Author crowdfunding platform now accepting Bitcoin

Unbound, a crowdfunding platform that connects budding authors with financial backers (predominantly book enthusiasts) has begun accepting pledges through Bitcoin.

Getting a book published is every author’s dream, but in today’s modern publishing environment it’s hard for aspiring writers to receive the financial backing they need unless the book is tied to a infamous celebrity or blockbuster.

Unbound makes it possible for any author to pitch their idea to future readers in the community who can can then pledge to back the book in return for a first edition and other goodies once published.

Kieran Topping, chief technical officer at Unbound explained in a blog post that whilst virtual currencies had their risks, this new technology can bring real benefits to the publishing world due to the zero risk of chargebacks and decreased transaction fees.

Our business is books. Books have the potential to change the world. So does Bitcoin.

The freedom to financially back a project can often be a problem for international residents due to various payment restrictions. Bitcoin makes it simple, fast and painless for people across the world to make this happen with the click of a button.

The platform also hosts a wide variety of topics and categories. For example, if cryptocurrencies are your cup of tea, comedian Dominic Frisby is currently seeking funds for his new book Bitcoin – the Future of Money?. The pitch has already received over 350 pledges, you can back it here.

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