Krypton Capital Invests in Gladius — Will Help with Product Development and Market Expansion

We’re are very excited to announce that Krypton Capital, a blockchain specialized investment fund, has decided to invest heavily and partner up with Gladius. Additionally they have made a large purchase of tokens. Their large investment will help us develop our technology in a much quicker time frame.

Krypton Capital has become a part of the Gladius team and long-term strategic growth partner. Additionally they will be providing Gladius with a number of key resources to help with company growth including:

  • Cybersecurity experts well versed in the DDoS and CDN industries
  • Development team experienced with blockchain solutions
  • Global data centers with extremely high traffic and throughput
  • Connections to large enterprises and national governments for future partnerships

Founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya says that “This is one of our best investments, we believe in the team and the product. Gladius utilizes the Blockchain as solution for serious online problem.”

This deal marks a key milestone in the Gladius journey and the future is looking brighter than ever before. With all of the resources Krypton is bringing to the table, our project is gaining a significant edge in the industry.

And as a reminder, the Gladius token sale is currently in presale phase, with the public presale beginning November 24th and a hardcap of 12.5M. Be sure to register now for the whitelist!

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