KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Announces Decred DCR As Part Of Their Network

Today, KuCoin blockchain asset exchange is thrilled to announce on its latest listing of another promising project Decred, an autonomous digital currency.

Decred’s native token DCR is now available for deposit with trading pairs including DCR/BTC and DCR/ETH. Buying commence at 19:30 UTC+8 while Selling/Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

All trading activities are done utilizing their Android and iOS apps, or through their official site, www.kucoin.com.

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About Decred (DCR)

Decred (DCR) is an autonomous digital token where its stakeholders are part of the decision-making as it has a decentralized and sustainable highlight giving the term as “a self-ruling token.” This cryptocurrency has organized its priorities as having decentralized administration and the creation of settlements on the blockchain.

How Decred (DCR) Run

Decred uses an advance hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to validate the blocks accessible. Therefore, the stakeholders or the token holders are contributing the approvals to the coin miners buliding the blocks for rewards. It is a unique system as it ensures that the miners are not there just for the short term profits on their investment on their hardware.

The Core Team

Decred had a humble beginning as it started as a projection established in April 2013 by Adam Mckenzie. The present project leader and CEO of Company Jake Yacom-Piah accumulated, developed and launched Decred in March 2014.

Over the past years, it has collaborated with many other members into its team with the lead developer Dave Collins. The team focuses and fully involves in developing Decred be the first ever Decentralized Autonomous Entity.

KuCoin Listed 0x Protocol (ZRX) As One Of Their Promising Tokens

KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based blockchain currency exchange platform. It is acknowledged as one of the most promising markets of industry alike. It has an excellent variety of cryptocurrencies and a pleasant user-loyalty scheme based on its platform’s token, KuCoin Shares (KCS).

0x kucoin listing

Aside from that, they have a commendable customer service support that offers 24/7 operations for questions and other concerns.

Today, KuCoin is delighted to announce that they have listed ZINC on their platform, a unique decentralized recruitment network. Trading and deposit are now available using KuCoin’s App or direct to their official website with supported pairs including ZRX/BTC and ZRX/ETH.

About 0x Protocol (ZRX)

Established in 2016, 0x promotes the contribution of token trading to users without having to collect user funds. 0x uses a protocol that involves Ethereum smart contacts that allow users to operate a decentralized exchange.

The 0x (ZRX) is an open and permissionless protocol that allows developers create networks to exchange digital assets like game token etc. It is commonly considered as the protocol for trading tokens. Projects that are developing on the 0x protocol include Maker (Dai stablecoin), Ethfinex exchange and Paradex, a relayer which was recently obtained by Coinbase.

The ZRX Token

Another addition of the 0x Project is the unique 0x Ethereum token, called ZRX. This token is how users pay Relayers’ trading charges. It is also a decentralized form of management for the 0x protocol’s upgrade system. Essentially, those who hold ZRX have data in the protocol and measures to make that is equal to the quantity owned.

There is a limited allocation of one billion ZRX, and the token launch was on August 15, 2017. 50 percent of the tokens were issued during the launch with 15 percent held by 0x, 15 percent proceeding to the developer fund, 10 percent going to the founding team, and 10 percent going to the advisors and first backers. The tokens assigned for founders and advisors as well as staff members will be issued over the course of four years, while those collected during the launch event were liquid instantly.

TRON (TRX) Announces Its Availability At KuCoin Exchange Platform

KuCoin announces today that Tron TRX got listed on their state-of-the-art platform. Tron is recognized as a blockchain-based platform establishing a truly decentralized Internet.

Tron’s native currency TRX is now available for deposit with trading pairs such as TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH. Buying will start at 19:30 (UTC+8) while Selling/Withdrawal at 220:00 (UTC+8).

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The TRON Network (TRX)

TRON (TRX) is a blockchain – based cryptocurrency platform that aims to decentralize content-sharing on the World Wide Web and the Internet as a whole. It gives artists and creators the possibility of releasing their content without having to use centralized 3rd party platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and the like.

The Company behind the TRON Project

Mr. Justin Sun founded the TRON Foundation in September 2017 with a headquartered in Singapore. The cryptocurrency project associated with it is called the TRON Block Explorer or the
TRON Network (TRX).

The TRON currency is one of the latest and most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. However, it aims to create a platform that is very different from the typical cryptocurrencies.

With that being said, the TRON Foundation looks forward to gear up with the digital content and entertainment industry. It works on the related concepts of decentralization and distributed storage technology but targeted at the massive global content and entertainment industry. Content sharing will be performed through the blockchain and its peer–to–peer (p2p) network technology. In essence, the TRON Network goes beyond the uses of conventional cryptocurrencies:

• Eradicate middlemen who connect content creators to users.
• Content creators to receive revenue directly from their users and consumers.
• Apart from eradicating middlemen in the payment process, this also reduces traffic dependency on sites such as Facebook, etc. This is because traffic will be streamlined back to the content creators, removing the need for hits and views on middleman sites.

The TRON Network (TRX) Roadmap Plan

The TRON Network (TRX) is currently in the first phase of their roadmap. This stage, called Exodus, which is focused on data liberation. The purpose is to have a completely functional platform to publish, store, and share digital content by the end of the year 2018. In its current phase, it has the advantage of being less likely to have bugs in the code considering it has already been tested.

Apart from the Exodus phase, here are the other phases of the TRON Network’s roadmap:

• Phase 2: Odyssey – This phase focuses on eradicating middlemen services and giving the profits directly to content publishers.
• Phase 3: Great Voyage – Scheduled to start in Summer 2020, this phase explains why TRON’s current code structure resembles Ethereum as its purpose is to allow for “Personal Initial Coin Offerings,” similar to Ethereum token sales. In other words, individual content creators can hold ICOs to raise capital that allows them to produce more and better content.
• Phase 4: Apollo – Aims to create a fully decentralized trading platform for all the individual tokens created on Tron.
• Phase 5: Star Trek – Takes the concept to the next level by developing a decentralized gaming platform for developers to design online games.
• Phase 6: Eternity – Allows developers to build entire gaming platforms on Tron and allows general investors to invest in specific games and networks.

Locktrip LOC Token Is Now Available At KuCoin Exchange Platform

For the past years, online booking concerns on hotels and other accommodations have been a common issue among individuals. Extra charges have been imposed that becomes economically unwise especially to budgeted travelers. Locktrip, the first and one of its kind, is a blockchain based decentralized project that aims to solve this problem.

kucoin locktrip

Today, as part of their marketing extension, they are proudly announcing that they have listed their native currency LOC to one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, KuCoin.

LOC token is now available for deposit utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS apps, or to their official website, www.kucoin.com.

Other transactions such as buying start at 19:30 UTC+8 and selling/withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

About Locktrip

LockTrip is a marketplace intended for travelers who want to obtain cheaper rates through the absence of expensive intermediaries. Like most centralized websites, property owners often contract costly fees that are passed down to the consumer when booking hotels and other accommodations. LockTrip aims to significantly lower these rates.

How Locktrip Works

Modern travel websites that aid booking accommodations, such as Expedia or Airbnb, are centralized and thus demand some charges towards both property owners and customers, and additionally require middlemen to transact payments. LockTrip will evade the need for these expenses by setting the marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, which will decentralize the process and offer full transaction transparency.

Property owners will be provided the opportunity to add and update their listings on the easy to access LOC Ledger interface. With the offer of simplicity and one-click solutions, proprietors will find LockTrip not only saves them money but executes the transfer of listings from current platforms especially easy.

Customers also experience savings and usability with the help of LockTrip. With access to both a desktop and mobile marketplace, LockTrip will offer easy to use explications for travelers searching for rental accommodations, and a lack of commission fees will support them continue to save money.

The LOC Token

The whole LockTrip system is established on the LOC token, which will be presented available during a token sale. Hotel and property owners who want to be listed on the LockTrip marketplace are compelled to hold LOC tokens; however, renters do not significantly need them, as any currency they use to book will be automatically shifted to LOC. However, the utility of fiat or non-native currency will result in marketplace charges that can be circumvented with the use of LOC.

LockTrip is the first step in the decentralization of hotel and short-term rental property booking, and with the presentation of money-saving choices for both owners and renters and an easy to use marketplace, it may transform the concept of booking effectively.

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Is Announcing The Listing Of DACC Today

A new blockchain based content platform, Decentralized Accessible Content Chain, has listed their native and transaction currency DACC to the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, KuCoin.

Deposits are now available utilizing KuCoin’s official apps on Android and iOS or direct to their website, www.kucoin.com. Buying will start at 19:30 pm UTC+8 while selling/withdrawal at 20:00 pm UTC+8.

DACC kucoin

About Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC)

DACC is the world first decentralized IAM (identity and access management) based content blockchain with exceptional blockchain infrastructure and complete developer tools and templates to build any content related to DAPP. DACC is devoted to solving the concerns of unclear and abuse of content and user data rights in the digital media business.

The project’s core team members recognized as from famous institutions such as MIT, Harvard, CMU, Tsinghua with substantial experience in blockchain and software. DACC has also garnered an impressive list of early investors and partners such as TRON, Consensus Capital, D Fund, Crypto Capital, Block VC, Kim’s Capital and more.

DACC (“DAC”) has a top-notch international blockchain core community, 128 world-class advisors, and investors with backgrounds in the blockchain, investments, technology, and law. DACC’s foundation partner, Sky, is the co-founder of the 3 AM community and 499 Community. DACC not only has China’s largest community support but also has hundreds of thousands of foreign community supporters.

About KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange begun on September 15, 2017. The platform uses KuCoin Shares (KCS) in a related way to Binance. Users acquire a discount on trading charges when they use KuCoin tokens.

Overall, KuCoin intends to be a more user-friendly exchange than traditional exchanges available at present. The platform shares 90% of transaction fees with users, for example. They also offer 24/7 customer service and generous referral bonuses.

KuCoin has also been recognized for posting coin pairs before they operated other major cryptocurrency exchanges. The website highlights a list of coins scheduled to be added on their platform.