A New Model for Applying Blockchain Technology to the Global Supply Chain

One of the most important things to understand about global supply chain management is the inherent combination of complexity and opportunity.

Today, we will examine these themes and strive to explain how they have come about and where they may lead. Let’s start with a simple thought experiment that will serve us well as an example.

The Global Ham Sandwich

Imagine you want to make a ham and swiss on rye with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Only, this time, you decide you are going to make this sandwich out of the best ingredients (on a quality per unit cost basis) in the whole world. To do that, you need to evaluate the world’s ham market, using reputation, competitor analysis, focus group testing, and your own taste buds, to find the best ham in the world at a good bargain price. Let’s say, after months of research, you find your ideal supplier in Chile.

This process repeats for all the ingredients: the rye seeds, yeast, sugar, salt, lettuce, milk, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus helveticus, Propionibacterium shermanii, tomato, egg yolk, lemon juice, vinegar, and mustard.

Now, because many of these products will cross borders and confront market-specific regulatory restrictions and consumer protections, you will be dealing with red tape and paperwork until your eyes start bleeding.

Finally, if you plan on selling these sandwiches, you will quickly find that the premium mustard from that little village in Turkey doesn’t taste anything like it did when you visited the mustard farm. In fact, it tastes just like the generic mustard sold at Walmart. That introduces you to the most aggravating and expensive feature of the process: visibility into your supply chain. This is best summarized by the question: How do you know if you are getting what you paid for from your supply chain?

Never mind the fact that, ironically, the Ham Sandwich supply chain is actually one of the most complicated you could dream up. The big point here is that it’s all about execution. If you can make it work for you, the shift from a local sourcing to a global supply chain can decrease costs, increase quality, and ramp both growth and margin per unit for most industries.

But the costs involved in making that transformation can be confusing and daunting, as well as self-destructive if not managed properly.

An Easier Way

However, in the age of blockchain technology, there is an easier way: new technologies built on the blockchain are being developed to massively streamline and simplify this process. One emerging example is VOLUM, a blockchain-driven technology platform catering to small and mid-size businesses looking for a global-logistics-in-a-box solution to harness the power of the global supply chain production model.

The VOLUM platform operates as a comprehensive control center for supply chain and logistics management operations. Companies who use this platform will be able to carry out a wide range of blockchain transactions including: Payments, Rewards, Purchase Orders, Legal Contracts, Regulatory Compliance, Taxation, Shipment Management, Letters of Origin, Customs Documents, Inputs/Outputs and Inventory Ordering, Delivery/Parcel Tracking, IoT Monitoring and Reporting, Big Data Analytics, and Inputs and End-Product Tracking/Traceability.

All transactions on the VOLUM platform will utilize the VLM utility token, which will launch on May 4.

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Zichain announces partnerships with BitGo and Sum&Substance

Zichain has entered into strategic partnerships with two of the leading service providers – BitGo and Sum&Substance. The alliance is meant to reinforce the company’s brokerage platform and offer a standard-setting new level of quality to its users.

BitGo is a global leader in security, compliance, and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies. The company is backed by Goldman Sachs and is trusted by some of the most prominent companies in the industry. Zichain has consistently put great value in security – by joining forces with BitGo, it can offer Zichain users an unprecedented level of protection for their funds and personal data.

Sum & Substance is a leading developer of remote verification and KYC/AML solutions with unparalleled expertise in its field. Zichain’s adherence to the best business practices has earned it the trust of European financial regulators. The company is licensed in the EU as a full-fledged financial institution. By partnering with Sum & Substance, it aims to enhance its users’ confidence by offering a quick and convenient KYC process. The whole verification procedure would now take 15-30 minutes, making it easy for new clients to start using ZiChange.

Zichain’s CEO, Mr. Khachatur Gukasyan, said:

“At Zichain, we adhere to the highest quality standards while developing our products – and we expect the same attitude from our partners. We have chosen BitGo and Sum&Substance because they are the best at what they do – and we will settle for nothing but the best for our clients”.

About Zichain. Zichain is leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the digital asset industry that has assembled an international team of expert developers and finance professionals striving to raise the standards of the digital asset industry. Adhering to the principle of creating an ecosystem of products rather than narrow standalone tools, Zichain offers a range of interconnected product modules making it a new type of financial institution, ready for the upcoming era of the digital economy.

For further information, please, contact: media@zichain.io

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ABBC Coin – Official Announcement

Beloved Community Members and Supporters,

I am proud to announce that our year-long trademark lawsuit with Alibaba has finally come to an end with mutual understanding. ABBC Foundation and the Alibaba Group have negotiated a settlement that will be mutually beneficial for both of our organizations and are ecstatic with the outcome. What started off as a feud, looks like will end as a blessing. The settlement allows us and Alibaba.com to move forward in our respective plans to truly revolutionize the way business is conducted in the ever-growing connected world.

I am thrilled to announce and share ABBC Foundation’s latest developments in exchange listings, platform development, marketing, and partnerships.

  1. Exchange Listings: A couple weeks ago we publicly announced that the ABBC Coin will be listing on 13 new exchanges. The number was not an exaggeration, as we have finalized and signed contracts with more than 10 additional unannounced exchanges for listing. We are confident that as we continue to cooperate in the announcement of listing dates and trading details, our supporters will be more than satisfied with the dramatic increase in trading volume on some of the world’s most respected exchanges. This is not an easy feat, and is only achievable by projects with truly promising futures in which the exchanges are able to see as well.
  2. Platform Development: Despite the long lawsuit, our team has been making great progress in development. We have received over $1.2 billion through various financial partners to pour into the dream platform that we have envisioned from the start. Coin Shopping Mall (CSM) has now been in development for over a year, and will soon be ready to launch in a few months. This platform aims to revolutionize the future of eCommerce and online-shopping, and it is apparent that our partners believe in the vision as well, as they have been blessing us with adamant support. Our global network of financial partners will be unveiled when we are fully established and ready to launch.

    The shopping mall will accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a variety of other coins, the same way that current online retailers accept fiat currency. We believe that with our new wallet and staking and rewards system, which will be detailed more later, will truly push our platform to new heights. ABBC Coin holders will have the opportunity to generate real revenue and the platform will give a chance for a world with less income inequality.

  3. Partnerships & eCommerce Integrations: Other than our impressive list of financial supporters and our exchange partners, we are in the process of integrating the Coin Shopping Mall with many of the world’s most renowned online shopping malls including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Coupang Mall, and more. Our goal is to have at least 25 online retailers integrated into our platform at launch. We are confident that more and more retailers will want to be integrated into our platform as we grow.
  4. S. Expansion: We are currently in the process of launching an R&D (research and development) facility in the United States, in accordance with local and federal laws. This state-of-the-art facility will hopefully attract the world’s top talents in a variety of fields, not only limited to blockchain development.

We thank all our supporters and followers for your ongoing interest in ABBC Coin and ABBC Foundation’s ambitious projects. We can not be more excited about the future, and from the bottom of our hearts, the ABBC team and I pledge to work tirelessly until we succeed in revolutionizing the online shopping experience and making the economic playing field a fairer and more equal place. I hope that you stay tuned as we will continue to release more details as they are ready.

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Alibabacoin now belongs to Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China

It was an inevitable ending to the rumors and speculations about the two companies both using the name Alibaba. These two companies namely Alibaba Group and Alibabacoin Foundation which now calls themselves ABBC Foundation has gone through a series of battles regarding the rights for Alibabacoin.

Last year, a new company based in Belarus and Dubai made a website called alibabacoinfoundation.com and conducted an ICO that accepted investment for developing Alibabacoin. They argued that Alibaba is a common and native name in the Middle East. While that’s true, Alibaba Group filed a lawsuit based in the US, fighting for the trademark of Alibabacoin.

This lawsuit went on for a long time and has been on the headlines for a while. But everything comes to an end. The two companies are now going for a “worldwide settlement” as they recently mentioned in an announcement. In the announcement, it was said that Alibabacoin will belong to Alibaba Group exclusively and will not be used anymore by ABBC Foundation. This means that Alibaba Group now controls and owns “Alibabacoin”.

This move is perceived and interpreted by many as a positive step toward a developing and more amiable relationship between the two companies. It’s not a secret that Alibaba.com is one of the biggest e-commerce players in the world. On the other hand, ABBC Foundation expressed their interest on collaborating with online shopping malls. In an article published in CCN, ABBC Foundation announced a future goal that ABBC will be used in large internet shopping malls around the world. In the announcement, it was mentioned that “Jason Daniel Paul Philip, CEO of ABBC Foundation…announced that ABBC can be used as payment in 30 different most famous shopping malls around the world.”

If it ends well with these two companies, they may be able to come into an understanding of mutual benefit involved should they decide to collaborate in the future. While there is no confirmed news of collaboration, there is a distinct possibility of this future developments now that “Alibabacoin” belongs to Alibaba Group.

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Have you heard about Cryptowisser?

Cryptowisser is determined to make the cryptocurrency space available to everyone. No longer shall only tech-savvy young men be able to benefit from all that the cryptocurrency world has to offer.

Cryptowisser has created the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange List in the world. The list includes more than 360 exchanges with information on fees, deposit methods, supported cryptocurrencies, security and user scores. The second biggest list in the world is the one compiled by coinmarketcap.com (220 exchanges), but that list provides far less information on the listed exchanges.

Furthermore, Cryptowisser has developed a matching tool called the Exchange Finder. That tool guides experienced and inexperienced persons to which cryptocurrency exchange is the best one for them. This is a necessary tool seeing as the first step if you want to trade crypto is to pick the cryptocurrency exchange that is the right one for you. In the Exchange Finder, the investor answers six questions on his/her preferences. Then, the investor is matched with the available alternatives on the market. The tool has been very successful and appreciated by the crypto community so far.

Investors that wish to read up on a specific exchange will be delighted to know that the company has also prepared comprehensive individual reviews on all of the exchanges in their Cryptocurrency Exchange List. The list of reviews includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Changelly review

Bitsane review

Binance review

Bittrex review

YoBit review

Mercatox review

You might be surprised to know how different the fees are between different exchanges. Whereas there are exchanges that don’t charge any fees whatsoever (and make their revenue solely from listing fees and advertising), there are other exchanges that charge as much as 20% per trade! The global industry average for centralized exchanges is 0.25% per trade.

In addition to providing objective info on exchanges to the market, Cryptowisser also has a list of cryptocurrency wallets, a list of cryptocurrency debit cards, a list of cryptocurrency merchants and – last but not least – a list of cryptocurrency casinos.

The site aims to be a one-stop-shop for people looking for cryptocurrency services and as a step in that direction, the company is also working on creating a cryptocurrency list. The cryptocurrency list will include information on price, tech, launch year, and much more on each cryptocurrency out there.

Stay tuned!

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LyCI – the New Generation of Crypto. Global Access to the Top 25 Cryptos in One Click!

Zug (Switzerland) – As the global crypto markets move cautiously into 2019 – the demand for a trading platform that offers stability, security and market access have never been stronger.

Combining both traditional investment products as well as crypto assets into one trading platform, Swiss-based firm Lykke is proud to announce the launch of the LyCI Service Token (ticker:LyCI).

Introducing LyCI – Trading Power in a Single Click!

In short, LyCI is a Service Token that allows customers the ability to purchase and trade the top 25 global cryptocurrencies in a single click.

Crucially LyCI is also index linked which means a real-time and rebalanced market-cap-weighted basket of the top 25 crypto assets.  Introduced at the end of 2018 the LyCI Index offers today’s investor piece of mind and flexibility in a single platform.

Mitigating Investor Risk Through the Power of Blockchain.

Pronounced ‘Lucy’ the LyCI Service Token allows both newcomer and professional trader alike the opportunity to participate in the crypto revolution – a diversified risk portfolio is assured as a result of the latest in blockchain technologies.

The sole aim of LyCI is to allow ease of access to the crypto markets and to help mitigate risk in an increasingly turbulent global economy. Formerly of Oanda, Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke states:

Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke
Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke

“With the collapse of cryptos in 2018, investors are sitting on losses. They own BTC, ETH, EOS or AltCoins and have to decide if they should just stick with their holdings or switch to another crypto with a better outlook. Buying another crypto is risky, because their timing may be wrong. Instead, it is more efficient to switch to the Lykke Crypto Index (LyCI), a crypto ERC20 token in its own right.

LyCI is rebalanced every minute and profits from the narrow spreads of the zero fee Lykke Exchange. Crypto investors no longer have to index that tracks the winners.

The LyCI service token is the first token of its kind and makes it easy for investors to pick these winners, diversify risk and simplify the management of a broad universe of cryptos”

Available over the Lykke Exchange, LyCI is part of a growing and truly global online marketplace that puts the customer in control of their trading strategy with the option to exchange both crypto and traditional fiat currencies securely and with 0% trading fees.

The first in a series of planned Lykke financial products, LyCI offer security, flexibility and ease of use – combining both traditional assets and crypto in a single platform allows access to a truly global marketplace.  

Join the Global Markets Today!

ABOUT LYKKE: Based in Switzerland, Lykke is a company with an international footprint, building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. Our mission is to not only democratise the financial industry by leveraging the benefits and power of blockchain but also to eliminate the barriers to market entry – we provide equal access to the platform from any global location.

For all press queries, please email or call Marina de Mattos on +41762274163 or visit our website for more information.

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New Crypto Valley Top 50 shows Swiss Blockchain industry defying ‘crypto winter’

The recent fall in crypto currency prices saw the market valuation of the 50 largest Blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Crypto Valley plunge from US$44 billion to $20 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018. Over the same period, however, the number of participating companies soared by 20% from 629 to 750. Among them are four so-called ‘unicorns’ – start-ups already worth billions of dollars.

Davos, January 24, 2018 – Investment company CV VC, in collaboration with PwC Strategy & and IT partner inacta, has published its new quarterly list of the largest and most important companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Crypto Valley Blockchain cluster.

The survey finds that, at the end of December 2018, the cluster contained 750 companies using the distributed ledger technology that defines Blockchain. This corresponds to a growth of 121 companies, or almost 20% compared to the last count at the end of September 2018.

The data comes from CV Maps, an online directory of blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which is maintained by CV VC. Mathias Ruch, Founder and CEO of CV VC said: “This new report clearly reflects the market correction that started in early 2018, which is significantly based on cryptocurrencies. However, it also shows that companies developing blockchain-based applications and infrastructure solutions have been able to keep up, while an impressive number of new startups with innovative use-cases have risen to the top.”

20% of the global market in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

‘Crypto winter’, as 2018’s severe market reversal has been nicknamed, has affected the valuation of participating companies but not their number. The market capitalization of the top 50 dropped from $44 billion to $20 billion in Q4 2018, a decrease of 55%. Most cryptocurrencies worldwide lost value during this period. The global crypto market according to Coinmarketcap was valued at the end of 2018 at $130 billion. The Crypto Valley Top 50 accounts for nearly 20% of this market. Ralf Glabischnig, Founder and Managing Partner at inacta: “In addition to the growing number of startups we observe increased activities of corporates entering the blockchain space with their own projects or startup investments”.

On average, the top 50 companies are valued at $400 million each. Excluding the five largest, the average figure is still $365million; a sign that concentration is relatively low. The average valuation of all 750 companies was estimated at $27 million. Four unicorns – startups valued at over $1billion – are present in Crypto Valley: Ethereum, Bitmain, Dfinity and Cardano.

Around 420 people work in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the 50 largest blockchain companies. Overall, the industry employs more than 3,300 people, most of them in the area between Zug and Zurich. The survey finds that it is business as usual for many companies despite the collapse in value on the crypto exchanges.

While over half of Blockchain companies are based in the canton of Zug, Crypto Valley extends to many other Swiss cantons: 42 are now in Geneva and 39 in Ticino. Switzerland’s neighbouring microstate of Liechtenstein registers 38 crypto companies according to CV Maps. There are no entries in the blockchain register yet from Appenzell, Innerrhoden, Glarus, Jura and Obwalden.

15 new companies in the Top 50

Compared to the previous quarter, 15 companies entered the top 50 in the fourth quarter:
Sygnum, HDAC, ICON, 4ARTechnologies, WPP Energy, Nexo, ODEM, Mt. Pelerin, Saga, Boscoin, Utopiamusic, Santiment, Quant Network, TokenPay Swiss und Zulu Republic.
Dr. Daniel Diemers, Blockchain Leader EMEA bei PwC Strategy: “This high dynamic in the middle of the crypto winter is very positive. It shows that the appeal of Switzerland as one of the world’s most attractive locations for blockchain startups remains unbroken”.

The second report on the Crypto Valley’s Top 50 contains a challenger list. According to CV VC, inacta and PwC Strategy&, the 10 startups have a good chance of making it into the top 50: ambrpay, Arca Trust, Blockimmo, Cosmos Network, Datum, Friendz, Grain, Metaco, Orion Vault, Pigzbe, PikcioChain, Qiibee, Request Network, Taurus Group, UTRUST.

In addition to CV Map’s database, sources for the quarterly Top 50 survey include company registers, crypto exchanges, media reports and LinkedIn. In cooperation with PwC Strategy & Switzerland, various valuation criteria and data were established as the basis of the survey: funding, market capitalization, number of employees, and age of company, all weighted on a scale of 1 to 10. Where no data was available, estimates were made and declared as such.

You can download the complete report on the Crypto Valley’s Top 50 here. 

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Crypto Venture UpStake is Redefining the Industry with a Proof-of-Burn Stable Coin

UpStake, an exciting cryptocurrency project officially launched last year, is all set to take the global crypto community by storm. Unlike hundreds of crypto ventures that fail to make any impression, UpStake is dedicated to delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass adoption around the world.

London, UK – Jan 16, 2019

London-based crypto startup UpStake is well on its way to revolutionising the global cryptocurrency industry by eliminating many of the limitations that have stifled growth for years. Launched in 2018, this promising initiative is focused on ensuring mass adoption of cryptocurrency by providing a usable, stable form of digital currency to the crypto and blockchain communities across the globe.

This proposed blockchain ecosystem is built around UpStake tokens (UPS), the platform’s proprietary token. UpStake asserts that these tokens have been designed to increase in value over time, and set the stage to build great products and services which result in better user experiences.

In order to ensure continuous increase in value of UPS over time, UpStake has built a Proof-of-Burn model that burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange.  This model helps create the value that contributes to the ever-growing price point of the token. It not only enables the token price to increase every hour, but also keeps it well protected from market volatility.

Highly volatile and unregulated markets have so far obstructed the path of mass cryptocurrency adoption. In order to eliminate this concern and enable mass adoption, UpStake relies on token features such as limited circulation, hourly increase of value, proof of burn, and anti-exchange manipulation.

Having developed a product that is immune to market-related uncertainties, UpStake is confident in bringing about a paradigm shift in the crypto world’s operations.  Individuals and businesses using UpStake can now gain access to an asset with a store of value that can be safely used in day-to-day transactions. This will undoubtedly play a critical role in bringing cryptocurrency to conventional shopping, employee payroll, gaming, online gambling, network marketing, and much more.

“Knowing the future token price doesn’t create value,” said UpStake global influencer manager Seth Fontaine. “It creates a platform of transparency, and a foundation to build great products and services with an even better user experience than traditional fiat/banking.”

The UpStake platform also includes useful features such as its own exchange designed to combat market manipulation, a micro-networking investing product known as Edge, an affiliate program, and upcoming projects such as a dedicated UpStake marketplace and peer-to-peer transfer capabilities.

To find out more, please visit https://upstake.com/

About UpStake: UpStake is an exciting cryptocurrency project focused on delivering a stable digital currency that will pave the way for mass crypto adoption around the world. UpStake accomplishes this feat with a Proof-of-Burn model that periodically burns a certain percentage of tokens sold through their exchange.

Press Contact:

Seth Fontaine
Global Influencer Manager
Telegram: @sethfontaine
WhatsApp: +1 (909) 240-2158

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Gold Backed Crypto Exchange Offers Safe Haven for Crypto Investors

GOLD.IO Seeks to Develop Decentralised & Self-Regulating Community Exchange

Turbulence in the global markets is nothing new but the cryptocurrency community has faced an unprecedented 18-month period of flux.

The need for a fully decentralised, stable, self-regulated and community-led exchange that can offer investor confidence amidst a chaotic global economy has never been stronger.

Setting the Gold Standard with Crypto’s Founding Principles.

With a scalable inter-blockchain and decentralised exchange the GOLD.IO platform is not only self-regulated and led by its stakeholders, but asset linked – offering exchange investors unrivaled portfolio security.

Gold has always set the market standard and has benchmarked traditional finance for centuries, so why should the cryptocurrency market be any different?

As a commodity, it has weathered many a financial storm and continues to do so today. Aside from a little price volatility it has consistently retained its market value, and with an unstable geopolitical, crypto-economic outlook the precious metal can provide a safe port for crypto assets.

In short, a gold-linked and backed exchange offers not only security of your assets but a piece of mind – the world has been through tougher times than we face today, but gold has always survived the course.

GOLD.IO – Providing a Defensive Asset Protection to your Investments.

With a team of over 30 experienced developers, GOLD.IO has simply put a sister chain of the EOS Project which has the mission of creating a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) of smooth inter-block communications that not only eliminates persistent market influences but has the unique benefit of being backed by a commodity asset class.

Combining the proven power of gold as well as a growing community that is not only self-regulated but also stakeholder-led – GOLD.IO is also seeking to develop a fully-fledged Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC) based on the founding principles of the blockchain. The DAC will serve as regulatory oversight of the exchange with all stakeholders enjoying full voting rights, a say over project development and more importantly the ability to define their profits.

Gold Backed Tokenomics Offers Trading Efficiency & High Liquidity.

With global stock volatility at best and a downward trajectory at worse – according to Goldman Sachs the markets are gripped with a fear of what may come in the coming year, a gold-linked exchange, with inherently high liquidity can part-mitigate investor risk.

With no independent or fair exchange yet to provide what GOLD.IO can, the benefits of the platform as a market leader are clear but the real magic comes with the EOISO blockchain system itself – it eliminates third-party manipulation and offers a unique architecture to ensure users remain the custodian of their gold. Join The Power of GOLD!

Join the Gold Renaissance Today!

For all media and industry queries, please contact us via our website or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you!

To find out more about us please visit our website – as leaders in the decentralised exchange space we want to work with you!

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Blockchain Community Returns to Its Founding Principles with Revolutionary New Smart Contract Investment Platform

With global cryptocurrency investors hit by a near 18-month period of industry turmoil – the community requirement for a stable investment platform that can mitigate market volatility has become ever more important.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded on global exchanges and even more coming to sector every quarter – the success rates of new ICO’s remains low against established currency platforms and with ICO funds often held in situ for 1-3 months until publicly traded, investor risk remains high.

What is needed is a Platform that can Reduce Investor Risk & Boost Confidence.

Introducing URA.market – The only blockchain venture of its kind offering a fully automated, independent and secure 100% divestment option.

Based on Etherium and with strict adherence to the founding principles of Blockchain – namely a deregulated global economy free from state manipulation, URA.market has already provoked the market with a Market Capitalisation of 630 ETH and 200 investors in 7 days.

Founded in December 2018 and based on a proven mathematical algorithm, the platform excludes the possibility of price manipulation and allows for both token overflow and price collapse scenarios. In short, URA.market offers private funders a true rarity – stakeholder and trading stability in an unstable market whilst maximising token utilisation.

Modelling to Innovate.

In a word our platform offers investor contract protection with open-coded and transparent smart contracts – underpinning this is a winning combination of both market and mathematical modelling.

The URA.market platform also offers investors a range of benefits including lifelong dividends as well as cash-outs to an ETH wallet at any time, flexibility as well as token price growth with dividend payouts on each transaction. URA.market operates an honest refusal of ownership and secures your transaction through the latest crypto technology.

No investor deposits are taken or transferred to the platform operator, and users are free to leave the platform at any stage. With all smart contracts immune to the developer and third-party manipulation, any contract that imitates a token is given a ‘Withdrawal from Ownership’ status offering the investor a piece of mind.

Following the BTC lead, we are a community- led project whose sole aim is to provide a stable, innovative and secure platform to maximise your crypto investment and market assets.

For all media and industry queries, please contact us at info@ura.market or chat to us today – we are keen to hear from you!

About Ura.Market: To find out more about us, please visit our website or read our manifesto.

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