Gana – Motivated Investors Get 100 Gana Tokens For Free

GANA is the blockchain company providing personal assistant services and business intelligence to the cannabis industry. The team that successfully combines AI and сannabis industry gives everyone an opportunity to take part in token public sale from May, 21 till July 20th, 2018.

Moreover, now investors can get 100 GANA tokens for free if they register for the white list! To get listed, you need to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

Cannabis and AI

Cannabis is one of the most fast-growing industry in the North America, and definitely one of the most exciting to invest into. Artificial intelligence (AI) implementation has also been a highly popular trend – and GANA combines these two in a perfect mix.

GANA uses AI as the base for its recommendation system. How many times have you seen the phrase “Customers who bought this item also bought…”. This feature works as a recommendation system that understands your taste better than anyone else. Amazon, Youtube, Netflix and Facebook all use similar methods to recommend media content, and to provide it, they use the data they collected from their customers.

“The cannabis industry has faced many changes in the course of its fast legalization around the globe. The market is growing exponentially, and we believe that the number of cannabis users will also increase,” – says Gapseong Noh, CEO of the project. “More products and more content will be created for them. Digitizing cannabis user activities will provide us with data to create a relevant systems of recommendations.”

About Gana
GANA aims to become the first – and the biggest contributor in this field. Such information as media contents and munchiz is collected and processed by the AI to provide the best possible experience, services and products for the cannabis users as the industry grows.

For more information on how to do KYC, please follow the link.

About Gana Token
GANA will issue 2,400,000,000 tokens. Half of this amount will be sold during the public sale, with the token rate of 1 ETH = 20,000 GANA tokens.

8.3% of tokens have already been distributed in the course of the private sale.
Another 41.7% will be available during the mainsale.

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