TaaS partners with OSA DC To Build Global Smart Consumer Platform

May 24, 2018–Singapore–Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the world’s first tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, has entered into a partnership with OSA DC, a tokenized AI and blockchain solution for the retail and supply chain industries with an ambition to build the largest global  consumer retail community.

As a closed-end fund, TaaS is dedicated to the development and enrichment of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The service features a smart-contract profit sharing model that awards TAAS token holders with shares of its capital fund gains, a cryptocurrency fund managed by a team of TaaS traders and investors. In addition to this capital fund profit sharing, the service contributes to and invests in promising blockchain projects, and it also serves as an advisory arm for rising stars in the industry to help them accomplish their long-term business development goals.

TaaS first took interest in OSA DC through the D10E conference series. The series brings together hundreds of decentralized and FinTech projects in venues all over the world, and TaaS has cooperated with D10E to invest in the promising start-ups it brings to its events. After OSA DC won 1st place at the D10E conference in South Korea for best start-up, TaaS approached the project for a partnership. TaaS finds value in OSA DC’s AI-driven marketplace and smart contract solutions, and given the proven success of OSA DC’s mother company, the OSA Hybrid Platform, which has delivered results to over 20 retailers and manufacturers around Europe, TaaS has faith in the future success of the product.

“OSA DC promises major developments for the retail industry with global data market place and  practical, real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers, which is certainly worth the support of TaaS, that focuses on supporting blockchain projects that will disrupt global industries” Ruslan Gavrilyuk, co-founder and president of TaaS said regarding the partnership.

The partnership shows that TaaS assists OSA DC in its recently launched token sale, that has started on May 21st,  as well as assist in future business development.  TaaS offers its expertise to best advise OSA DC in the sale and the maturation of its blockchain services. Such extensive experience and knowledge about token economics and decentralization will be invaluable to OSA DC as the start-up continues to grow.

“TaaS has a proven track record of offering quality advisory and token services to successful blockchain projects. We’re excited to begin the next chapter of OSA DC’s development with TaaS as a partner, and we’re confident that the organization’s assistance will help us to achieve a synergy with AI and blockchain that will truly disrupt the global retail industry,” Alex Isaiev, co-founder and business development lead of OSA DC stated.

The long-term partnership will bring value to the decentralized and retail industries alike, as both organizations work to enrich OSA DC’s solutions for the betterment of the international community.

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