Aimedis – the e-Health ICO of the Year: Get 35% presale BONUS at BRIC INVEST now!

With the launch of the AIM token for the international eHealth platform Aimedis, investors now have the chance to earn a 35% sign-up bonus at BRIC INVEST and participate in the global boom of the eHealth revolution!

Amsterdam / Prag, 5. Juni 2018 – Aimedis is already the world’s leading eHealth platform, where patients can file and share their data, consult with doctors, renew prescriptions, and perform therapy sessions without leaving home. Based on the current success in Europe, with thousands of doctors and therapists, and tens of thousands of patients already using the platform, Aimedis is now issuing the AIM, which will be used to pay for the healthcare services offered within the platform. With this ICO, Aimedi’s global investors are sharing in three of the most innovative and dynamic developments of our time: the eHealth market; the Blockchain; and Artificial Intelligence.

Leading analysts worldwide see high profit potential in the AIM-ICO: rated the AIM ICO with 4.6 out of 5 possible points as the currently best eHealth ICO worldwide. Also, concludes that “the AIM-ICO will be very well worthwhile for investors looking for the ‘next Bitcoin’“. Other international platforms such as,,, etc. have also reported positively on the AIM-ICO.

To participate in the boom of the eHealth revolution, take a closer look at the AIM-ICO – the only eHealth-platform that integrates Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies in one profitable business model. And for the $ 36 million raised by this ICO are used to further develop and attract new users in the billion patients markets of Southeast Asia, Aimedis will soon face enough AIM-paid transactions within the system to ensure a massive increase of the value of the AIM-token.

To participate in this boom market, just order AIM at BRIC INVEST today: Only there you will get 35% in bonuses on your investment, and receive 11.25 per dollar rather than the nominal 8.33 AIM per dollar that you will get elsewhere. Buy AIM now at BRIC INVEST, and secure a profit margin of 35% even before the ICO is completed!

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