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Bermuda’s Land Registry to move forward with Blockchain implementation via Bitfury Group partnership

Launching on the 2nd of July, the Bermuda Land Registry is expected to utilise blockchain technology for storing and accessing national real estate deeds.

The governments move into blockchain will be implemented by Bitfury Group who recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bermuda Government based around improving the islands land registry system for its citizens.

The project will be a first for implementing ledger technology within the government and will act as a pilot educational scheme for possible advancements in other governmental areas

Bitfury Group will also work in partnership with land administration company Trimble and will implement Exonum, their open-source framework to build an additional blockchain layer on top of Trimble’s current land registry system increasing data security.

“The Government of Bermuda has taken huge strides to foster and provide an innovative environment for blockchain technology and create blockchain solutions for their citizens,”

“We are honored to work with Bermuda to build a more secure and transparent country-wide land registry, and we couldn’t be prouder to help advance their mission to improve services for citizens using blockchain.” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury.

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