Databroker DAO is changing how sensor data is bought and sold

databroker dao icoDatabroker DAO is marketing itself with the slogan ‘Making Cities Smarter’ and there is little doubt that the blockchain-based platform will live up to that promise.

It is the first marketplace of its kind to allow both the purchasing and selling of the ‘Internet of Things’ sensor data. Essentially, Databroker DAO is trying to make sensor data that wasn’t available in the past available for those who want to purchase it now.

This is great news for many industries, including those in the agricultural, educational and medical industries. This attempt to monetize sensor data is the brainchild of Matthew van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer, who currently serve as CEO and CTO of the company.

The data

DataBroker DAO is connected to an estimated network with 9 billion sensors. This supplies their platform with an incredible amount of data by anyone’s measurement. Renowned technology website,, estimate that this sensor data could be worth around $600 billion if it was utilised correctly.

DataBroker DAO are also partnering with several big sellers of IoT data in order to strengthen their platform. The likes of Yuktix, Senthus, Desidedatum, Iquadrar, Skylark and Technolog are already on board

A decentralized market for this kind of data has many advantages, such as the following;

  • An opportunity for return on investment for sensor owners
  • Encouragement for further investment in the technology
  • Products and services can be improved by the data on offer
  • An opportunity for enterprises that wouldn’t have such data to improve their offerings

DTX Token

The DTX token, which belongs to the DataBroker DAO platform, is the only means to buy and sell on the marketplace. There are 225 million DTX tokens that were issued by the company.

The token distribution structure for the coin is as follows

0.5% – Bounty campaign
5% – Team incentives
6.5% – Bonus for early investors
10% – Platform funds
30% – lock up
48% – token sale

The presale of the token starts on March 19th – the only payment accepted for DTX is Ethereum.
They will be issued at the rate of 6000 DTX per Ethereum with a 50% token bonus. There will be no sale for values less than 10 ETH.

The crowdsale starts on the 26th of March 2018 at 4pm CET and will end on the 23rd of April 2018. There, tokens will be sold at 4000 DTX per Ethereum with a special 10% bonus for first day investors.

You can visit the Databroker DAO website here:

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