Naviaddress Launches UGC Campaign, Plans to Reward Users With NAVI tokens

Naviaddress, location ID management project, engages the community to write and share a post about the project to spread the word about the project.

Naviaddress, the company which develops, markets and operates an address platform is now utilizing blockchain technology to provide people and businesses the ability to create, obtain, own, lend and sell their digital addresses, launched a marketing campaign encouraging users to generate and distribute original social media content about the product in return for tokens of the project. The campaign, called ‘Spread The Word’, is scheduled to proceed until June 22.

In order to take part in the campaign, the user is supposed to create an original Medium, Steemit, or Reddit 600+ word article in English on one of the following topics: real-life use cases for Naviaddress; how the Naviaddress blockchain solution tackles the real-world pain points; how the Naviaddress blockchain solution can be compared to other non-fungible token format platforms; and how Naviaddress helps the blockchain adoption around the world.

For each article created, the user is going to receive 600 NAVI, and for the first 50 engagements (comments, shares, and claps for Medium; upvotes and comments for Steemit; upvotes and comments minus downvotes for Reddit), additional 100 tokens. Tokens will be sent in two batches on June 29 and July 29.


For other requirements, qualification criteria, rules, step-by-step directions, and other details on the campaign, see the project’s Medium post.


Naviaddress ID on blockchain will simplify the way transactions are conducted by and amongst online retailers, delivery and other businesses – without compromising privacy or security. Today, 20 percent and up to 80 percent of addresses in developed and developing countries respectively are not verified from the first time due to mistakes in address spelling, address verification and “last-mile” problems.  Naviaddress provides the solution for e-retail and delivery businesses –  a trustless verified by transaction and geo coordinates precise ID of users’ locations linked to user generated metadata. The solution will cut the wastes drastically.

The company was founded in 2015 in Cyprus. Nowadays there are teams working in Moscow, Cayman Islands, Germany, Canada and India, new office in Singapore is going to be opened in Q4 2018.  The company actively works on implementing the new international addressing standard which is relevant for the modern digital world. For more information, please, join the website


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