Researchers, artists and companies alike need to protect their intellectual property. This can become highly difficult if such information has to be shared prior to obtaining the corresponding IP rights. IPCHAIN Database has therefore developed a set of tools to make the sharing of sensitive information much easier and more secure.

“To easily, quickly and safely share confidential information is essential for scientists but also for companies, who need to protect their many trade-secrets.”, explains Ingrid Kelly Spillmann, who, as Technology Transfer Manager at University of Vienna, is responsible for the management of the University’s patent portfolio, marketing University technologies to industry and licensing University technologies. Blockchain technology has been identified as a potential game changer for intellectual property by experts in this field and the recent article “Blockchain and IP law: a match made in crypto heaven” in the official World Intellectual Property Organization’s magazine demonstrated a number of possible use cases.

IPCHAIN Database (www.ipchaindatabase.com) is based on decentralized Blockchain technology which represents an incorruptible digital ledger. Its Blockchain based architecture ensures indisputable proof of authorship as all stored information exists as a shared database hosted by potentially millions of computers. This makes information publicly accessible and easily verifiable, without the risk of a centralized version of this information being hacked or otherwise corrupted. Blockchain technology thus offers the easiest and most secure way of establishing proof of authorship via online publication but can also be used to allow for the storing of confidential information and the subsequent safe sharing of that information.

By securely and privately storing confidential information on IPCHAIN Database, the innovator will be able to quickly select, adapt and use non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for the safe sharing of information. The other party will only be able to access this information upon signing the NDA, with proof of signature and the time-stamped document being permanently stored on the Blockchain. The NDA is a legally binding contract that outlines the information both parties wish to share, and serves as proof of the parties’ agreement to not disclose the non-public information. IPCHAIN Database will thus make the sharing of information faster, safer and easier and will support collaboration in scientific, artistic or business contexts.

IPCHAIN Database will further this system to also make the transfer of intellectual property faster and easier for both sellers and buyers. While the holder of rights to digital assets may have been difficult to prove in the past, IPCHAIN Database’s Blockchain technology means that sales contracts between parties will now be completely transparent and much easier to prove. In addition to the mere documentation of such transfers, IPCHAIN Database will also make certain that the actual transfer depends on the receipt of the stipulated price, thereby increasing the safety of both parties, and ensuring that innovators can monetize their work more effectively.

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