that anyone wishing to sell an object through auctions, on a website or blog for example, could do so quickly and easily.’ says Etienne Roudeix, the Blockchain Product Manager for Auctionity.

DomRaider Group has recently completed a highly successful ICO campaign where they managed to exceed the target by selling 560 million tokens to contributors around the world. During this phase, the company rolled out the DRT (DomRaider Token), their official medium of transaction that can be exchanged on the HitBTC, Yobit, and EtherDelta platforms. A hugely successful crowdsale allowed DomRaider to accelerate their developmental activities.

Following the formal introduction of Auctionity, the next step for DomRaider will be to implement this solution with the major players in the auction industry or those willing to provide this type of service in the future. With this goal, they have recently partnered with NaviAddress, a well known digital address platform. Another distinguished industry player is expected to partner with DomRaider to support the deployment strategy of Auctionity.

“We have been in contact for several weeks with a potential partner and the first technical tests will be conducted in the near future. Our objective in the next month is to work in this direction and multiply opportunities similar to this one in order to eventually gain the support of national and international players and have them convinced of the added value Auctionity can bring.” says Tristan Colombet, the CEO of DomRaider.

The DomRaider team is extremely confident that the price of their token DRT will experience a surge in the days to come. They are all set to launch a new website, dedicated to the DRT token with dedicated features for DRT holders, roadmap for DRT, and incentive program for DRT holders.

“To keep our word and to show actual progress on our project is a key reassurance factor for our community,’ explains Damien Henriques, the CMO of DomRaider. “The DRT is already tradable on three exchanges, viz. HitBTC, EtherDelta and Yobit. It will soon be added to several other exchanges.”

To support their ambitious development plan, DomRaider has recently started a major recruitment drive, opening up over forty new positions with a view to double the size of its current team. Following this recruitment, the company is building dedicated teams specializing in technologies that are key to their market, such as blockchain, digital assets and drop catching.

To find out more about Auctionity blockchain based auctions platform, please visit

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Blockchain Powered VR Ecosystem MARK.SPACE Revolutionizes Idea of VR by Eliminating All Existing Barriers

MARK.SPACE, a social interaction platform that utilizes the VR and 3D technologies, is looking to make VR accessible to all social layers in full functionality with the incorporation of blockchain. This project’s vision is to deliver an easy tool to create and launch any VR/3D project quickly without spending a fortune.

24th January, 2018

Blockchain-powered 3D and VR open source platform for creation and integration of spaces and objects, MARK.SPACE is now making strong inroads in the rapidly evolving world of Virtual Reality. The project’s recently launched token crowdsale campaign has already caught the attention of the investors and VR enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

There is no denying the fact that VR is an incredible technology with unlimited possibilities. However, in terms of content production and usability, this technology can be rather complicated for most of the potential users. Moreover, so far, the need for expensive specialized equipment has restricted the growth of VR audiences.

MARK.SPACE looks to overcome these barriers by developing and implementing a user-friendly tool to quickly create and launch all types of VR/3D projects. Most importantly, all projects created on this open source platform can be accessed from the commonly used  devices such as a PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones through any web-browser, or using a VR-headset.  The ultimate goal of the project is to create an economy that would enhance, complement and, ultimately replace the existing online economy by merging virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and cryptocurrencies into a fully functional ecosystem.

The MARK.SPACE ecosystem comprises of multiple VR units, each of which can be linked directly to its own top-level domain. All transactions involving these units are recorded on the blockchain to guarantee property right to the units. All unit owners will be able to buy, sell or rent their units to others by executing smart contracts on the platform. All transactions within the platform can be completed using an internal currency called the MARK token (MRK). This utility token allows users to sell and buy VR spaces and objects, consume various goods and use services, pay salaries to their employees and to buy ads to promote their businesses through MARK.SPACE.

Unlike the other existing VR platforms, MARK.SPACE makes it possible to visit the virtual spaces without pre-registering or paying any membership fees. The platform currently offers four thematic districts, viz. shopping, business, residential, and community. These districts allow users to visit virtualized copies of actual fashion boutiques, offices, apartments and fan-clubs. It also presents lucrative commercial opportunities for the business-owners or freelancers to create a stream of income, and productize processes by turning virtual services into sold goods. The platform’s demo is currently available online at

In the recent months, MARK.SPACE has garnered much attention at some of the most renowned blockchain technology events and conferences all over the world. During the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, the MARK.SPACE team had the opportunity to meet key representatives of the financial and real estate sectors, and Science institutes.  The team has also pitched the platform to a major architecture firm while attending the CryptoBazar event in Hong Kong.  In November 2017, Jaguar Land Rover Russia has decided to collaborate with MARK.SPACE to integrate JLR products and services to the platform’s VR system.

Headquartered in Singapore, MARK.SPACE is the brainchild of a team of experts with a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries and functional areas. This team has invested more than two years and more than $5m of personal funds to bring MARK.SPACE to its present stage.

Highlighting their development plan, a senior spokesperson from MARK.SPACE mentioned, “After the Token sale, our prototype will be further enhanced to improve the functionality. The goal is to achieve full decentralization for the benefit of both users and those providing computational capacity and storage resources. This will enable rich functionality from the platform.”

More about MARK.SPACE can be found at

MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit and even have his own the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) space inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.
Contact: Utushkin Vladislav, CMO MARK.SPACE



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Project Districts Emerges as the Perfect Investment Alternative in the Fluctuating Crypto Market

Project Districts, the first ever synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality, is rapidly coming up as a viable investment opportunity in the crypto economy that has experienced massive fluctuations in the recent times. Leveraging the infinite capabilities of a P2P based blockchain ecosystem, it looks to overcome all limitations that have restricted the growth of 3D/virtual and augmented reality so far.

January 24, 2018

Project Districts, a crypto-startup founded by Blockchain Technology LLC, is making quick inroads as a promising investment option for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Built around the cutting-edge blockchain and Virtual Reality technologies, it delivers a system with all necessary tools to convert noble ideas into functional solutions by overcoming the traditional barriers to innovation.

The year 2017 was no less than a roller coaster ride for the global crypto economy, with the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing to astronomical highs. The overall valuation of cryptocurrencies hit a record $800 billion, and ICOs became the order of the day. However, the entire scenario changed drastically by the end of the year. Needless to mention, this sudden shift in market trend has created a certain degree of doubt in the minds of many potential investors.

A number of experts suggest that the long-term success of any blockchain based start-up depends on how efficiently it can identify, strategize and provisioning solutions to the real-world problems. With its base Blockchain framework and competent VR architecture developed with Unreal Engine, Project Districts easily stands apart from all previous implementations of virtual and blockchain technology. This highly ambitious venture is also the first ever synergistic manipulation of blockchain and virtual reality with integrated development options and a limitless ecosystem.

There is no denying in the fact that VR and AR are the two technologies for the future.  In the recent years, several industry heavyweights including Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Qualcomm, and J.P Morgan have made significant investments towards innovation in this sector.  Project Districts is now presenting a viable opportunity for the everyday technology enthusiasts to make an impact.

“At launch, the 3D world users will have at their disposal an immense cache of resources to facilitate innovation of every form and kind. New realities will be shaped, and a faultless self-sufficient ecosystem where the only limitation is imagination, will emerge,” says a senior team member from Project Districts. “It is this thriving miniverse we invite you to be a part of, rest assured that whatever your needs are; be it recreation, business or leisure the Districts 3D world is well suited to accommodate them.”

Project Districts has recently completed their successful first round ICO campaign where they managed to raise funds amounting to almost $8 million. The company is extremely hopeful about their ongoing ICO surpassing its soft cap valued at about100 million 3DCoin (the official transaction medium of the ecosystem).  With adequate resources in hand, the team is now all set to undertake full-time development and implementation of the 3D world.  The beta version of the 3DCoin (official transaction medium of the ecosystem) wallet is now available for download on the web portal of the project. Numerous demo renditions of the Districts 3D world have also been uploaded recently.

This developmental phase is probably the best time for the investors to commit to the Districts project. In addition to numerous early investor perks, they also stand a chance to benefit significantly when 3DCoin goes live on crypto exchanges in the second quarter of 2018. The real world backed value proposition and potentially disruptive nature of Districts clearly indicates substantial demand for the 3Dcoin.

In order to protect the interest of the early investors, the Districts team has recently taken the extra step to curate the 3Dcoin purchasing power of Bitcoin.  This will ensure that the investors will continue to receive 40k 3DCoins for every bitcoin committed to the project, regardless of the volatility of Bitcoin on the market.

To find out more about investment opportunities with Project Districts, please visit

About Project Districts: A brainchild of Blockchain Technology LLC, Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.  This is an efficient system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. Project Districts has been created by combining the core efficiencies of the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

Contact: Mohamed Zakaria Samai



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Game Changing Payment Method for Adult Entertainment Industry, Eroiy to Start

Pre-ICO Campaign on January 30

Eroiy, a blockchain-based incognito payment method for the adult entertainment industry, is all set to start its pre-ICO campaign on January 30. This revolutionary business ecosystem will address a wide range of customer requirements in the industry, including data protection, anonymity, protection from financial fraud, low transaction costs and payment convenience.

January 23, 2018

Blockchain technology startup Eroiy is pleased to announce the company will start its pre-ICO crowdsale campaign on January 30, 2018. It has also been disclosed that the company’s ICO campaign will start on March 1, following the end of the pre-ICO phase. All details related to Eroiy’s crowdfunding initiatives are now available at

Eroiy was created with the vision of solving a series of problems the adult entertainment industry has faced over the years. The most useful feature of this platform is that it allows anonymous transactions on top of eliminating financial middlemen and their associated fees. Discretion while paying for online adult content has been a long-standing demand for both customers and merchants of the adult entertainment industry. By meeting this demand, Eroiy is looking to bring about a radical change in the global adult entertainment market, which is currently worth almost $100 billion. Apart from anonymity, Eroiy also offers benefits such as data protection, financial fraud protection, low transaction costs, and the convenience of one-click payment.

Eroiy will also make lives easier for merchants and service providers through low transaction costs, a limitation on the potential charge-backs, protection from data piracy and financial fraud, and complete independence from credit card companies. Use of multiple payment methods makes it mandatory for them to develop an intricate infrastructure to ensure streamline transactions. Utilizing cryptocurrency as the solution, Eroiy fulfils their ever-increasing need for a decentralized payment alternative.

Based on the NEM blockchain protocol, Eroiy is safe, cost-efficient, fast, and allows users to execute smart contracts. The ecosystem comprises of the EroiyCoin, the Eroiy eWallet, the Eroiy-Xchange, and an Eroiy Crypto Debit Card. The company claims the Eroiy eWallet is a one-of-a-kind solution for convenient, anonymous and cost-efficient payments of online content and merchandise.

Eroiy is the brainchild of a team with a wealth of experience and numerous key contacts in the adult entertainment industry. The organization’s CEO, Markus Steffen, has worked as a Director and Partner, delivering effective business solutions for over fifteen years. The advisory body of Eroiy comprises of many seasoned professionals from different fields, such as e-commerce, online marketing, event monetization, risk management, finance, law, and cryptocurrencies.

“The adult entertainment industry is already known for innovation, and it is now time for it to adopt cryptocurrencies,” says Markus Steffen, the CEO of Eroiy. “Through the introduction of Eroiy, we have the possibility to enhance trust and discretion in the business. It is the only way for the market to develop, take its next steps, and increase its social acceptance. Whether for end users, merchants or token-buyers, Eroiy is there to help individuals unfold improvidently.”

The Eroiy Corporation has already managed to build a chain of adult entertainment companies that are ready to accept Eroiy as their payment system. Agreements for key collaborations with the industry’s leading marketing, media, and trade fair companies have also been initiated.  While recently attending the XBiz and InterNext trade shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas respectively, the company has received tremendous response from the major players in the industry. The overall concept of Eroiy was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the general participants. As a result, there are numerous upcoming collaborations with highly experienced business partners that are perfect for the project’s advancement and implementation.

EroiyCoins sold during the upcoming ICO will immediately be distributed to the provided address inside the EroiyCoin Client Area and be made visible and accessible at the Eroiy eWallet. Key details related to this crowdsale campaign are mentioned below.

Pre-ICO: Starts on January 30 and Ends on February 28

ICO:  Starts on March 1 and ends on March 31

Pre-ICO starting price: 1 Eroiy for $0.08

ICO starting price: 1 Eroiy for $0.12

Maximum Eroiy produced: 2 billion

Maximum Eroiy for sale: 1.2 billion

Fundraising goal: $48 million

Minimum purchase: 100 Eroiy

Purchase methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XEM, and fiat currencies such as US Dollar, Euro, and Swiss Franc.

More details can be found at

About Eroiy: Eroiy is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed specifically as an incognito payment alternative in the adult entertainment industry. The beauty of it is that it allows for anonymous transactions and is independent of the financial middlemen and their associated fees. This revolutionary development promises to be a gamechanger for the approximately USD 100 billion adult entertainment market worldwide.

Contact: Walter Hasenclever, PR Director



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Propy launches the First Pilot in the US for blockchain land registry

On 22nd January 2018,  Propy Inc. (Palo Alto, California, USA) announced, that they had launched a pilot project to develop a global real estate conveyance management system and global real estate data model as a blockchain. The blockchain-based solution would revolutionize global real estate purchasing and registration processes worldwide, according to the company.

The company referred to three partners having been committed to the project already, all based in Vermont, USA.

City Clerk’s Office of South Burlington

Agency of Commerce and Community Development

Gravel & Shea PC Attorneys At Law

According to the announcement of the company, their products would consist of a global real estate property store, a transaction recorder and a global land records registry that was free of jurisdiction. The report did not, however, mention how the outlaw nature of the blockchain planned to respond the issue of overlapping or conflicting interests among diverse jurisdictions worldwide, or how many of those would be interested in giving up their sole monopoly for land record management for the global blockchain-based system.

The CEO of Propy Inc., Natalia Karayaneva, was quoted to have said, that the pilot project was to demonstrate how blockchain technologies can be useful in reducing costs of governance, improving the efficiency of management systems and furthermore improving their security in the way the data integrity can be guaranteed. 

City Clerk Donna Kinville, a representative of The City of South Burlington, VT, USA, was quoted to have said, that the city was “always interested in taking advantage of technology” to enhance delivery of its services to the residents. Furthermore, the Clerk noted, that the City of Burlington was keen to learn more during this pilot with Propy Inc.

Furthermore, earlier a California-based news agency PRNewswire described The State of Vermont, USA, as having a “blockchain-friendly legislation” and that the State was “attracting innovative technology companies”. Furthermore, the agency noted, that this pilot demonstrates, that the State of Vermont has provided their full support and active participation in some technology companies. 

Finally, the same news agency noted, that a number of blockchain engineers from Fortune 500 companies, and other experts and industry leaders had joined the efforts of the founder of the company, Propy Inc., Natalia Karayaneva. Her relevant experience as an international real estate broker, developer and as a serial entrepreneur was mentioned in the report when describing the company and the pilot project. 

Along with the announcement, the company noted, that it has offices in Bulgaria within the European Union and Ukraine, in addition to the Palo Alto headquarters in California, USA.

About Propy: Propy is the world’s first international real-estate

marketplace. The team at facilitates connections between international entities to enable the seamless purchase of international real-estate online for the first time. It aims to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real-estate industry.
Learn more:

PR NewsWire Press Release

Coindesk Press Release

About Propy: Propy is the world’s first international real-estate

marketplace. The team at facilitates connections between

international entities to enable the seamless purchase of international

real-estate online for the first time. It aims to solve the problems facing

international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property

store and asset transfer platform for the global real-estate industry.

Contact: Leo Khan



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WAWLLET secures $35 million worth of Tokens for listed Venture Capital firm in pre-sale of their new WIN Tokens

World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport launches ICO

Nicosia, 23 January 2018 – WAWLLET will launch an ICO for up to 89 million of its WIN Tokens at $3 USD per Token on 29 January, including a reservation of $35m USD worth of Tokens for issuance (with a lock-in period of up to 18 months) pursuant to an agreement with an EU listed Venture Capital firm. 44 million Tokens will be available on the Public ICO, with 45 million Tokens available in a VC and Hedge Funds session.

WAWLLET is the world’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport. It connects people, banks and financial services, both traditional and new. WAWLLET provides a single dashboard view of FIAT and digital assets, letting users transfer between them instantly, wherever their accounts or assets may be in the world.

Mihail Lala, Founder, WAWLLET, commented:

“As cryptocurrencies become more prominent and personal online banking thrives, the world needs a secure multi-asset wallet. I am delighted to launch our ICO following the support of a listed Venture Capital firm as it proves the demand for this offering, giving us the confidence that our model is solid and much-needed. We have seen encouraging interest in our WIN Tokens from other sources too, so much so that our pre-sale session achieved capacity within less than 36 hours and we have reasons to believe that the Hedge Funds and VC session will soon sell out as well”

The ERC20 compliant WIN Tokens sale will be launched on 29 January and will be used as the exclusive payment method within the WAWLLET platform and for the company’s accredited third-party providers. The WIN Tokens have an implied settlement value mechanism that rewards their early purchasers through the ICO, with WAWLLET guaranteeing a settlement value for each WIN Token which is the highest of:

  • USD 9.00 (Nine U.S. Dollars); or
  • The ETH Market Value (ETHMV) at the time of the relevant transaction, multiplied by the ETH Attributable Rate (ETHAR), multiplied by three; or
  • The BTC Market Value (BTCMV) at the time of the relevant transaction, multiplied by the BTC Attributable Rate (BTCAR), multiplied by three; or
  • The WIN Token market value at the time of the relevant transaction.

With the above described mechanism, WAWLLET guarantees that in the event that the Token becomes available at a retail price below USD 9.00, WAWLLET will provide the user services at a minimum rate of USD 9.00 per Token. On the other hand, while the WIN Token Settlement Value is related to the Bitcoin and Ether rates, if these cryptocurrencies increase in value, the WIN Token Settlement value will increase its value proportionally. In case Bitcoin or Ether decrease their value, the USD 9.00 mark will secure the token Settlement Value.

Full details of the WIN Tokens can be found in the company’s White Paper at

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StreamSpace Introduces the World’s Most Advanced Decentralized Video Marketplace

Connecting Filmmakers Directly to their Customers

Austin, TX 17th January, 2018

StreamSpace, a Texas-based Blockchain start-up, is all set to revolutionize the film industry by eliminating the existing distribution channels between filmmakers and their customers. Utilizing decentralized storage systems and blockchain, StreamSpace has created a secure platform where filmmakers can set a price for their work and receive payments directly from the customers.

StreamSpace has just announced the start of their Initial Coin Offering. This token sale will continue till February 27, offering a total of 250 million StreamShares (SSH).

StreamSpace is a secure platform for video distribution that has been created with the goal of disrupting the present-day idea of video content distribution by eliminating the middlemen. It will empower independent filmmakers to retain financial control over their film projects, while enabling consumers to receive quality film content directly from the creators.

A few global distribution giants have ruled the roost in the global movie industry for many years. Surprisingly, about 80% of the films produced each year are never seen because they fail to secure the necessary distribution support from a major studio. Filmmakers are often left with no alternative but to rely on film festivals and similar channels. This has led to a situation where consumers face an erosion of choice as they mostly have access to major blockbuster releases promoted heavily by the studios. Independent filmmakers are left without adequate multichannel distribution relationships and a paucity of income.

StreamSpace is currently in the process of building a novel distribution platform and an ecosystem that will create links between filmmakers and their fans, revolutionizing the film industry in much the same way the music industry has changed over the past decade or so. The filmmakers will be able to set a price for their content and receive payments immediately from consumers. The system’s secure monetization engine will place more than 90% of payments directly into the hands of the filmmakers.

StreamSpace can also help filmmakers use crowdfunding techniques like ICOs, a powerful new tool that is more effective than conventional crowdfunding services. To ensure secure storage and transmission of files, StreamSpace will utilize encryption and blockchain technologies. Moreover, consumers will finally have direct access to quality film content from the independent creators.

“Today, as video relies on high infrastructural costs on bandwidth and storage, only three companies can afford to deploy a global platform, and they have monopolized the market, creating an environment in which authors are not monetizing, users only reach low quality content, and advertisers cannot reach their audiences,” says Robert Binning, the CEO of StreamSpace. “Our goal is to become the world’s leading destination for innovative film content, with a deep catalog that will enable personalized viewing experiences and that will be rewarding for our two core customers, independent filmmakers and indie film aficionados.”

StreamSpace has been built around nine key components:

  • Secure storage method
  • Blockchain transaction ledger
  • Front-end decoder and embedded HTML5 player
  • Content recommendation engine
  • Secure digital wallet
  • Private token exchange
  • Community-focused front end
  • Social media channels
  • Initial Coin Offering / Token crowdfunding campaigns

StreamSpace operations are based on digital wallets and smart contracts through the Ethereum Virtual Machine capable of executing smart contracts on the Ethereum chain.  All transactions on StreamSpace’s platform will take place using StreamShares (SSH) tokens. Film enthusiasts can watch a film by adding money to their digital wallet and initiating a token transfer to the wallet of the copyright owner. After receiving the tokens, the copyright owner can convert them to fiat currencies and withdraw.

StreamSpace has circulated only a limited number of StreamShares in the market, and these tokens can be purchased with Ethereum or Bitcoin. Since the start of the StreamSpace ICO, the price of StreamShares has increased on a daily basis, and will soon reach the maximum price of $0.30.

To find out more about StreamSpace and their ongoing ICO, please visit

About StreamSpace:  StreamSpace is a blockchain powered streaming video on demand service that looks to revolutionize the film industry by eliminating the existing distribution channels between the filmmakers and their customers. Making use of cutting edge decentralized storage systems and blockchain technology, they have built a secure platform where independent filmmakers can exercise complete financial control over their creations and consumers have access to quality film content directly from the creators.

Media Contacts:
Jon-Karl Kleitsch
StreamSpace LLC
(512) 527-3034

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The Three Guarantees You Can Only Get From Peculium

The entry of cryptocurrencies has presented people with a unique opportunity to invest and see their investments grow over time. It is the big thing today. But the technology has also rapidly advanced the problem of Big Data.

With more than 1200 cryptocurrencies, hundreds of markets and millions of factors that come into play to define the projectile of a crypto asset in the market, the assessment cannot be done with standard equipment. It is because of this that Peculium developed the latest and most advanced artificial intelligence, AIΞVE, to help with analytics. The AIΞVE uses progressive machine learning to understand the market trends and make the best predictions. How does Peculium work? What are the guarantees?

Comprehensive review and analytics of cryptocurrency Big Data

Peculium employs advanced prediction algorithm to analyze Big Data and get the best predictions. The convergence of factors such as individual cryptocurrency technology, history of its security, emerging demand, and completion requires articulate analytics to make meaning of such details.

At any one moment, Peculium is able to run concurrent analytics on millions of factors on your behalf. Therefore, there is no need to follow crypto magazines with unreliable data. Simply get Peculium.

Reliable cryptocurrency projectile performance in the market

One thing about investment is that people are not only interested in the current market value of an asset, but its projectile. In cryptocurrencies, this is the most important thing. Peculium provides the most reliable projectile so that you can calculate what to expect in months and even years. The predictive algorithm follows every cryptocurrency’s past performance and creates the best projectile for you to follow. It is the surest way to tell where Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple, and Ethereum among other cryptos are headed.

Progressive growth of the Peculium native asset

The target of Peculium is giving users an opportunity to see their investments grow. Now, you have the opportunity to own Peculium by participating in the ongoing ICO. Look at the entire Peculium project and compare it with the point Bitcoin started at.

This means that you can expect the Peculium tokens (PCL) to reach and surpass the point Bitcoin has reached today, in the next couple of years. If you buy PCL between now and close of ICO sale on 24th January 2018, you will get a bonus of 10%.

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Healthureum Is Changing Healthcare Management Systems! Know The Revolution!

Blockchain technology has been one of the hottest new innovations in the traditional technological infrastructure. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become modern-day buzzwords. However, they are much more than just buzzwords – as the technology is bringing rapid changes into various sectors of the economy. A change is coming to the healthcare industry too – Healthureum.

Healthureum is a blockchain based system for healthcare management. Healthureum is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a revolutionary system which will help improve the transparency of the existing healthcare infrastructure, providing more credibility as well as helping the patients with various functions too.

Healthureum is changing the healthcare management systems for the better! The technology is all set to bring a number of changes. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Healthureum.

The Need for Healthureum:

Over the past few years there has been a rise in the dissatisfaction in existing healthcare infrastructure. Patients are looking for a change – and that change comes in the form of Healthureum. Here are a few features which highlight why Healthureum is a great technology –

It allows for an easier, better system of managing medical records. Healthureum stores all medical data on a blockchain network. This makes the data incorruptible and secure. Healthureum blockchain networks keep your data secure and do not allow any tampering. The data cannot be accessed without the permission of the patient.

In addition to this, the Healthureum network also brings in a better inventory management system. It monitors the levels of inventory and automatically re-orders if the stocks fall below a certain limit. This payment to purchase the inventory is automated and made via the HHEM tokens.

Video consultancies are also provided by this platform. The Healthureum network allows patients to easily consult doctors online and can make automated payments to them based on their time. This is a critical feature especially if the patient needs to consult immediately or is out of the reach of doctors at the moment.

The primary goal however, is to infuse confidence and transparency in the healthcare infrastructure – something which has been on a rapid decline of late. For additional details on the Healthureum network, you can check out this video:

The Healthureum Token HHEM

Healthureum has its own cryptocurrency token which is the primary means of payments on the network. The token can be used by the patients to pay all the healthcare expenses that incurs during treatment. A detailed breakdown of the treatment would be provided to the patient so that they know what they are paying for. This infuses transparency in the system.

Moreover, this HHEM healthureum cryptocurrency token can also be used for other purposes such as inventory payments, as mentioned above.

Another major use of Healthureum is the fact that the Healthureum token allows for faster, easier means to make philanthropic donations. Considering that cryptocurrencies are on a major boom – a lot of users tend to make charitable donations using cryptocurrencies. HHEM can be used for philanthropic donations as well!

For more details on the Healthureum network, you can check out their website at

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