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Skyllz aims to change how expertise is transferred

skyllz icoIn the future, traditional education won’t be where we will look when we want to improve our list of expertise, according to a new blockchain technology company called Skyllz.

It is a blockchain platform whose very business plan encapsulates a changing world for job hunters, who need to keep on top of the ever-changing market by constantly growing their skillset. It will allow users to transfer, search for and validate skills in their custom-made ecosystem.

Excellent reputation

Skyllz comes from the renowned team that brought you Workkola – a recruitment and job hunting solution that replaces CVs with metrics.

It is hoping to take advantage of the growing education technology industry with this new platform. It is estimated that the tech education industry will be worth a massive $94b by 2020.

Skyllz want to standardise and unify the validation of every skill, both educational and soft skills. It also plans on helping users of its platform transfer, purchase and track their skillsets.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will be used to monitor what is called a ‘proof-of skill’, which is a fully traceable account of a person’s reputation in regards to a certain type of expertise.
To use this new and innovative ecosystem, you will have to have a Skyllz Token (SKT).

SKTs will act as a mode of exchange and will allow for users to validate their skills on the platform.
Pre-sale of these tokens is due to happen in March, while regular sale will be open to the public between July and August. More information is available at

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