• The Blockchain Development Company (BCDC) is targeting regular investors with first token sale
  • 64 million tokens sold at presale & 125 million tokens sold at main sale, equating to £78m of BCDC Tokens
  • BCDC offers investors access to three projects via the BCDC Token: EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax
  • Tokens generate access to projects as well as their increased value

The Blockchain Development Company (BCDC – a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) has today announced that the countdown is on until the launch of its very first token sale. The company, via Blockchain, is offering investors the chance to purchase tokens which as well as increasing in value themselves, allows them access to three humanitarian projects: EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax.

The firm recognises that token sales are, at present, a challenging environment. However, with global law firm Clyde & Co as its counsel – who act for BCDC only – the firm wants to use this token sale to highlight the potential of this type of investment to a wider audience.

The process, as it is now, excludes traditional investors who may wish to take part in a token sale either because they “don’t know how to” due to a lack of technical skills in setting up a “wallet” or simply don’t want the hassle of setting something up.

Rather than exclude the 90% of traditional investors who do not want to have to go to this hassle, BCDC is building a Token Vault. The BCDC Token Vault will make it easy for those unfamiliar with blockchain technology to purchase BCDC Tokens in its token sale. The Vault will automatically store purchased BCDC Tokens and is accessible by a traditional and familiar online login screen/portal format. Each individual can then choose what to do with their tokens. BCDC’s token allow investors access to the BCDC investment projects whilst also accruing value themselves. The projects themselves produce ROI directly back to the investor, or alternatively, said investors can transfer them out when “wallets” become a little more consumer friendly.

BCDC is committed to showing the benefits of blockchain technology to traditional investors, whilst also sourcing investable projects that have a positive impact on the world. The business is the first of its kind to offer cryptocurrency investment products that facilitate community projects. These projects are EcoChain; RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax.

  • EcoChain – this is a blockchain based investment hub and central project comparison tool, which directly connects investors to renewable energy projects around the world, allowing them to gain long-term ROI.
  • RecycleToCoin – this project, currently under development, will see BCDC tokens actively reward recycling. The firm is in talks with national charitable organisations in the UK and will launch before the end of the year to allow consumer to trade in plastic and cans for BCDC tokens & eGift Cards.
  • FoodTrax – BCDC is passionate about enabling transparent supply chain management in the food industry. BCDC will offer an online and fraud-free tracking system from farm to store.

BCDC Tokens are access/utility tokens but BCDC believes investors will make strong, separate, returns on their investments via accessing EcoChain projects with them and thanks to the blockchain technology, are able to monitor their capital throughout.

They can also trust in BCDC’s commitment to transparency as a business. The partnership with Clyde and Co allows BCDC to be one of the leading blockchain companies when it comes to self-regulation. By bringing on a recognised team of legal experts in this field, as well as having the most stringent self-imposed KYC procedures available it will allow them to approach traditional investors who have been cautious to date.

Presale tokens are currently on sale to investors on the BCDC website, here, allowing investors the opportunity to receive a discount based on their purchase amount. At main sale, due to launch on November 21st and ending one week later, investors will be able to purchase 400 BCDC Tokens per ETH.

Gordon Cowan, CEO, BCDC, said: “Token sales have been a challenging environment for traditional investors. We recognise that we’re launching into a market with a troublesome reputation, but want to tackle it head on with the first genuine token sale with immediate investible initiatives. Too long, the benefits of a cryptocurrency investment has been the focus of specialist crypto investors – we believe general investors will be interested in our offer; and have simplified entry via our Token Vault where no digital wallet setup is necessary. We’re passionate about only investing in initiatives that use the money for good. We have developed the three projects, EcoChain, RecycleToCoin and FoodTrax, for that very reason. All three will make a positive difference to environmental and humanitarian issues and underline exactly what we want to do with this investment.”

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