LocalCoinSwap confirm that unsold tokens WILL be burned on June 15th

With just over a week remaining before the end of the LocalCoinSwap ICO, Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Worsley, has confirmed that any of the ICO allocation of tokens not sold, will be destroyed.

“The ICO end date is final. Because our token-holders are our owners, we are wholly committed to burn any which go unsold, in order to protect the investment of existing LCS Cryptoshare funders” Worsley said.

“Whilst we are in negotiation with exchanges as we speak, we know that many of our investors are in this for the long haul, determined to hold on to their Cryptoshares in anticipation of the dividend payments which start early in 2019. Therefore whilst secondary market trading will open up the opportunity to buy Cryptoshares to those geographically constrained from ICO purchasing, we do anticipate a limited availability.”

With over $10m raised so far and the third stage of the token sale well underway, the team have their eyes focused on the future for the community. Complete transparency has always been the driving principle at LocalCoinSwap, and as the team count down the final days of their initial coin offering, they are totally clear about their future direction.

LocalCoinSwap will provide interlinked trading and communication tools to provide the greatest possible range of ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on a peer-to-peer basis.

“We want our users to have freedom to choose”, explains CTO Nathan Worsely. “They’ll be able to make deals in any currency, in any location. We’ll offer a choice of simple margin pricing, or the ability to use advanced formulae. And the social community tools are embedded in the platform by design, not bolted-on afterwards – every user will be able interact in the forum and build their own profile and reputation”.

With over 5500 unique users signed up and awaiting the platform launch in August, the community – many of whom are already actively engaged on a range of social media platforms  – are eager to get trading, and see the exchange come to life. And many have a vested interest in this, because LCS Cryptoshares come with additional benefits:

“We remain the only exchange which distributes 100% of profits back to its token holders,” Worsley explains, “and this shared ownership means that we all grow and develop as the exchange itself does.  For us, this underpins a fundamental value of accessibility, making the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies easy, safe and sociable – so that more and more people are encouraged to join us in this economic revolution”.

You still have time to take part in the ICO, which closes June 15th.

https://www.localcoinswap.com/index.html to find out more.


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