SimpleFX Makes CFD Trading Fast and Easy Like Never Before with the Launch of the New SimpleFX WebTrader Tool

SimpleFX, one of the fastest growing CFD platforms, has just released a new version of SimpleFX WebTrader with the goal of becoming the fastest and easiest of all trading tools available at present. The company has also joined hands with the affiliate tracking platform to help its clients enjoy real-time revenue tracking benefit and up to 40% share rates.

SimpleFX is pleased to announce the official release of the new version of SimpleFX WebTrader, a state-of-the-art tool that will make CFD trading effortless for all types of traders regardless of their trading experience. SimpleFX is a highly referred destination for trading CFDs on Forex, Cryptocurrencies (BTCUSD, LTCUSD, ETHUSD and more), indices, precious metals, and energy.  The platform offers a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrency deposits.

SimpleFX claims that the new version of their SimpleFX WebTrader is the simplest and the most powerful online trading tool that offers a high degree of speed and reliability. In order to deliver the best trading experience, the team has come up with a remodeled and more efficient trading engine that provides faster loading times and price updates. The new SimpleFX WebTrader is designed for mobile devices, and allows one tap trading.

The new and improved SimpleFX WebTrader tool is an excellent app for learning the basics of day trading because it has now reduced the minimum number of actions needed to perform each trade. With the quick trading mode, the users can open and close orders, positions, and trades with just one click. By opening a fully functional demo account with no minimum deposits, the beginners can learn all the fundamental aspects of CFD trading.

SimpleFX WebTrader is packed with an exquisite range of advanced features that will make trading more efficient and profitable for the seasoned traders. One of the most noteworthy features of the new version of SimpleFX WebTrader is its safe and secure API manager that allows the traders to plug-in any of their favorite automated trading, advanced analytics, or artificial intelligence modules. This new API manager also allows SimpleFX WebTrader to function as a powerful desktop trading app.

SimpleFX has also launched their content website with a dedicated editorial team. The objective of this website is to create online courses, classes, and tutorials for both beginners as well as experts in the field of trading. It will also feature plenty of news, updates, and market analysis for the day traders.

Alongside the launch of the new version of SimpleFX WebTrader, SimpleFX has entered into a partnership with, a third-party affiliate management solution. This alliance ensures that all SimpleFX users will now have access to a stack of effective engagement tools helpful in building and activating their multi-level affiliate network. Management of affiliate partners will become much easier, with benefits such as real-time stats for clicks, views, conversion rates and multilevel revenue income. also helps track the affiliates on a map and expand the network with a great set of multilanguage designs for their campaigns. Most importantly, the lifetime revenue share rates stay high, reaching 40% of the spread ​on each SimpleFX transaction a recommended trader will ever make.

SimpleFX has just introduced a limited-time cashback offer that cuts the spread on each trade by 20%, to encourage traders to try out their new product. This 20% Cashback promo started on October 10, and will conclude on November 8.

Traders looking for a fast and reliable trading app with 1:500 leverage are encouraged to try   SimpleFX WebTrader without any delay whatsoever.

About SimpleFX: SimpleFX is a robust online trading provider, offering CFD on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, indices, precious metals and energy. The company’s mission is to keep their offer and trading conditions simple and transparent. 




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Alibabacoin Will Be Listed On 9 Major Exchange Platforms At The Same Time

Alibabacoin Foundation is now a well-established company in the crypto industry. Its native currency Alibabacoin(ABBC), which serves as the primary mode of transactions and payments on the platform will soon be available on nine major exchange platforms. It is all because of the efforts of Jason Daniel Paul Philip (Founder and CEO) as well as their team of hardworking and dedicated professionals that Alibabacoin has achieved several benchmarks with the latest one being, getting listed on the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Alibabacoin will be listed on top exchanges like COINSUPER, BITFOREX, COINBENE, IDAX, TOPBTC, OOOBTC, RIGHTBTC, DRAGONEX and SISTEMKOIN on the same day. The exchanges are based in Singapore, Honkong, Australia, Turkey, Dubai, and Mongolia.

“We strive to make ABBC Blockchain Technology the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. We are building a fund security system that is improved by using the latest technology with a secret technique for implementing the blockchain algorithm into the facial recognition hashing process. Alibabacoin will serve as the primary mode to avail all the services on the platform. Now that it will be listed on around ten major exchanges, anyone can easily purchase the Alibabacoin to become a part of our ever-growing community of crypto enthusiasts”, says Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the Founder, and CEO of Alibabacoin Foundation.

Since the time of its inception, Alibabacoin Foundation has reached many milestones such as the huge success of their ICO, incorporating the remarkable facial recognition technology for the transactions, and successfully completing the Airdrop of Alibabacoin through which hundreds of users received free Alibabacoin in their Multi-Crypto wallets. Alibabacoin Foundation is also one of the few cryptocurrency companies that have integrated Artificial Intelligence to provide utmost security to its users and developed the Multi-Crypto Wallet that can support up to six major currencies with more to be added in the near future.

Alibabacoin Foundation is based on the mission to bring a change to the world. It is currently preparing a crypto exchange business that combines global platforms to benefit people from all kinds of communities. The Alibabacoin Ecosystem is composed of an innovative e-learning platform that covers a wide range of topics related to the cryptocurrency world and allows the users to learn and grow in the industry. It has recruited a number of dealers and agencies worldwide to distribute the Alibabacoin in the both IT and the crypto markets for financial development. The foundation fulfills its social responsibilities by supporting people suffering from war, hunger and epidemics around the world.

The team of Alibabacoin Foundation thanks its supporters and community members for their constant support, which has led them to become a successful blockchain based company. However, Alibabacoin Foundation believes that this is just the begin and there are many more milestones that they have to reach to continue providing the best in class services to its customers.


Alibabacoin Foundation is not affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China

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Crypto Investments via Blockchain Capital LTD

Blockchain Capital LTD is a new player of a crypto market who has appeared recently. It offers to WBT index token to make money with the rise of cryptocurrencies’ value. Investor provides his money to TOP20 of existing cryptocurrencies when buying this token. So, he doesn’t need to think about strategy of work for each tool or to create a lot of wallets. WBT increased in price well to the moment, but you still able invest in it to win your jackpot, because company’s greatest successes are ahead.

What is Blockchain Capital LTD and its WTB token?

Company’s creators brought to the market a platform that accumulates investment funds and distributes them among the TOP20 cryptocurrencies using smart contracts. This is a digital fund, and it comes to be better in future in comparison with traditional banks.

Company is registered at St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This choice is explained by the fact that its jurisdiction allows to conduct actions through the whole world. The management have a plan to move company to Switzerland in the future.

In fact, each investor receives portfolio investments to the crypto. By investing in WBT tokens, you’ll get 20 crypto assets immediately. Moreover, the smart contract distributes funds between them independently. The advantages of the approach are:

  • no need to make a couple of dozens of personal wallets and store passwords (reliability increases);
  • no need to register at exchanges and to form an investment portfolio manually (you can save your time, and you don’t need to learn how to work at exchanges);
  • your personal investment strategy: there are more than 2000 coins in total; choosing the 20 most promising and reliable from the investment point of view is not an easy task, and it has already been solved for you;
  • diversification of risks: if there’s some problems with any cruptocurrency, it is obviously that other 19 cryptocurrencies will face with difficulties too; so, portfolio investments have great protection.

To illustrate the benefits of portfolio investment, we compare the potential result of investing in Bitcoin and crypto portfolio for 2017:

  • if you bought Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 and you would exchange the crypto for fiat currency for the peak cost of the first one, your profit is $19261 from $2000 at the start;

  • if you choose the second option, your profit from $2000 would be $115834 for 20 cryptocurrencies.

This situation may continue in the future, so portfolio investments are more promising compared to investments in any Altcoin.

A brief history and roadmap of Blockchain Capital

We listed the main dates and future plans of the company:

  • September 14, 2017 – Blockchain Capital was registered;
  • October 2017 – February 2018 – ICO stage. At the first step BCT (Blockchain Capital Tokens) were implemented as investment coins. ICO was successful and they get the money for further development;
  • February 8, 2018 – WBT start of sales; Smart contract development are finished (it ensures the distribution of investor funds among the TOP20 cryptocurrencies);
  • July 8, 2018 – SCO started (secondary coin sale);
  • August 1, 2018 – 20.8 million BCT emission.

Nearest plans of the company are:

  • an internal exchange will be launched. Not only the company’s token will be traded, but also third-party altcoins;
  • a listing of the BCT token using an international exchanges is planned, and it should cause an increase of its value.

Token price was $1 at the start of sales, now it doubled, and all the current investors received +100% income. According to the estimates of the Blockchain Capital team, they’ll reach the $50-100 barrier for a token.

So, despite the twofold increase of token value, it is still a great time to invest in it. The company is developing, entering new markets, the number of investors is growing constantly.

Already, the number of active investors has exceeded 1,300 persons, so the token it popular. There are investors from Germany, Russia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Dubai.

There’s an examples of successful investment. You can see above an example of an investor who earned about $ 1000 in 21 days.

Is investment safe?

The company buys a crypto using crypto-counters and provides the highest possible level of security. Cryptocurrency related to WBT token is stored on hardware wallets with a maximum possible level of protection.

Since the time smart contracts was implemented, any user at any time of the day can go to and track how exactly the invested funds are distributed. It is simply impossible to falsify this information when it is recorded to Blockchain, the immutability of blocks that are already added is one of its properties. So there’s no theoretical opportunities to abuse the trust of investors while using Blockchain Capital.


Blockchain Capital is a really promising project. The idea itself is not new, this approach is also used in ETF funds, but here’s a great implementation of the concept. And also creators have ambitious plans for the future, so the company has the chance to become one of the most successful ones and to multiply the investments of early investors.

While WBT index token doesn’t grow too fast, it’s time to invest in it. We recommend to do it on an ongoing basis, gradually increasing the number of tokens purchased. The probability of its growth in the future is great.

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Cryptocurrency brokers – How to select the best company

Vast amounts of CFD brokers offer cryptocurrency trading. But even in an environment with tough competition, there are only a very few good brokers worth choosing. Choosing a good broker right from the beginning of your trading journey is very important as it can save you not only some money but also your nerves if you were to choose a shady company. There are already many good websites about cryptocurrencies that compare the best cryptocurrency brokers on the market. We could approach the post exactly the same and put the most popular regulated cryptocurrency brokers side by side. We, however, chose a different path and we will just point out which features you should look for from your cryptocurrency broker. By doing so, we will not give any company an edge, making this article completely objective.

Choose cryptocurrency broker with license

With so many scam brokers out there, you do not want to fall into a trap. Before you even consider trading with a cryptocurrency broker, check whether it is regulated. In Europe, we recognise the CySEC license, in Australia the ASIC and in the UK the FCA. When a company is regulated, they are overseen by a regulatory body that basically prohibits them from doing any unethical activities. If a broker would operate in a bad faith, the regulator would immediately slap them with a heavy penalty. Surprise, surprise, brokers do not like paying them, so they do their best to avoid them.

Fees – Key factor when selecting crypto broker

No matter how annoying fees are, there is no way to escape them. CFD cryptocurrency brokers tend to have at least two fees. The first one which has any broker is a spread. To calculate this fee, basically deduct the bid price from the ask price and you get the spread. So, if the bid price is $6,580 for one BTC and the ask price is $6,500, the spread is $80. If you purchase a smaller portion of Bitcoin, the fee is of course smaller. The second fee that some CFD crypto brokers charge is called an overnight fee. As the name suggests, this fee applies whenever you stay in a position overnight. Cryptocurrency traders and investors who want to let their position open for a number of days or months should definitely choose a broker that does not have the overnight fee.

Trading platforms – Huge differences

Many traders use outside sources for technical and fundamental analysis. If you are, however, one of the traders who like to have everything in one place, you should choose a trading platform accordingly. To stand out from the competition, brokers try to provide the best possible trading experience with ultimate trading platforms. These platforms usually have advanced technical analysis tools, historical quotes and frequently some social features so you could talk with traders alike. Occasionally you can find on the market even brokers that have a social trading platform that allows copying trades of the top perming traders and investors on the platform.

Minimum deposit – Can be as small as $10

Most CFD cryptocurrency brokers have a minimum deposit around 100 or 200 dollars. Whilst most crypto enthusiasts invest significantly more, you should choose a broker in accordance with your financial situation. Is a $100 minimum deposit issue for you? No worries. Today are on the market even brokers where you can start trading with real money even with as little as 10 dollars.

Demo account for cryptocurrency trading

Unlike crypto exchanges, crypto brokers offer a free practice demo account so you could try trading without risking losing funds. With the usage of a demo account, you can freely trade and invest as you would do so on a real account, with one slight difference which is that you are managing imaginary chips. This will not only allow you to get the grasp on CFD crypto trading but also to test the trading platform of your broker. If it will not meet your requirements you can decide to switch your broker and trade elsewhere.

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OSA Token Goes on Bibox!

We have been waiting for this moment! And it has come!

The OSA Token is going on Bibox – the leading Chinese cryptocurrency exchange.

This is a great chance to not only support your favorite project, but also to get rewarded with OSA Tokens. The earlier you vote, the more OSA tokens you get. During the first 3 days only, you can get 3 OSA Tokens for one vote! Each user can vote for 10,000 BIX maximum.

Don’t miss your chance!  Let OSA become the winner among 10 qualified projects.

Incentive scheme includes 3 different phases:

  1. First Phase – The earlier you vote, the more tokens you get ( During the first 3 days only, you can get 3 OSA Tokens for one vote!).


  1. Second Phase -”More votes – more tokens”  is divided into 2 parts:

a)Users who made less than 1 500 votes will be awarded 1 OSA  Token for each vote., b)Users who made more than 1 500 votes, will be awarded with 2 OSA  Token for each vote.

Period: 01-03.10.2018

  1. Third phase – All voters have a chance to participate a lucky draw! (lottery), totaling – 20 000 Tokens. Prizes will be distributed between 3 participants. (1st prize – 10K OSA Token, 2nd prize – 7K OSA Token, 3rd prize – 3K OSA Token).

Period: 04 – 05.10.2018

Bibox is a truly unique cryptocurrency exchange utilizing AI enhanced and encrypted algorithms to assist optimal trades and transactions. The exchange was founded in 2017 and is owned and operated by a sophisticated team of Chinese blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. The team includes the co-founder of OKCoin and other founding members of, among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China and the world. The Bibox exchange has a highly competent team and platform backing them but remains unregulated by any reputable regulatory authorities. However, this does not mean the exchange cannot be trusted. We must delve deep into the aspects making this cryptocurrency exchange and see what sets Bibox apart from the competition and whether or not they can be trusted.

At Bibox users can trade a wide range of digital currencies against BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI and BIX. BIX is Bibox’s native token, which allows holders to access discounted trading fees.


Vote for OSA Now and get rewarded!

Learn more about OSA .

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Varanida Launches Unique Hybrid ICO Model

Digital advertising ecosystem startup blends ICO models for €8M second round of ICO

Sept. 28, 2018 — Lyon — Digital advertising startup Varanida has begun Round 2 of its token offering, which will only be open for the next two weeks. This new round marks the debut of a new, hybrid model of funding that merges the traditional ICO structure with the DAICO approach, proposed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, combining the best of both approaches.

The DAICO model was designed to give investors more control over the project team’s access to the funds that had been raised, a philosophy that Varanida is certainly adopting for their crowdsale as well.

The VAD token, Varanida’s utility token, is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. For this funding round, Varanida is accepting BTC and ETH, with the soft cap – the minimum cost required to build the protocol –  set at €8 million.

Varanida was founded in 2014 in France with the goal of bringing the decentralized commerce of cryptocurrency to the digital advertising and media space. The internet relies on advertising, but is facing diminishing returns as people ignore online ads. Advertisers have often responded by making ads more obtrusive and difficult to get rid of, leading to the widespread use of ad blockers.

As a solution to this intractable situation, Varanida brings an open, transparent and efficient ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to improve online digital content and create incentives for less intrusive ads that people actually want to see. Since it first opened the platform to users, Varanida has seen a huge uptick in users, more than 120,000 to date, as word of the ecosystem has spread, validating the need for exactly this kind of change to the online experience.

Varanida is splitting this funding round into three sub-rounds, with milestones chosen by the community from a set of realistic options, thus giving insight into what the Varanida community considers critical. And, while investors cannot arbitrarily demand a refund, failing to hit those milestones will trigger an automatic refund from Varanida. Whatever tokens remain unsold of the one billion token supply will be burned.

“Our goal has always been to improve the way the digital market provides services and content, while treating privacy, data ownership and online users’ experiences with the greatest respect.This round of our ICO will get our team and investors one step closer to fulfilling that vision, while making Varanida part of the evolution of ICOs.” Varanida CEO Anji Ismail declared.

Press contact: Sylvia Guirand –


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DBX – The Blockchain For Real World Apps Launches Official ICO

September 24th, 2018, Singapore – The technology company that’s leveraging Blockchain to build applications and businesses with transparency and control of data in its core, begins ICO.

DBX made headlines this week with the announcement of their ICO launch that is expected to shake up the Blockchain ecosystem. The ICO, which is now open, intends to help DBX expand its operations and help businesses utilise blockchain in a workable and “real life” manner. DBX, or Database X, has been described as a fundamental breakthrough in the rollout or usage of blockchain for more businesses.

DBX is unique from other ICOs by the fact that before ICOs began, DBX had already completed:

  • An open source oncomof the first version of DBX Chain.
  • The launch of the Testnet.
  • Created the wallet app.
  • The first DApp (decentralized applications), known as Data Game.

More integration of third-party DApps from different industries have already been confirmed, including DApps with over 1 billion USD in annual transactions and a DApp with business in over 400,000 supermarkets globally. Prior to the ICO, the DBX founding team members had invested over $ 530,000 and had raised 5,100 ETH in private funding.

Those interested in supporting the DBX mission can click here:

How It Works:

DBXChain’s data ecosystem, built on blockchain, is designed for the big data era. The primary mission is to build a highly efficient and safe blockchain network, which encourages strengthened data exchange, and data value mining. The main hindrances of data exchange currently are data wastage, data islands, data scattering, and supply versus demand imbalance. To solve these problems, DBXChain offers a demand oriented, structured community network to serve as a safe,  efficient, traceable, connected and deeply useable data trading platform, suitable for data exchange and decentralization. While blockchain to date has been revolutionary, it is limited in terms of real world applications. This is where DBXChain is unique, as it is designed for real world purposes.

The Benefits:

  • Modernised, Decentralised Blockchain.
  • Real business and Real World applications.
  • Safe, Low Cost and Efficient.
  • Transparent and Open.

About DBX (Database X):

DBX (Database X) is a value-based ecosystem of data built on blockchain. It is a decentralized community for exploring and exchanging valuable data. It utilises a huge amount of “useless” data to achieve great value by making a correlation with demand which was previously undiscovered. This enables every participant in the community to acquire data with higher efficiency, lower cost and fairer trading. All data is, of course, accessed with the users consent. DBX put a huge emphasis on safe data and data protection. Users even have an option of monetising their own data, with a unique revenue sharing model.

DBX launched in 2016 and have since developed their own blockchain which aims to improve the now outmoded blockchain. DBXChain’s main business is data infrastructure that releases data’s value and “atomizes” data transactions. Data connections, that were not previously able to release value, have been made possible by this new blockchain operation system. As a result, this opens up blockchain to far more “real world” relevance than has previously been possible.

At the end of 2016, Tomi Wen, the founder of DBXChain, chose to get into the blockchain market by working on the underlying system of public chain and data infrastructure in the blockchain world. Tomi Wen holds a bachelor’s degree from Renmin University, and is a tech geek. He developed a software DIY-Page at age 15 and became “the software author that made Baidu change its algorithm”.

Media and Investment Contacts:

DBX Website:

Corporate Email:


Buy Tokens:

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Global Blockchain Forum to Destroy Token Fest?

Global Blockchain Forum is an event about the current and future states of Blockchain. There, one can learn more about the industry straight from experts in the field. Panels at the event will feature themes such as disruptions, investment strategies, and the transformations of the blockchain economy. As a result, Global Blockchain Forum will be offering insights on how to navigate this world, allowing you to receive advice from renowned innovators and visionaries.

The Difference

The Global Blockchain Forum event goes beyond just focusing on token economics, as speakers share expert advice on many topics related to Blockchain. The conference features founders of companies who will inspire and encourage the attendees.

On the other hand, Token Fest is a networking-focused event occurring over two days. Their main topics involve the business and technology of tokenization, as they share insights on the current token economy. Token Fest gives a platform to ICOs, legitimate and/or dubious. Indeed, it looks like Token Fest’s event focuses on token topics over other topics related to blockchain, while also including networking opportunities with various decision makers.

Compared to Token Fest, the Global Blockchain Forum event will go beyond the sole focus of token economics. Indeed, it will offer a wide variety of topics and heated debates regarding the current and future blockchain world. It will also touch on the impact of blockchain on industries and futuristic tech solutions such as AI, IoT, and more. At the Global Blockchain Forum, exciting industry leaders behind the Iron Curtain will be revealed.

The Dates

Global Blockchain Forum will take place on the 4th and 5th of October 2018 at Hyatt Regency San Francisco. It will be an exclusive opportunity to join the best of the blockchain community, share ideas and opinions, and learn from others. You will have an occasion to figure out the right path in Blockchain. Would you like to find out how? Join the forum.

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DAO.Casino is launching Sandbox for game developers-

Game developers will be able to become pioneers in the development of decentralized games for the gambling industry using DAO.Casino protocol.

On September 17, 2018, DAO.Casino is opening Sandbox for developers, independent teams and game development studios that choose to harness the power of the rapidly developing DApp industry.

Starting today everyone may submit their application for Sandbox on the official Sandbox page.

The Sandbox project is designed by DAO.Casino developers. Participants of Sandbox will learn the basics of decentralized applications development on DAO.Casino protocol. Developers participating in Sandbox will learn to create, design and deploy decentralized games and applications on Ethereum blockchain.

DAO.Casino is planning to reward most active developers for their constructive feedback on the improvement and optimization of the SDK and related documentation. The company will separately announce the details of the rewards program later this fall.

“We are confident that the Sandbox project will play an important role in our collaboration with studios and independent game developers. We cannot wait to see our product helping developers unleash their creative and entrepreneurial talents and apply those to one of the most groundbreaking technologies of the XXI century. — states Ilya Tarutov, CEO, DAO.Casino. – I am sure that the products we’re developing will transform the online gambling into a fair and transparent industry for all of the involved parties: casino operators, developers, and affiliate marketers. “

“We are launching the Sandbox with the goal of enabling as many developers as possible to learn to create decentralized games. We have achieved an important milestone by starting to accept applications from developers all around the world who share our idea to make online gambling fair and transparent. With our technology, developers can take the whole gambling industry to the next level” – says Alexandra Fetisova from DAO.Casino.


Images of Sandbox project: download

DAO.Casino disrupted the online gambling industry in 2017 by starting the development of the protocol based on Ethereum blockchain technology. DAO.Casino protocol ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants: casino operators, game developers, and affiliate marketers. DAO.Casino team is fully dedicated to developing the best products and making the gambling industry a better place.

For Press and Media Enquiries

Alexandra Fetisova


Maxim Tesla


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OBCIA Appoints FANTOM as Vice-Chairman of the Board

Open Blockchain Industry Association (OBCIA) has appointed FANTOM as Vice-Chairman of the board which include conglomerates like SK Telecom, Kakao, LG U+, Shinhan Bank and KEB Hana Bank.

OBCIA aims to find new engines of growth for the blockchain industry in Korea by promoting the application and utilization of blockchain technology. 

Other notable members of the OBCIA board include The Loop, MediBloc, Microsoft, IBM, Block O, Glosfer, and ETRI amongst many others.

In addition, OBCIA seeks to increase the utilization of blockchain technology and raise industrial competitiveness by establishing an open platform and forum to share information on blockchain research and development.

With goals to revitalise the blockchain industry, OBCIA will be an intermediary between companies and the government, proposing solutions and valuable opinions from the industry.

To add, OBCIA will serve as a business incubator, providing blockchain training events and the necessary support for organisations to thrive within the blockchain-sphere.

To date, OBCIA has received a high level of interest and participation from many companies, developers, researchers, students, and especially the government – interested in redesigning existing businesses and discovering new business opportunities through application and utilization of blockchain technology.

On the 12th of September 2018, OBCIA will be hosting the 2018 OBCIA Open Blockchain Seminar which will see more than 350 attendees from all sectors.

Amongst a panel of renowned speakers, CEO of FANTOM, Dr. Ahn will be speaking at the seminar which will run from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

To learn more about how FANTOM is making it easier and faster as well as lowering costs for businesses and consumers to make everyday transactions, visit:

Additional Resources

Twitter: Fantom Foundation (@FantomFDN)

YouTube: Overview of FANTOM

GitHub: Fantom Foundation

Medium: FANTOM Foundation

Telegram: Contact @fantom_english

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