How to Choose a Good Website for Cryptocurrency Betting

Over the last few years more and more online casinos and sportsbooks have started to support cryptocurrencies. The rise of crypto betting is mainly due to the benefits that it brings to the table – both to gambling websites as well as their customers.

If you want to choose a good website so that you can place bets and gamble using cryptocurrency, finding a good betting guide may help. In general however, there are several key areas you should look at.

Hybrid vs. Cryptocurrency-Only

The main choice that you need to make is whether you prefer a hybrid or pure-cryptocurrency website.

A hybrid website is typically a traditional bookmaker or online casino that has opted to support cryptocurrency transactions. In general their quality of service is higher, and they are more reputable – but you won’t be anonymous.

On the other hand a cryptocurrency-only website will leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology. It will keep you anonymous, provide fast transactions, and use provably fair systems. However these platforms may not be as reputable, their service is often lower, and some can be scams.

To put it simply, reputable hybrid websites are safer – but they may not have the full benefits that cryptocurrencies can provide.

Licensing and Security

If you want to safely gamble online, you need to make sure that the website you choose is licensed and secure. If the cryptocurrency betting site is regulated, the risk of fraud is significantly less.

Most reputable hybrid websites are fully licensed and have a proven track record. However the majority of cryptocurrency-only platforms are not. As a rule you should avoid unlicensed sites and steer clear of them, since it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Other Factors

Make no mistake there are many other factors that should play a part in your decision, such as:

  • Types of cryptocurrency supported

Different sites may support different types of cryptocurrency. The most commonly-supported is Bitcoin, but others may support Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. It is up to you to choose a site that supports the type you prefer.

  • Types of games and bets

The types of games and bets offered by cryptocurrency gambling sites can vary quite a bit. Hybrid sites that are established online casinos or sportsbooks generally offer the best range, whereas cryptocurrency-only platforms may have a limited selection.

At the end of the day your goal is to ensure that the types of games and bets that you want to place are available on the website.

  • Platform quality

The quality of the platform can be judged based on its design, the time that it takes to load, and the overall convenience of using it. Generally your goal should be to check that the quality is acceptable, so that your experience on the site is good.

  • Deposit and withdrawal conditions

Almost all sites will have certain conditions for deposits and withdrawals – and you need to look closely at them. In particular you should consider the deposit and withdrawal options that are available.

Aside from that you need to scrutinize the conditions to find out if there are any red flags. Be sure to check specific limits or minimums that are required for withdrawals, and any processing fees, or pending periods.

  • Mobile-friendly

Being able to conveniently access and place bets from your mobile phone can be very useful. Nowadays the majority of betting websites are responsive and compatible with tablets as well as mobile phones – but you should check and make sure, just in case.

  • Customer support

Good customer support is essential in any online casino or sportsbook. Although you may not need it initially, knowing that you’re able to quickly get a response from customer support is important.

It is best if the website has multiple channels through which you can contact customer support, and at least one that lets you talk to them in real time – such as a live chat.

See how each of these factors may affect your decision? It would be best if you go over each one of them individually so that you can find a site that really lives up to your expectations.

Final Words

Although looking up all this information may take you a while, it is worth investing the time. The last thing that you want is to rush your decision, and end up regretting it later.

Keep in mind that with every passing day the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, and more and more established casinos and sportsbooks are starting to support it. On top of that new cryptocurrency-only websites are being launched too.

If you really want to find the best deals, you should watch these developments carefully – and try to take advantage of any new opportunities, bonuses or special offers that are out there.

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