Announcing the Leverj Token Sale

Leverj is a decentralized, leveraged cryptocurrency futures exchange. The Leverj token sale, which is supported by ConsenSys, begins on November 7, 2017 and the whitelist registration is currently open.

The idea of decentralization is infectious as it is irresistible. People new to crypto are astonished at the possibility of holding assets and trading without relinquishing control to a third party. Then they are hooked. Once you taste freedom you never want to go back …

… except for the user experience. Current DEX offerings cannot compete with the speed and responsiveness of centralized exchanges. If it takes 60 seconds to know if your order went through or 3 days to settle a trade on chain, users fatigue and give up. This traps crypto traders in centralized exchanges and mainstream traders in fiat exchanges.

Leverj can offer the high speed of centralized exchanges by keeping the critical path of order-cancel-fill off the blockchain. Segregated wallets ensure only an account owner can deposit and withdraw funds. Fraud-proofs move the verification into the hands of the users keep the blockchain cost light and the smart contract simple.

Fraud-proofs are necessary because any centralized component can be compromised and can be used to skim and favor a colluding user. A user’s cancelled order for example, may be held and matched at an adverse price. Repeated a few million times over many users, skimming can be a serious attack that is unnoticed for a while.

On Leverj users can simply submit a fraud proof to the smart contract and prevent any loss of funds. Combining segregated wallets and fraud proofs combines the safety of decentralized exchanges with the responsiveness of centralized exchanges.

Our token sale starts Nov 7th and is open to non-U.S., non-China persons. To avoid a last minute rush, you can sign up on our whitelist.

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