The Blockchain is Changing the Dating Game

In 2014, Graeme Simsion released his much-anticipated book, The Rosie Project, which detailed one man’s pursuit of the perfect wife. In conjunction with the book’s release, researchers conducted a study to try and characterize the average person’s love life before tying the knot.

Their results are pretty interesting. According to data reported by The Telegraph, “the average woman will kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heart broken twice before she meets ‘the one.’”

In contrast, the study reported that men will be stood up twice, and they will have at least six sexual partners before they are married.

Honestly, this all sounds like a terrible experience, and for many people, it is.

Lest you immediately become an ageist and think that these problems are merely the product of our modern culture, it’s likely that dating has improved a lot in the last two decades.

In any event, the dating scene has certainly changed a lot in the last twenty years. The onset of the internet provided a new avenue for couples to meet, get to know one another and decide if they had a future together.

The phenomenon is known as online dating first took the world by storm in 1995 with the launch of Their premise was simple enough: create a compelling profile, and we will find you a compatible mate. For many people, this was a compelling proposition, and they signed up. Millions flocked to their platform, and other competitors began to sprout up as well.

Now, the notion of online dating is a ubiquitous part of the dating scene.

According to the Pew Research Center, “Americans now say that online dating is a good way to meet people.” In fact, fully 1/3 of people 18-to-24 will participate in online dating before they are married. In total, 15% of American adults have used an online dating site. This accounts for tens of millions of users who are logging in and hoping to find the right romantic partner.

There is just one problem. While these platforms are incredibly popular, they are not actually very effective.

For example, the same Pew Research study found that 1/3 of participants in online dating platforms never actually go on a date with anyone who they meet on the platform. Of course, there are several reasons for this, but with millions of users sending millions of messages to one another, this crowded space is producing a lot of noise but very little substance.

However, a new blockchain-based platform, PonderApp, is ready to make a profound difference in this area.

PonderApp is a decentralized dating platform that allows users to connect people who have certain criteria in common. With PonderApp, anyone can play matchmaker, and because of the personalized experience, there is an excellent opportunity to for a successful match.

Moreover, PonderApp incentives this procedure by compensating the matchmakers. If a couple goes on a date, the matchmaker is paid $20. If the relationship is ultimately successful and the couple gets married, PonderApp will compensate the matchmaker with $1,000.

In this way, PonderApp beautifully combines the qualities of social media and personal recommendation. People are far more likely to get a job, purchase an item, or eat at a restaurant if they have been personally recommended for the event. With PonderApp, the same conventions can apply to dating.

Because PonderApp is housed on the Ethereum blockchain, it can tokenize users’ information so that the platform is more private, secure, and trustworthy than on typical websites or dating apps. In addition, it can scale to accommodate other services beyond just dating. For example, the PonderApp platform could help business introductions or friendly acquaintances. Because the blockchain is so expansive, the possibilities are broad.

Our lives are becoming increasingly connected, and that connection is happening online. As people turn to online dating services to help them meet their perfect mate, the blockchain stands ready to change the dating game for the better. With PonderApp, the personal recommendation from a friend could lead to the perfect partner who lasts a lifetime.

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World’s First Chatbot Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency, Exenium Starts Initial Token Offering with Lucrative Bonus for Early Adopters

Exenium has just started their ITO campaign, offering excellent benefits for the early investors. This is the world’s first fully functional cryptocurrency exchange that has been implemented as a chatbot for the most popular messengers, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord.

Feb 10, 2018

Exenium is delighted to announce that their Initial Token Offering has just gone live. A multiplatform cryptocurrency exchange for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, this platform comes with a comprehensive set of tools for multi-currency investor portfolio management. The creators claim that in Exenium, they have built the world’s first ever chatbot trading platform that supports messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord. The just launched ITO provides an excellent opportunity to acquire the exchange’s liquidity guaranteed promotional token called XNT.

Exenium was created with the goal of delivering a service that will solve all the complex requirements of today’s volatile cryptocurrency market. Though there has been huge buzz about ICOs in the recent times, during the crowdsale stage, almost 85% of these projects lack a minimum viable product. Moreover, with new cryptocurrencies hitting the market every now and then, almost 99% of the tokens experience a price drop because of an excessively high supply and low demand.  Exenium looks to solve this crisis by creating an ecosystem where all the spent tokens will be withdrawn from circulation. This mechanism will not only increase the token’s capitalization, but also influence the token price throughout its circulation phase.

Most of today’s cryptocurrency exchanges are also crippled by difficulties such as DDos attacks and unstable service, hacker attacks and  insider leaks, steep learning curves, poor or no customer support, and issues related to regulatory policies. Interestingly, Exenium has done well to come up with a solution for each of these problems.

  • Exenium is capable of withstanding DDoS attacks of any length and process up to ten thousand order creation requests per second, with an unlimited amount of simultaneously connected users.
  • The platform has successfully passed a rigorous stress testing process for the security of the servers.
  • With an intuitive and easy to use interface, Exenium allows users the freedom to choose the instant messenger of their preference to work with the exchange interface.
  • 24/7 technical support for each customer inquiry directly through the messenger chosen by the user.
  • Fully compliant with the AML and KYC requirements imposed by exchange regulators.

“In order to hack Exenium, one will first have to hack the core of Telegram / Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp etc. and then identify the IP of our bot. Our bot sends requests to the messenger every second, requesting whether it is still working,” explains a senior member of the Exenium team. “If there is no signal, it stops working and our core changes the IP address of the bot. Therefore, finding the IP address of Exenium core is an extremely difficult job. Exenium core works only with whitelist IPs, and there is some more security levels that we would not like to disclose at this stage.”

Exenium platform comprises of several key modules as mentioned below.

  • Wallet: Allows users to hold cryptocurrency and fiat, and transfer to others within the exchange as well as directly to the messenger account.
  • Trading: Allows creating orders and exchanging currencies.
  • Affiliate Program: Provides access to a personal referral link with the ability to track partner rewards.
  • ICO/ITO: Offers tools for conducting Initial Token Offerings for the exchange and various other utility tokens.  The listing of tokens is cheap and quick without any bureaucratic interference.
  • Investment Management System: Provides a toolset for investment funds to manage multi-currency portfolios.
  • Statistics: Data support to keep track of funds in deposit accounts, number of open and closed orders, trading volume for each currency pair, and Top-5 best tickers.
  • Verification: Helps ensure AML and KYC compliance.
  • Payment System: Provides fiat gateway.

All services available on Exenium can be paid using Exenium’s own token named XNT. While making any payment with XNT, there will be an addition of 5% of its exchange rate value as discount. The XNT digital token will be released on the Ethereum platform, as per the ERC20 standard. The token contract will be released after the ITO, when the emission quantity will be established.

More about Exenium and their ongoing ITO campaign can be found at

About Exenium: Exenium is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chatbot for Telegram and other popular messengers. It has all the features of traditional exchanges, such as wallets, fiat and cryptocurrency funding, KYC verification and others, wrapped in a quick and intuitive interface. It uses powerful servers to ensure stability, handling up to 10,000 simultaneous order submissions.


Alexander Korzhanov



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MARK.SPACE Raises Hopes of a Lucrative Alliance between VR and E-Commerce through its Revolutionary Blockchain Powered Ecosystem

The much anticipated merging of two groundbreaking technologies, VR and E-Commerce, may soon become a reality with the recent launch of MARK.SPACE.  This blockchain based VR/3D platform empowers all online retailers to enjoy the benefits of VR regardless of their size, by eliminating the need for expensive VR-equipment or any other significant investment.

7th February, 2018

The advent of VR is considered to be a gamechanger for the future of the global e-commerce industry. Though VR is increasingly being adopted by both large online retailers and world’s most popular fashion brands around the world, creating an industrially viable combination of VR and E-Commerce is still at a very early stage of development. However, the recent launch of MARK.SPACE, a 3D and VR open source platform powered by blockchain, has created new hopes in terms of making this dream a reality.

The e-commerce industry can benefit immensely by utilizing the unique capabilities of VR to increase sales, expand the base of loyal customers by increasing customer satisfaction, create more attractive advertising, and add psycho-emotional elements to the shopping experience. VR will also make it possible to eliminate the some major shortcomings of both physical stores and e-commerce platforms. In its present form, online shopping does not provide the visibility and interactivity that the brick-and-mortar outlets offer. The hybrid of physical and online stores in the form of a platform for VR e-commerce can really solve these problems.

Mentioned below are some of the ways in which some organizations have already made use of the very lucrative alliance of VR and e-commerce technologies to enhance the popularity and relevance of their brands.

  • Allowing consumers to travel around the world in seconds, visiting virtual versions of their flagship stores and making purchases there.
  • Increase the desire to purchase goods by offering virtual fitting rooms and virtual areas for planning home decorations.
  • Creating online, interactive showrooms and virtual exhibition halls

In spite of being an extraordinary technology, the large scale application of VR has been somewhat stifled due to the need for expensive specialized equipment. MARK.SPACE was designed to overcome these limitations by delivering a tool that helps launch all types of VR/3D projects that can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones through any web-browser. Most importantly, there is no need for a VR headset.

The project MARK.SPACE works on the blockbuster, distributing the load among the servers and allowing the owners to code the internal crypto currency. Towards the end of 2017, the company raised $ 5 million during the preliminary stage of their token sale.

Over the last few months, MARK.SPACE has hit the headlines on a number of occasions. Evgeni Malkin, the NHL Club Pittsburgh Penguins player, has invested $ 4 million over the last two years for the development of the “virtual universe” on the blockroom by MARK.SPACE.

“The founders were so excited by the project that I believed in the team earlier than in the idea, and when I saw the prototype, all doubts fell away,” says Evgeni Malkin.

The MARK.SPACE founders refer to their project as the “next generation Internet.”Interestingly, this is an improved version of the popular online game Second Life that currently has over one million active users. “Inside our world, the same economic principles and laws apply as in life,” says Vladislav Utushkin, the Director of Marketing and Product at MARK.SPACE. “Digitized avatars of people can buy real estate, communicate, buy goods and learn.”

MARK.SPACE informs that the prototype of the virtual universe is already operational, and the launch of the full version is planned for the end of 2018. According to Utushkin, the company is currently receiving around one hundred applications per day from individuals interested in purchasing “virtual real estate.”

More about MARK.SPACE can be found at

MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit and even have his own the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) space inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.
Contact: Utushkin Vladislav, CMO MARK.SPACE



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FLOGmall Intertwines Blockchain and E-commerce, Outpacing EBay

What do the e-commerce industry and the cryptocurrency market have in common? Their impressive growth. Granted, for now their rates differ significantly. The volume of the global online retail market stood at 1.55 trillion dollars in 2017, with an annual growth rate of 25.5%. At the same time, in its daily transaction volumes the cryptocurrency market has already reached medium size on the New York Stock Exchange, at about 50 billion dollars. According to the latest data from CoinmarketCap, the approximate capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market is about 550 billion dollars. And many forecast a doubling in cryptocurrency volumes in 2018.


This all means that, rather than ignoring interesting trends, it’s worth keeping up with, if not staying ahead of world developments.

What do blockchain and cryptocurrency mean for the e-commerce industry? They mean fast transactions, low commissions, and a huge potential to attract new buyers holding cryptocurrency, at a time when the world market has not yet built up a sufficient offering of goods and services for this category of buyers.

EBay Has a Problem

In the current situation, the number of Bitcoin and altcoin holders has increased sharply, but the heavy-footed world of the retail giants has not had time to adjust to the processes underway.

Just think: how long will it take Amazon or eBay to introduce the option to pay for goods or services using digital currency? It’s suspected to take a while, since the primary issue comes down to the law, the possibilities for regulating transactions, and the complexities of taxation.

The fact of the matter is that the major companies cannot:

  • Engage in commercial activities with cryptocurrencies in jurisdictions where it is forbidden.
  • Calculate their tax burden and pay taxes.
  • Exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency.

Who Needs Altcoin?

And another question. Even if certain loopholes are found in the law, or if the global government makes concessions, what is the likelihood that payment systems will integrate all types of cryptocurrency, including the least popular altcoins?

The probability trends toward zero, even though it would be holders of exactly those assets who would most actively seek platforms where they can spend the “dead weight” they have accumulated.

Given the ever more brutal competition for customers, access to a new, developing market of cryptocurrency holders, with a highly solvent audience, would be a huge advantage for a recently launched project.

FLOGmall Knows What It’s Doing

The FLOGmall project team took into account all the nuances above when developing its international e-commerce platform, along with other considerations:

  1. Users will be able to exchange cryptocurrency for mass-market goods and services.
  2. Payment will be possible even with altcoins, which would create the ideal opportunity for exchanging illiquid goods for low-demand assets.
  3. Purchases through smart contracts would eliminate the risk of non-payment or non-receipt of goods.
  4. The purchase of goods or services for cryptocurrency would take place without the platform’s involvement or commission. This way, the platform does not impose its services on buyers, always offering an alternative, and significantly decreases the expenses of small-scale sellers compared to the large traditional e-commerce platforms.

As of now, the pool of cryptocurrency holders may be growing rapidly, but it remains insignificant as a proportion of all customers on the e-commerce market. This is why implementing additional payment methods for goods and services is not yet strategically important for the industry giants.

In the large internet companies, any change happens slower than developments in the market. For that reason, smaller players have the opportunity to be among the first to establish themselves in this market.

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NFL and NBC Block Cryptocurrencies from the Super Bowl

AML Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that stands out in terms of security and compliance with financial regulations, was denied the chance to get this fact out to the American public this week with a humorous Super Bowl ad.

The National Football League and NBC, the network that broadcast Super Bowl LII on Sunday, decided not to accept an ad by AML Bitcoin entitled “North Korea Can’t Steal AML Bitcoin.” The ad showed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un raging at distraught underlings who, despite previous successes stealing other cryptocurrencies, were unable to hack AML Bitcoin. It ended with the tagline, “Sorry, Dear Leader…”

Although other cryptocurrencies are notoriously vulnerable to hacking and phishing, with no recourse available to the theft victims, AML Bitcoin was designed from the ground up with security and regulatory compliance in mind. It has anti-money-laundering, anti-terrorism and theft resistance built in, and complies with bank secrecy, know-your-customer (KYC) and other laws fighting financial crimes.

The National Football League does not state its reasons for declining Super Bowl advertising. Nonetheless, AML Bitcoin creator Marcus Andrade was irate. In a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall, the disabled veteran wrote “An ad taking Kim Jong-un, dictator of North Korea, to task in a humorous and biting way should not be offensive to anyone. Our ad reminds viewers that Kim Jong-un and his army of hackers have been stealing billions of dollars of Bitcoin and other digital currencies for the past few years, funding their rogue nuclear weapons programs… our ad points out that, unlike the other digital currencies, the AML BitCoin has been designed with features that prevent his army from stealing it.”

This may be part of a growing trend among skittish media outlets to shy away, for reasons good and bad, from accepting advertising from cryptocurrency companies. Facebook recently announced that it would no longer show ads from products and services “that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive practices,” among which it included cryptocurrencies, making no distinction among the good-faith and bad-faith players on the market. Facebook held out the hope that it could review the policy as it received more information.

Like any innovative technology, the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrencies can be put to good uses but can also be used for less salubrious ends. As the value of Bitcoin soared throughout 2017, it was almost inevitable that the frenzy would attract scammers and conmen.

Both business and government have clearly and repeatedly stated the need for a digital currency that can resist fraud and comply with mainstream regulation, and AML Bitcoin takes giant strides to meeting this goal. Their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has been notably successful, and is currently in phase 3, the public sale of tokens.

AML Bitcoin was created by the NAC Foundation, which has its headquarters in the USA and is a member of the American Bank Association. For more information (including a link to the Super Bowl ad), go to

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Beta Version of Goes Live, Allowing Crypto Trading through Multiple Platforms within a Single Interface

BitsGap has just announced the formal release of the beta version of its intuitive crypto trading platform. The platform offers extraordinary features to support trading via many different crypto trading platforms, utilizing just one interface and will be useful to both newbies as well as experienced traders.

BitsGap is pleased to announce that the beta version of their intelligently designed trading platform is now up and running. Unlike most other similar platforms, BitsGap will allow users to trade through many different crypto-trading platforms with just one single interface. Currently, BitsGap is inviting both experienced traders, as well as those, who are just getting into crypto trading, to try out the beta version of this new and unique platform.

The explosive rise of cryptocurrency in recent times has resulted in a significant growth of online currency exchanges and trading platforms, where anyone can profit from market speculations. However, these platforms lack some of the key features that traders look for.

The platform is ideally suited for the beginners in the field of crypto trading, because it comes with a demo mode feature, where users can hone their trading skills without any risk. Interestingly, BitsGap is the very first project in the crypto world where you can practice trading free of charge and without investing any of your own funds.

To make trading more profitable for the seasoned crypto traders, in its fully functional stage, BitsGap will offer a variety of attractive key features, including trading indicators, signals and a portfolio feature, as well as social trading, and much more. At the moment, among the different trading platforms that BitsGap will connect and unify there are:,,,,,,,,,, and, as well as many others yet to come. 

BitsGap was created by a team of industry experts with a decade of experience in trading, asset management, and blockchain technology. Having successfully completed the beta launch of the project, the BitsGap team is confident about delivering a highly efficient online destination, that will take care of diverse requirements of the constantly expanding pool of crypto traders around the world.

“Our vision is to create a trading platform that will address all the needs of both beginners as well as experts. We have already managed to build the only trading platform where you can practice without actually investing anything” said a senior developer from the BitsGap team. “We now invite all crypto enthusiasts to register and participate in our beta testing phase to help refine the platform. We will only have limited slots for this beta version, so hurry up and register as soon as possible, if you want to take part in a unique new project in crypto history.”

The beta version of BitsGap will only be made available to the first five thousand registered users and they will be able to use the service for free until the development stage is fully complete. Upon the completion of the project, the traders will be able to use this platform only on paid subscription basis. However, for those participating in the beta test, BitsGap will provide a free 3 month subscription, as well as a more extended view of arbitrage trading, with a 150 USD limit, in oppose to the standard 40 USD. The demo trading feature will remain free of charge for all users, even after the project release is fully complete. To find out more about BitsGap and register for the beta version, please visit

About BitsGap: BitsGap is an intuitive crypto trading platform that allows trading via many different crypto trading platforms utilizing just one interface. The most extraordinary feature of this platform is that its demo mode provides an opportunity for the traders to practice trading without making any investment at all. Currently in its beta stage, upon completion, BitsGap will support crypto trading via,,,,,,,,,, and among others.



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Blockchain Technology Breathes More Life unto a Stagnating Filmmaking Industry

Blockchain technology is proving its mettle as a robust tool for disruption across various industries. This is evident in the establishment of potential value creation platforms for all levels of participants in the various industries that they belong.

Centralized film distribution systems can be blamed for the slow pace of innovations in the filmmaking industry. Considering the available resources and existing technology, it is evident that this industry retains much more potential than what is put out for the public to consume.

Blockchain as a tool for revival

In other to change the status quo, StreamSpace is leveraging upon blockchain technology to deliver a decentralized platform that will offer all levels of filmmakers and viewers alike unlimited benefits.

With the goal of becoming the world’s leading destination for innovative film content, StreamSpace is launching an innovative platform and community that will link creative, independent filmmakers with audiences that seek out quality, edgier film experiences. This is made possible by the implementation of blockchain technology so as to achieve a secure storage method of the video content, based in part on Protocol Labs’ IPFS and Storj. This ensures that contents that are transferred between film owners and viewers do not run the risk of being tampered or pirated.

Portable viewership

The decentralized ledger which blockchain offers will enable enhanced transparency, accountability and security and the front-end decoder and embedded HTML5 player will enhance optimization for video streaming, initially on PCs, followed by the most popular consumer video consumption clients: Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, and SVOD portals

connected to HDTVs (including Google Chromecast, Roku, Microsoft Xbox,

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.). Portable viewership is currently the easiest and most effect way to reach a wider audience, thereby increasing revenue opportunities in terms of market size.

Extended inter-industry benefits

Apart from accessibility and market size, several other innovations embedded in the StreamSpace platform takes it beyond just filmmaking and entertainment. Features such as content recommendation engine, tokenized system of transaction, social community and crowdfunding opportunities makes the platform much bigger that a film distribution network. It indeed creates a total ecosystem that merges entertainment with social relationships and revenue generation.

Apparently, the total revolution that is championed by blockchain technology continues to unfold as we continue to experience its revamping effects, breathing life to dying industries and energizing already vibrant ones.

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DomRaider Group Unveils the First Version of their Blockchain Based Auction Solution under the New Brand Name Auctionity

DomRaider Group is pleased to present the initial version of their blockchain powered auctions solution under the new brand name of Auctionity. A French tech startup, DomRaider has been working relentlessly to develop an open-source solution that will allow real-time management of auctions, leveraging the extraordinary capabilities of the blockchain technology.

The auctions platform Auctionity promises to be an innovative solution for all worldwide auctioning players, including the live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services and online auctions providers. This will be the world’s first decentralized network for real-time management of any auction in the world, both online as well as in the auctioning room.

Some of the key attributes of Auctionity’s blockchain solution will be

  • Publicly verifiable auctions that are tamper-proof
  • Worldwide auctions accessible through generic interfaces
  • Consensus on bids in less than one second
  • Very low transaction cost

The release of the first version of Auctionity is a giant leap forward by DomRaider Group towards the success of their ambitious plan of revolutionizing auctions through blockchain technology.

“This MVP was designed to be very easy to set up and to use. It is meant to be a mainstream and user-friendly tool so that anyone wishing to sell an object through auctions, on a website or blog for example, could do so quickly and easily.’ says Etienne Roudeix, the Blockchain Product Manager for Auctionity.

DomRaider Group has recently completed a highly successful ICO campaign where they managed to exceed the target by selling 560 million tokens to contributors around the world. During this phase, the company rolled out the DRT (DomRaider Token), their official medium of transaction that can be exchanged on the HitBTC, Yobit, and EtherDelta platforms. A hugely successful crowdsale allowed DomRaider to accelerate their developmental activities.

Following the formal introduction of Auctionity, the next step for DomRaider will be to implement this solution with the major players in the auction industry or those willing to provide this type of service in the future. With this goal, they have recently partnered with NaviAddress, a well known digital address platform. Another distinguished industry player is expected to partner with DomRaider to support the deployment strategy of Auctionity.

“We have been in contact for several weeks with a potential partner and the first technical tests will be conducted in the near future. Our objective in the next month is to work in this direction and multiply opportunities similar to this one in order to eventually gain the support of national and international players and have them convinced of the added value Auctionity can bring.” says Tristan Colombet, the CEO of DomRaider.

The DomRaider team is extremely confident that the price of their token DRT will experience a surge in the days to come. They are all set to launch a new website, dedicated to the DRT token with dedicated features for DRT holders, roadmap for DRT, and incentive program for DRT holders.

“To keep our word and to show actual progress on our project is a key reassurance factor for our community,’ explains Damien Henriques, the CMO of DomRaider. “The DRT is already tradable on three exchanges, viz. HitBTC, EtherDelta and Yobit. It will soon be added to several other exchanges.”

To support their ambitious development plan, DomRaider has recently started a major recruitment drive, opening up over forty new positions with a view to double the size of its current team. Following this recruitment, the company is building dedicated teams specializing in technologies that are key to their market, such as blockchain, digital assets and drop catching.

To find out more about Auctionity blockchain based auctions platform, please visit

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Blockchain Powered VR Ecosystem MARK.SPACE Revolutionizes Idea of VR by Eliminating All Existing Barriers

MARK.SPACE, a social interaction platform that utilizes the VR and 3D technologies, is looking to make VR accessible to all social layers in full functionality with the incorporation of blockchain. This project’s vision is to deliver an easy tool to create and launch any VR/3D project quickly without spending a fortune.

24th January, 2018

Blockchain-powered 3D and VR open source platform for creation and integration of spaces and objects, MARK.SPACE is now making strong inroads in the rapidly evolving world of Virtual Reality. The project’s recently launched token crowdsale campaign has already caught the attention of the investors and VR enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

There is no denying the fact that VR is an incredible technology with unlimited possibilities. However, in terms of content production and usability, this technology can be rather complicated for most of the potential users. Moreover, so far, the need for expensive specialized equipment has restricted the growth of VR audiences.

MARK.SPACE looks to overcome these barriers by developing and implementing a user-friendly tool to quickly create and launch all types of VR/3D projects. Most importantly, all projects created on this open source platform can be accessed from the commonly used  devices such as a PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones through any web-browser, or using a VR-headset.  The ultimate goal of the project is to create an economy that would enhance, complement and, ultimately replace the existing online economy by merging virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and cryptocurrencies into a fully functional ecosystem.

The MARK.SPACE ecosystem comprises of multiple VR units, each of which can be linked directly to its own top-level domain. All transactions involving these units are recorded on the blockchain to guarantee property right to the units. All unit owners will be able to buy, sell or rent their units to others by executing smart contracts on the platform. All transactions within the platform can be completed using an internal currency called the MARK token (MRK). This utility token allows users to sell and buy VR spaces and objects, consume various goods and use services, pay salaries to their employees and to buy ads to promote their businesses through MARK.SPACE.

Unlike the other existing VR platforms, MARK.SPACE makes it possible to visit the virtual spaces without pre-registering or paying any membership fees. The platform currently offers four thematic districts, viz. shopping, business, residential, and community. These districts allow users to visit virtualized copies of actual fashion boutiques, offices, apartments and fan-clubs. It also presents lucrative commercial opportunities for the business-owners or freelancers to create a stream of income, and productize processes by turning virtual services into sold goods. The platform’s demo is currently available online at

In the recent months, MARK.SPACE has garnered much attention at some of the most renowned blockchain technology events and conferences all over the world. During the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, the MARK.SPACE team had the opportunity to meet key representatives of the financial and real estate sectors, and Science institutes.  The team has also pitched the platform to a major architecture firm while attending the CryptoBazar event in Hong Kong.  In November 2017, Jaguar Land Rover Russia has decided to collaborate with MARK.SPACE to integrate JLR products and services to the platform’s VR system.

Headquartered in Singapore, MARK.SPACE is the brainchild of a team of experts with a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries and functional areas. This team has invested more than two years and more than $5m of personal funds to bring MARK.SPACE to its present stage.

Highlighting their development plan, a senior spokesperson from MARK.SPACE mentioned, “After the Token sale, our prototype will be further enhanced to improve the functionality. The goal is to achieve full decentralization for the benefit of both users and those providing computational capacity and storage resources. This will enable rich functionality from the platform.”

More about MARK.SPACE can be found at

MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit and even have his own the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) space inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.
Contact: Utushkin Vladislav, CMO MARK.SPACE



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Project Districts Emerges as the Perfect Investment Alternative in the Fluctuating Crypto Market

Project Districts, the first ever synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality, is rapidly coming up as a viable investment opportunity in the crypto economy that has experienced massive fluctuations in the recent times. Leveraging the infinite capabilities of a P2P based blockchain ecosystem, it looks to overcome all limitations that have restricted the growth of 3D/virtual and augmented reality so far.

January 24, 2018

Project Districts, a crypto-startup founded by Blockchain Technology LLC, is making quick inroads as a promising investment option for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Built around the cutting-edge blockchain and Virtual Reality technologies, it delivers a system with all necessary tools to convert noble ideas into functional solutions by overcoming the traditional barriers to innovation.

The year 2017 was no less than a roller coaster ride for the global crypto economy, with the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing to astronomical highs. The overall valuation of cryptocurrencies hit a record $800 billion, and ICOs became the order of the day. However, the entire scenario changed drastically by the end of the year. Needless to mention, this sudden shift in market trend has created a certain degree of doubt in the minds of many potential investors.

A number of experts suggest that the long-term success of any blockchain based start-up depends on how efficiently it can identify, strategize and provisioning solutions to the real-world problems. With its base Blockchain framework and competent VR architecture developed with Unreal Engine, Project Districts easily stands apart from all previous implementations of virtual and blockchain technology. This highly ambitious venture is also the first ever synergistic manipulation of blockchain and virtual reality with integrated development options and a limitless ecosystem.

There is no denying in the fact that VR and AR are the two technologies for the future.  In the recent years, several industry heavyweights including Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Qualcomm, and J.P Morgan have made significant investments towards innovation in this sector.  Project Districts is now presenting a viable opportunity for the everyday technology enthusiasts to make an impact.

“At launch, the 3D world users will have at their disposal an immense cache of resources to facilitate innovation of every form and kind. New realities will be shaped, and a faultless self-sufficient ecosystem where the only limitation is imagination, will emerge,” says a senior team member from Project Districts. “It is this thriving miniverse we invite you to be a part of, rest assured that whatever your needs are; be it recreation, business or leisure the Districts 3D world is well suited to accommodate them.”

Project Districts has recently completed their successful first round ICO campaign where they managed to raise funds amounting to almost $8 million. The company is extremely hopeful about their ongoing ICO surpassing its soft cap valued at about100 million 3DCoin (the official transaction medium of the ecosystem).  With adequate resources in hand, the team is now all set to undertake full-time development and implementation of the 3D world.  The beta version of the 3DCoin (official transaction medium of the ecosystem) wallet is now available for download on the web portal of the project. Numerous demo renditions of the Districts 3D world have also been uploaded recently.

This developmental phase is probably the best time for the investors to commit to the Districts project. In addition to numerous early investor perks, they also stand a chance to benefit significantly when 3DCoin goes live on crypto exchanges in the second quarter of 2018. The real world backed value proposition and potentially disruptive nature of Districts clearly indicates substantial demand for the 3Dcoin.

In order to protect the interest of the early investors, the Districts team has recently taken the extra step to curate the 3Dcoin purchasing power of Bitcoin.  This will ensure that the investors will continue to receive 40k 3DCoins for every bitcoin committed to the project, regardless of the volatility of Bitcoin on the market.

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About Project Districts: A brainchild of Blockchain Technology LLC, Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.  This is an efficient system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. Project Districts has been created by combining the core efficiencies of the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

Contact: Mohamed Zakaria Samai



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