Bx3 Co-Founder Tapped as VIP Advisor to TokenMatch Kyle Asman to Serve as Key Advisor for Select Initial Coin Offerings

Kyle Asman, co-founder of Bx3, a business advisory firm for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, has been chosen to be a VIP Advisor for TokenMatch, a program designed to introduce promising new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects  to investors.

In this role, Asman is responsible for reaching out to ICOs on joining TokenMatch events, and for providing these projects with the services they need to start a viable business, including with regards to tax, legal, finance, compliance, and marketing.

Asman has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance, banking, and regulatory consulting segments and most recently, has developed complex international tax structures in the tax advisory space. He has held investment banking, regulatory consulting, and transfer pricing roles at Liquidity Energy, Duff and Phelps, and Ryan LLC, a global tax firm. He is also a Venture Capital investor in multiple startups.

At TokenMatch, an elite group of ICO teams present to small groups of investors that have the capacity and mandate to deploy capital. Investors come by invitation only and ICO teams are preselected through a rigorous process. For those who want to allocate capital, their job is to find investable, credible projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Investors review 21 separate projects, and listen to a new pitch every 20 minutes. Set in a boardroom, the small size is the ideal setting to interact, provide and receive feedback, negotiate, and close deals in one day.

“TokenMatch has devised an innovative model by creating an intimate environment between those who want to seek capital and those who want to allocate it,” says Asman. “This as a much more efficient way to vet projects since it eliminates a lot of unnecessary travel and time since investors don’t have to schedule three days over numerous cities to see some of the best programs in the industry.”

The program also serves as an ideal networking event for blockchain startups, as it allows ICOs to learn about each other and form partnerships. To date, TokenMatch events have been held in New York, Hong Kong, and London.

In a similar role, Asman was chosen earlier this year to be an advisor for Daox, an ecosystem for ICOs, where he provides weekly guidance on the ICO process in general.

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